Hugo Boss – The Scent Advertising

Hugo Boss - The Scent Pub with Theo James
Hugo Boss – The Scent Pub with Theo James

BOSS Perfumes are pleased to reveal their new advertising campaign for BOSS THE SCENT.

Boss The Scent Perfume

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BOSS Perfumes are proud to announce that the shooting of this new print campaign was carried out by world-renowned photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, under the artistic direction of Jason WU, with the participation of course, of the ambassador and actor Theo James and Natasha Poly, model.

This haunting campaign captures the very essence of seduction. Shooted in the reflections of an amber light, the charm operates, the trail of the perfume and the passion that emanates from it are palpable.

BOSS fragrances believe in a seduction that invades the mind to the point of leaving an indelible memory. BOSS THE SCENT is a unique, captivating and resolutely masculine fragrance with an unforgettable impact.

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