Hugo Boss The Scent Pure Accord Eau de Toilette

Hugo Boss The Scent Pure Accord Eau de Toilette

The Scent Pure Accord, the latest innovation from Hugo Boss

This juice did not take long to seduce men. Since its release, The Scent has had plenty of time to be reinvented on several occasions, in Intense, Private Accord or Absolute editions. Once again, in 2021, history repeats itself. The Scent becomes The Scent Pure Accord, a brighter fragrance, synonymous with seduction and complicity.

The Scent Pure Accord, the fragrance of a seductive and sensual man

The Scent Pure Accord gives us the portrait of a committed and sensual man, indulging in an intimate game with his partner. This fragrance awakens the senses and is inspired by a feeling of total fulfillment. With him, sweet words are whispered in my ear. It is an experience to be savored over and over again. The Scent Pure Accord deviates considerably from the masculine image of the Hugo Boss house, usually more dedicated to charismatic and ambitious businessmen. Here, the personal life takes precedence over the professional aspect. It’s all about seduction, charisma and emotion.

The exotic and aphrodisiac breath of The Scent Pure Accord

On the scent side, The Scent Pure Accord is not diametrically opposed to its predecessors. In fact, it even contains the same main raw material as the very first edition of Hugo Boss. The Scent Pure Accord revolves around the maninka fruit, whose exotic scent comes from South Africa. Renowned for being the fruit of passion, with aphrodisiac properties, it is here combined with ginger. This ingredient gives the whole a liveliness and an intense energy, slightly peppery. However, the whole softens quickly. The Scent Pure Accord ends with a final breath of white suede, an ingredient as velvety as it is sensual, gliding over bare skin like a caress. Thus, The Scent Pure Accord displays a perfect balance between warmth and light, ardor and softness.

Hugo Boss champagne bottle

From then on, all we have to do is discover the visual of this new perfume. This one takes the silhouette of its predecessors. Its bottle remains unchanged. It is still a thick glass cylinder, protected by a metal ring, almost serving as armor for the precious liquid it contains. The Hugo Boss brand name is embossed on its glass walls. The only real difference: its color. For the very first time, The Scent Pure Accord becomes lighter and adopts a champagne color, just as present on its metal edges as on its cap, in its juice or on its cardboard box. It immediately becomes more luminous and precious.

In 2015, the Hugo Boss house gave birth to a cult perfume called The Scent. Very different from other Hugo Boss juices, it abandoned the traditional image of the businessman, in favor of a seducer who likes to take his time to listen to his partner . Always in the image of an attentive man, Hugo Boss presents us this time, in 2021, another juice called The Scent Pure Accord. Offered in a cylindrical bottle embellished with a new champagne color, The Scent Pure Accord is as sparkling as it is luminous. So what about its makeup? Decryption of its recipe and its main raw materials.

The Scent Pure Accord, a lively and aphrodisiac start

The Scent Pure Accord is a fragrance which speaks to us of intimacy and seduction. With him, the man and the woman approach, whisper sweet words in the ear and immediately fall under the spell. This gives rise to strong and vivid emotions. And so it is precisely all of this that shines through in the top notes of The Scent Pure Accord. For this, Hugo Boss has bet on one of the most aphrodisiac ingredients available: ginger. Already present in the version The Scent Absolute of 2019, it once again deploys its peppery and slightly soapy breath. A bit zesty, it also evokes citrus fruits, very often used in the top notes of perfumes.

The fruity and exotic heart of The Scent Pure Accord

At its heart, The Scent Pure Accord contains the most iconic ingredient in The Scent collection by Hugo Boss: maninka fruit. Remember: this one was used for the very first time in perfumery, in 2015, on the occasion of the release of The Scent. Coming from South Africa, it is also an ingredient renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. On the scent side, it is similar to passion fruit and rum. With a simple breath, it whets our appetite while intoxicating the senses. With him, the force of desire takes hold of the human body. The maninka fruit brings unique relief and depth to The Scent Pure Accord.

The velvety base of The Scent Pure Accord

While The Scent Pure Accord’s top notes and heart are quite fiery, its base, on the other hand, is much smoother. Similar to velvet, it evokes the caress on the skin. This result is obtained by the use of white suede, never before used in the collection The Scent of Hugo Boss. This raw material gives this perfume a tender balance between heat and light. For the very first time, the Hugo Boss brand brings another dimension to this timeless story of seduction. The magic operates instantly and the emotion becomes more than palpable.


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