Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for Him Eau de Toilette

Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord for Him Eau de Toilette

Hugo Boss presents his private agreement for men

Boss The Scent is the scent of a refined man who makes seduction an art in its own right. Building on its success, Boss The Scent has already been reinvented several times. Today, he is enriched with a new touch of gluttony and becomes Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord.

When cocoa is featured in the Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord recipe

Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord was developed, like its first version, by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. On the scent side, it presents itself as a perfume that is even more refined than in the past, still very masculine and unmistakably elegant. Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord belongs to the family of woody and oriental fragrances, an olfactory category ideal for expressing your sensuality. This niche fragrance preserves the main ingredients of the collection. He always places the maninka fruit at the center of his recipe, letting a scent float through him similar to that of passion fruit mixed with rum. Ginger also spices up its top notes, while amplifying the aphrodisiac part of this fragrance. A note of coffee gives Boss The Scent For Her Private Accord its more enveloping and fiery character. Cocoa, meanwhile, brings more gluttony at its base, while combining with more woody flavors, pledges of all its masculinity. On the design side, Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord is presented to us in a bottle similar to that of its predecessor. Nevertheless, it now has a copper vaporizer, more incandescent and carnal.

Hugo Boss calls on a new pair of muses

The creation of Boss The Scent For Him Private Accord is also an opportunity for the house of Hugo Boss to present the new figure of its male perfume: Jamie Dornan. The actor is above all known for his role as Christian Gray in the Fifty Shades saga. Decidedly, the roles of seducer seem to stick to the skin! Here he is associated with the model Brigit Kos, mesmerizing by her azure blue eyes. In the advertising campaign directed by Drake Doremus, the two protagonists meet in the futuristic setting of a performance hall. Immersed in a virtual reality, they suddenly seem won over by seduction, very real. Note all the same that Jamie Dornan is a well-known character of the Hugo Boss house, since he was a model for the brand before becoming an actor. For Hugo Boss,


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