Insolence Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Insolence Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Insolence, daring still daring

Remained in the Guerlain family for more than 50 years, the brand was acquired in 1994 by the LVMH group. The tradition of beauty continues, however, with the release of exceptional perfumes. “Insolence”, which saw the light of day in 2006, portrays a surprisingly free and particularly daring woman.

Insolence according to Guerlain

Insolence is defined as a bold and excessive attitude. We can also call insolent, someone who lacks respect. It is therefore a pejorative term… Guerlain has however chosen to call its perfume “Insolence”. Of course, Guerlain decided not to treat insolence from a negative point of view, but to extract all the positive sides from it. For Guerlain, insolence is a style, a way of being daring. A trait of ironic elegance, casual grace and a fearless smile. The insolent woman of Guerlain is not cold in the eyes, and she becomes irresistible. It should not be forgotten either that since its creation, the Guerlain house has imagined very daring and inventive compositions, and it can be proud to have contributed to the evolution of the world of beauty. One more time,

Insolence, the violet in overdose

This insolent juice incorporates violet in overdose. “Insolence” is a composition that radiates and illuminates all those who wear it. “Insolence” is a fruity floral scent that boldly includes bright red fruits with a luminous iris, all revealing a surprising violet. This is the first time that Guerlain has used notes of red fruits in a perfume. “Insolence” begins with an overdosed but also over-charged violet. The heart evolves with the presence of the rose, romantic at will, and the orange blossom. “Insolence” leaves behind, a balm of sweetness thanks to the tonka bean. The iris sublimates everything. The bottle, created by Serge Mansau, is a real gem, like the Guerlain bottles. “Insolence” is a sculpture bottle superimposing 3 spinning-top hemispheres. Everything seems cut in the light, and nothing interferes between the glass and its radiation. The noble, rich and textured materials of “Insolence” make this juice that of a free, modern woman with sparkling sensuality.

A little jewel of the house of Guerlain, “Insolence” reveals the definition of insolence according to Guerlain. The Guerlain woman wants to be luminous, free and very daring. The violet flower is integrated in overdose and the red fruits are, for the first time, integrated into a perfume of the brand. Result, a happiness which radiates on the others, a sensuality and a daring pushed to its apogee.

The 2 noses which composed “Insolence” by Guerlain, namely Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte, played here with an overdose of violet. “Insolence” is also defined as a “candy violet”, tinged with red fruits and sweet notes. “Insolence” saw the light of day in 2006. It portrays a surprising, daring and totally free woman. If insolence can be perceived as a negative trait of a personality, Guerlain has chosen to interpret it in a positive way and as an asset. Here, the insolence of the Guerlain woman benefits from a character of ironic elegance, associated with a casual attitude … Perhaps, this is what makes her so irresistible ?

Violet overdose

We can say that the violet is the star of “Insolence”. Indeed, Guerlain wished here to integrate a boosted violet, overdosed, a dazzling violet. You should know that you cannot extract essential oil from the violet flower, but you use the leaves and stems. Here, the violet is not afraid of anything, it is the opposite of that used in other perfumes, generally much more shy. The use of violet flower is a real sign of daring, we can say that its smell “bursts” upon opening the original bottle. The violet will combine with the velvety smoothness of the iris, but also with the tones of red fruits. An absolutely daring essence for modern and casual women, who are also not afraid of anything!

Insolence, a floral-fruity composition

This is the first time that the house of Guerlain uses the notes of red fruits in a perfume. She wanted to bring a tangy, sweet and deliciously delicious touch. Both floral and fruity, spicy and sweet, the composition of “Insolence” is unique. Violet appears from the top notes, green and powdery. It is associated with an accord of ultra sparkling red fruits. As a heart note, the violet plays its second score. Beside her, the luminosity of the orange blossom flirts with the queen of flowers, the rose, always so feminine. The base reveals a sustained and sensual iridescent accord, because it combines with vanilla, tonka bean. The bottle, signed Serge Mansau, is just as sparkling and daring as the composition. If Guerlain wanted to revisit the definition of insolence, the result is simply breathtaking.

“ Insolence ”is a truly sparkling and daring fragrance. The violet flower, here played in overdose is dazzling and supercharged. The composition itself with a master hand associating violet with iris as well as an accord of red fruits. The unprecedented result offers an essence of great insolence …

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