Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

Dior and its Hypnotic Poison fragrance

In total, more than 1,500 names were considered for this perfume. Dior opted for this word without taboos, at the same time mysterious, intriguing and addictive. What is more, the promotional means implemented on the occasion of its release were simply colossal. As such, Dior spent no less than 80 million francs for its launch party! Also, faced with the immense success and longevity of this juice, Dior decided to reinterpret it, in 1998, in a version called Hypnotic Poison.

Hypnotic Poison, an intriguing fragrance

Although it took no less than three years of work and 800 different tests to develop the Poison perfume, it must be recognized that Hypnotic Poison is undoubtedly at the height of its predecessor. This one is both more modern and sulfurous. It is an object of seduction which immediately raises questions. Is he passionate or dangerous? Does it symbolize hell or paradise? Does it arouse attraction or repulsion? To find out, all you have to do is make it your own! Hypnotic Poison is a scent haloed with mystery and provocative and confusing charm. Anyway, it is ideally designed to leave no one indifferent and to give birth to unexpected impulses. He is both the embodiment of absolute fantasies while being the juice of a passionate and madly elegant woman.

The very daring scent of the house of Dior

If the Dior woman remains refined in all circumstances, she appears here more exuberant than ever. Hypnotic Poison was created by perfumer Annick Ménardo and belongs to the oriental and woody olfactory family. It is a very heady and particularly addicting scent. This is based on a floral accord based on sambac jasmine. This white flower is known for its opulent wealth. What’s more, it is associated with jacaranda wood, an ingredient that brings more depth and mystery to this fragrance. Vanilla, meanwhile, makes the whole thing more bewitching while caraway and nutmeg come to shake up its sweetness. Finally, as if that were not enough to establish its power of addiction, a note of bitter almond, both greedy and regressive without ever going overboard completes this set. Hypnotic Poison then ends with a particularly animal and seductive musk trail. Like its elder, it is contained in the famous Dior apple, the forbidden fruit par excellence. It thus becomes a sort of modern evocation of Eve’s sin. What’s more, its deep red hue is reminiscent of the color of passion.

Who does not know Poison , the juice that sublimated the 80s with its powerful and absolute scents? Adored by some, hated by others, Poison is the perfume that stuck to the “bling-bling” decade which displayed its tastes loud and clear and if possible in lamé and fluorescent colors. After Tendre Poison the vegetable magic potion, it is the bewitching Hypnotic Poison that really revived the myth of the tempting apple of Dior.

Hypnotic Poison or the vertigo of a hypnotic gluttony signed Annick Menardo

If Tendre Poison tried to revive the mythical Poison of the 80s, its scented composition, although close to its predecessor in flowers, did not meet with the expected success. Yet Tendre Poison had the merit of attacking the Poison “tank” by daring to offer it freshness and original galbanum notes, perhaps too much?

Anyway, Poison held still the high dragee to his descendants, until Hypnotic Poison arrives in 1998 to dethrone this poisonous king. Hypnotic Poison was created by its perfumer Annick Menardo to open the field of possibilities of Poison to those who had not yet dared to taste it.

Thus, smart, the perfumer offers greedy facets to this Hypnotic Poison which , at first glance, amaze. Yet this is a trap! A trap cleverly calculated by the great lady of Grasse who by her scents of almonds and jasmine locks us in a powerful wake and perhaps even more addictive than the first opus!

Besides, us We would hardly be surprised to learn that the one named Hypnotic was not so baptized by chance. Some specialists would claim that Annick Menardo, the magician, would have used bitter almond for its obtained narcotic effect (thanks to its dissolution which creates cyanide and then a sleep potion)! Either way, Hypnotic Poison is worth the risk of falling into dreams of sweet treats, let’s face it! & nbsp;
Will Hypnotic Poison and its bitter almond bewitch you?

Annick Menardo has built Hypnotic Poison under four different but complementary facets.

First of all the famous biting and aromatic facet of bitter almond and caraway grabs our senses and prompts us to discover the other mysteries of this fragrance. Then comes the opulent facet of sambac jasmine which, with its flowery delicacies, lulls our vigilance. Too late, we are trapped by the raw and woody facet of moss and wood of Jacaranda. Finally the mask of this Hypnotic Poison falls with the bewitching and burning notes of musk and vanilla. The damage is done, Hypnotic Poison has definitely captured us in its scent nets…

To a Poison that has become legendary as it has marked its time with a deep wake, it was necessary at least to offer a successor worthy of its rank. With Hypnotic Poison, Annick Menardo was able to offer Dior the son of this Poison that the house was still looking for. From then on, the success of Hypnotic Poison will not be denied, just like for its pretty successor Midnight Poison.


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