Hugo Boss The Scent for Her Intense Eau de Parfum

Hugo Boss The Scent for Her Intense Eau de Parfum

The Intense version of The Scent for Her fragrance

From then on, Hugo Boss decided not to stop there and dared to write a new page in the history of the Hugo Boss woman . This is how the new Boss The Scent For Her Intense was born.

The carnal universe of Boss The Scent For Her Intense

Boss The Scent For Her Intense is a fragrance that clearly plays in the register of seduction. If the first Boss The Scent gives us the image of a mature man who listens to his partner, Boss The Scent For Her Intense seems to be his female alter ego. It is the juice of a woman who assumes full responsibility and who likes to play with her charms by taking her time. If beauty is now queen in our society, nothing is more tempting than a woman letting her charm speak. The Boss The Scent For Her Intense woman thus seems to have mastered the art of pleasing wonderfully, without ever revealing everything about herself and retaining an element of mystery to arouse more desire. Boss The Scent For Her Intense is a luxuriously sensual scent that you won’t be able to resist!

The sculptural bottle created by Hugo Boss

Designed like a real gem, Boss The Scent For Her Intense comes in a sculptural bottle cut like a precious stone. Faceted by the best glassmakers, this container is very elegant. Boss The Scent For Her Intense is set in a transparent glass case with a vertical line. This illustrates the very assertive character of a strong and determined woman. Nevertheless, to testify to the feminine generosity, the whole has retained a certain part of roundness. The name of the Hugo Boss brand appears on the front of this bottle as well as at the top of its golden cabochon. This one overcomes the whole with refinement and elegance. Only the juice that reveals itself through its walls has been somewhat transformed. Formerly very light pink, it is now more amber,

Boss The Scent For Her Intense Gourmet Recipe

Boss The Scent For Her Intense displays a perfect continuity between its flavor and its visual. Indeed, its peach color is not without echoing its start. This fleshy and juicy fruit is present in the top notes of this fragrance. It is associated with honey for a particularly greedy and addictive result. Then, it continues in its heart loaded with osmanthus, a white flower native to Asia whose petals let out a fruity scent that is both sweet and exotic. Finally, Boss The Scent For Her Intense ends with a real burst of tenderness from a duo of cocoa and vanilla.

While Boss The Scent has established itself as the bestseller of Hugo Boss men’s perfumery, 2016 saw the appearance of its beautiful alter ego Boss the Scent For Her. Building on its success, the brand first aphrodisiac feminine fragrance was followed the following year by the release of a new scent couple: Boss The Scent For Her intense and Boss The Scent Intense. The couple wants to be charming, bewitching and highly sensual to attract in their nets all lovers of the range.

Boss The scent For Her Intense and his alter ego Boss The Scent Intense for Men

Much more renowned for its young and mixed fragrances such as the unmistakable Hugo of 1995, the Hugo Boss perfumery made the daring and risky choice in 2015 to change its marketing and olfactory target for s ‘target an older audience. She will turn to Bruno Jovanovic to compose a scorching, luxurious and terribly sensual Boss The Scent that can only be worn by men sure of their powers and their magnetic charms.

In 2016, Boss The Scent saw himself married to a pretty Boss The Scent For Her who did not hesitate for a single second to adopt the attitude, but especially the sensual and “aphrodisiac” scents of her now very famous alter ego. & Nbsp; After having carried out this perfumed marriage, the perfumery will dare to go even further by offering this time our favorite perfumed couple in its most intense version, the sexiest too, with Boss The Scent For Her Intense and Boss The Scent Intense.

If one, Boss The Scent Intense, exhibits one of the totally addicting spicy and leathery oriental scents; the other, Boss The Scent For Her Intense, has made its gourmet cocktail a weapon of massive seduction where peach becomes honey and cocoa “dangerously” vanilla.

“Come closer to discover the power of BOSS The Scent Intense for Her, the seductive niche fragrance for women. »Hugo Boss for Boss the Scent For Her Intense.

A pure scent of burning and forbidden delicacies for an irresistible Boss The Scent For Her Intense

If we recognize Bruno’s wonderful signature Jovanovic in all the fragrances of the Boss the Scent range for men, we do not know the author of the compositions of Boss The Scent For Her and Boss the Scent For Her Intense. Whatever it is, the perfumer has been able to lead us into the same marvelous scented delights as his male counterpart, and this is the essential!

Boss The Scent For Her Intense opens, just like its elder, on a fruity and delicately velvety peach note. On the other hand, for this intense version, it will be accompanied by a hint of honey that highlights its sweet and amber freshness. At the heart, the osmanthus flower now appears in the form of an absolute, which gives this beautiful exotic with a thousand and one facets an additional strength that plays with chiaroscuro to better captivate us with its charms. Finally, the dark and delicious cocoa of the original bottle is embellished with vanilla to leave a wake to this Boss The Scent For Her Intense that will drive anyone crazy who dares approach him, or rather her!

< p> “[…] Boss The Scent Intense for Her offers an unprecedented olfactory wave with irresistible power of attraction thanks to aphrodisiac ingredients and a high concentration of oils. “Hugo Boss for Boss The Scent For Her Intense.


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