Hugo, the virile freshness of Hugo Boss

Hugo, the virile freshness of Hugo Boss
Hugo, the virile freshness of Hugo Boss

More than a simple perfume, Hugo is a testament to the olfactory trends of the 90s.

It was one of the first male scents to explore fruity notes. In this case, it offers us a clean, dazzling and typically masculine freshness. In this sense, it will very quickly become a great classic in men’s perfumery.

The independence of Hugo Boss

Hugo is a first name that resonates for the brand as being a true declaration of independence. This perfume was imagined by Boss as a claim for the right to freedom. Moreover, its slogan could not be clearer: “Do not imitate, innovate! “Also, if we are to believe its success, it seems that this message particularly appealed to men of the 90s. With it, the universe of Hugo Boss seems reduced to the essential. This essence then becomes more pleasant and more effective.

Hugo Man, an emblematic aromatic fern

Hugo Man is a perfume signed by David Apel. He then worked on a theme particularly common in men’s perfumery: a fern accord. Nonetheless, he crafted this one in a more contemporary way. The latter is embellished for the occasion with particularly modern fresh and floral notes. Hugo opens with a top note of bergamot and grapefruit. Their freshness is then relayed by that of mint and green apple. Its heart, meanwhile, is full of flowers and aromatics such as geranium, sage, thyme, basil, lily of the valley and jasmine. Its typically masculine character, meanwhile, is displayed through cedar, labdanum, clove, pine, vetiver, sandalwood and oak moss. Finally,

Discover the intense version of this perfume: Hugo Man Extrême .