Hugo Boss The Scent Pure Accord For Her Eau de Toilette

Hugo Boss The Scent Pure Accord For Her Eau de Toilette

The Scent Pure Accord For Her, the latest female novelty from Hugo Boss

However, now Hugo Boss is aimed at both men and women, with luxurious clothes, but also with intoxicating fragrances. Since it is a question of sensuality here, let’s take a look at the new brandcomer, released in early 2021. Named The Scent Pure Accord For Her, it gives pride of place to seduction and privacy.

The Scent Pure Accord For Her, the new opus of a collection initiated in 2015

If The Scent Pure Accord For Her was born in 2021, it is not the first perfume to register in this olfactory register and to speak to us about love and coming together. In fact, it all started in 2015, when Hugo Boss introduced men to a fragrance called The Scent. Leaving professional success in favor of personal fulfillment, he spoke to us of love and feelings. Then, a year after its release, it was already accompanied by a female counterpart . The Scent For Her appeared in 2016, revealing the character of a strong and sensual woman. It returns once again to the front of the stage. The Scent Pure Accord For Her signs a new bond between man and woman Hugo Boss, appearing as the logical continuation of a story initiated a few years earlier. It is a new approach to seduction.

The luminous and fruity scent of The Scent Pure Accord For Her

The Scent Pure Accord For Her is a scent that does not go unnoticed and that appears to everyone as the portrait of a radiant and perfectly fulfilled woman. Its sparkling and playful aspect appears from its top notes. The latter are composed of bergamot, a citrus fruit obtained from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Its slightly bitter and very refreshing breath here deploys an intense liveliness, quickly relayed by a more fruity heart. The Scent Pure Accord For Her offers a more apricot delicacy, with the presence of osmanthus flower. Rich in relief, this one is as animal as it is jasmine. Little by little, musk takes over and closes this perfume with a more raw force and an intense sensuality.

The new champagne tone of the Hugo Boss bottle

On the bottle side, The Scent Pure Accord For Her does not change much compared to its predecessors. Its bottle is sculpted like a real gem. With it, forget the round shapes usually reserved for female perfumery. Here, Hugo Boss prefers sharp and vertical edges, as if to symbolize the charisma and strength of character of the woman who wears this perfume. As for colors, The Scent Pure Accord For Her offers a new champagne tone, present both in its own juice, but also on its metallic cap. Everything is presented to us in a cardboard packaging in warm tones, in golden, gray and beige shades.

At Hugo Boss, seduction is not a privilege reserved for men. Thus, the perfume The Scent, imagined in 2015, was quickly followed by a feminine essence called The Scent For Her, which appeared a year later. Today, history repeats itself and a new fragrant couple is appearing on the shelves of Hugo Boss. On the women’s side, the newcomer is called The Scent Pure Accord For Her. Presented in a champagne-colored bottle, it reveals itself as a luminous and sparkling essence, like a woman radiating spontaneity and happiness. So what about this new olfactory composition?

The lively breath of The Scent Pure Accord For Her

The Scent Pure Accord For Her flies away on a very fresh and vitaminized momentum. Thus, it is overflowing with energy and its natural luminosity is reflected in its top notes. For this, Hugo Boss relies on a scent very appreciated by perfumers: that of bergamot. Mainly cultivated in the south of Italy, this ingredient comes more precisely from a region which extends from Calabria, on the Strait of Messina, to the Ionian Sea. Bergamot essential oil, on the other hand, is obtained by cold extraction of its zest. At the end of this process, the result is a fresh, sparkling and floral breath. Characteristic of citrus notes, bergamot gives The Scent Pure Accord For Her a very fresh and lively impetus. This is where all the energy of this composition comes from.

The apricot heart of The Scent Pure Accord For Her

Then, in its heart, The Scent Pure Accord For Her softens with a note of osmanthus flower. Formerly little known to perfumers, this raw material is used more and more. In fact, the osmanthus flower was already featured in the previous The Scent For Her. It therefore appears as the hallmark of this collection. Slightly jasmine, this plant is especially greedy and apricot. Like a sweet treat, it immediately whets the appetite, while deploying in the background a more leathery facet as well as a light touch of hay. Complex and bewitching at the same time, the osmanthus flower is like the woman who wears this perfume.

Musk, the ultimate ingredient used by The Scent

Finally, to close this composition, Hugo Boss chooses to use musk. For the anecdote, know that its scent is now totally reproduced in a synthetic way. Indeed, musk is a natural substance of animal origin, formerly extracted from the abdominal glands of buckshot. Today, this Asian animal is protected, which makes the exploitation of this scent totally prohibited. The perfumers therefore recreate the breath of musk identically in the laboratory, releasing an animal and slightly woody breath in passing. Here, the musk only amplifies the intensity and persistence of The Scent Pure Accord For Her. Thus, this perfume preserves a perfect tenacity for many hours.

Woody Musky

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