Jean-Louis Scherrer Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette

Jean-Louis Scherrer Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette

Jean-Louis Scherrer Parfum: The very first perfume of the great Parisian couturier

A true stylist of forms, he successfully imposes his brand in Parisian elegance, which will push him at the height of his glory (in 1979) to want to create his very first perfume soberly titled Jean-Louis Scherrer. This original green chypre with assertive femininity will soon establish itself among the classics of perfumery …

Jean-Louis Scherrer le parfum, a first fragrance that has become a timeless imprint

After working from 1956 to 1959 for Christian Dior, Jean-Louis Scherrer opened his own fashion house which quickly took off. As early as 1971, the couturier saw all the elegant women in the world abound at his address in rue de Montaigne, attracted by his quest for nomadic elegance, his love of drapes and geometric shapes. Needless to say then that when the stylist chooses to sell a perfume, it had to be totally in his image!

Quickly, therefore, this very first attempt in perfumery will be rewarded with a glory that will not be ephemeral. Considered to be the very essence of Jean-Louis Scherrer’s modern elegance, Jean-Louis Scherrer perfume is THE ultimate couture perfume.

Moreover, this direct relationship between couture and Jean-Louis Scherrer’s perfumery is highlighted by the choice of his name, Jean-Louis Scherrer. Then of course by the formidable efficiency of its visuals which, black blazer jacket with very 80’s giant epaulettes, exude a scented identity that will not make any compromise. Without counting on the presentation of this Jean-Louis Scherrer Parfum in an artistic fresco largely inspired by the very trendy style of Andy Warhol.
The magic of this first Jean-Louis Scherrer perfume would therefore be the obvious affirmation of a style which, despite the fact that it responds to a past era, never goes out of fashion. “Jean-Louis Scherrer. The eternal feminine “chanted to us one of the advertisements for Jean-Louis Scherrer’s first perfume …

Chiaroscuro of flowers and chypre for such an elegant Jean-Louis Scherrer Parfum

Like his couturier’s clothes, Jean-Louis Scherrer’s bottle bears broad glass shoulders designed by Serge Mansau. A true masterpiece with geometric lines rising towards the sky, Jean-Louis Scherrer asserts his modernity as much as his difference.

Created by Max Gavarry, Jean-Louis Scherrer opens with a vegetal and delicately fruity cocktail of blackcurrant buds and a green note. The aldehydes bring their strength to these original top notes. Then the heart becomes outrageously feminine by offering a veritable bouquet of precious flowers to the woman Jean-Louis Scherrer who exhales between notes of rose, jasmine and hyacinth. However, the sensuality of the depths of civet, vetiver and sandalwood will give an intense wake to this strong woman sure of her femininity of the 80s, as many decades later.

Jean-Louis Scherrer is the perfume of the woman of the 80s who dares and asserts herself without forgetting her majestic elegance. Long unobtainable in perfumery, it returns today to remind us how its originality remains timeless.

Jean-Louis Scherrer has been able to create, from his experience for the great house Dior, haute couture models all in geometry and drape, totally innovative and totally in tune with the times. Now recognized, the Scherrer house made the choice to embark on perfumery with the simply named Jean-Louis Scherrer, as if to better exhale in scents the inimitable style of the brand.

Jean-Louis Scherrer, a first perfume with the sensual and luxurious image of the couture label and its creator Max Gavarry

The fashion house Jean-Louis Scherrer was created in the 1960s by the couturier from same name who had learned his trade in the no less famous house of Christian Dior. Quickly the glamorous and luxurious style of Jean-Louis Scherrer hit the mark but he nevertheless waited until the 80s to offer his very first perfume, a perfume that he would like to be totally in the image of his label and therefore logically named Jean- Louis Scherrer.

Jean-Louis Scherrer was one of the first scented works of Max Gavarry. A talented perfumer who in 1966 joined the young company then IFF, never to leave it and to make it become one of the leaders in perfumery. Moreover, the man particularly likes perfumes with full dress, if possible sensual and especially composed of strong ingredients with unforgettable wakes.

Thus one will hardly be surprised to learn that the perfume Jean-Louis Scherrer will be the first in a long series of successes for the perfumer. It must be said that the inimitable style of the latter has demonstrated the extent of the talents of the perfumer. As for the young perfume house Jean-Louis Scherrer, it succeeded in reaching the heights with this very first eponymous perfume as its racy femininity convinced the daring ready to enter the 80s of opulent perfumery.

Sensuality and power for a visionary Jean-Louis Scherrer perfume

Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette is one of the first perfumes to have dared to offer such voluptuous notes where flowers rub shoulders with animal and wild powers of absolute femininity. Forerunner of opulent perfumes of the 80s such as Poison, Opium and so many other wonders, Jean-Louis Scherrer will remain in our minds for a long time as the cult perfume of a decade when all daring was allowed.

Yet Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette begins with wise fruity and delicate notes of blackcurrant buds mixed with a pretty hyacinth and a deliciously powdery violet. Some aldehydes bring us their powers to announce a grandiose heart where gardenias, roses and tuberoses will turn into flowery velvet. The spicy carnation will give this wind of flowers its spicy touch. This pretty femininity will quickly take on the absolute power of an absolutely intoxicating trail built around notes of civet, sandalwood, vetiver and oakmoss.

“ A great classic of French perfumery, this green chypre is of incomparable richness and originality: an inimitable signature. Insolent, daring in its wake, subtle, insidious, tender and so sensual, it remains the symbol of femininity and totally timeless elegance. “Jean-Louis Scherrer for Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette.

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