Jeanne Lanvin Lanvin Eau de Parfum

Jeanne Lanvin Lanvin Eau de Parfum

Jeanne Lanvin, a delicious olfactory tribute

She founded her own fashion house, of the same name in 1909, rue du Faubourg St Honoré. Her daughter Marguerite, born in 1897, will become Jeanne’s muse, and the object of her infinite inspiration … A history rich in know-how and innovations, which has earned her the honor for her 125 years of luxury and French elegance. The fragrance “Jeanne Lanvin” by Lanvin created in 2008 is a romantic and candid homage.

Originally Jeanne Lanvin

Jeanne Lanvin is a key figure in the world of perfumery and haute couture. Coming from a modest family, Jeanne Lanvin is forced to work early. At the age of 13, she therefore found herself working for a Parisian hat maker. Five years later, she wanted to open her own hat workshop. Once her fashion house opened, Jeanne Lanvin imagines lines for children and women and her creativity is limitless. The elegance of the lines and the nobility of the materials used make Jeanne Lanvin a representative of French chic. It was in 1924 that she embarked on perfumery, with just as much talent. The perfume “Jeanne Lanvin” is the unforgettable meeting of the founder of the fashion house, with her artistic director.

Modern notes by Jeanne Lanvin

Although Jeanne Lanvin is no longer of this world, its artistic director, Alber Elbaz, wanted to pay tribute to the great lady, by dedicating a perfume that bears her name. The fragrance is modern, couture and really sophisticated. “Jeanne Lanvin” expresses a cheerful, floral and gourmet femininity. “Jeanne Lanvin” begins with a sweet and fruity touch with the blackberry. The latter is then coated by the dynamism of the lemon, and by the pear, juicy at will. The heart is feminine, because it is ultra floral. It is composed of freesia, rose, peony, which combines with a very sweet raspberry. Finally, the base of “Jeanne Lanvin” is warm and sensual, with the presence of musk, sandalwood and ambergris. The bottle could not be more sublime, chic and elegant in the image of the designer. In the shape of a glass cube, clean and uncluttered, the bottle rests on a base with a rounded drop. The bottle is then dressed in a veil of pink silk tulle as well as a grosgrain label, which is reminiscent of the couture spirit of the Lanvin house.

What better way to pay homage to a great lady than to create a perfume bearing her name? “Jeanne Lanvin” plunges us into the wonderful world of fashion and perfumery. Bold, yet sophisticated, the composition reminds us of the personality of Jeanne Lanvin. An ultra elegant fragrance in the image of Jeanne Lanvin.

Lanvin fragrances are known as much for their daring bursts as for their romantic, almost adolescent femininity. If Rumeur or Scandal were applauded for their original and imposing composition, the fact remains that the house’s best seller remains the much more delicate Arpège, composed by Jeanne Lanvin for her daughter. It is to this flowery finesse that the talented artistic director of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, wanted to pay tribute by having Anne Flipo composes “Jeanne Lanvin”

“Jeanne Lanvin” or the return to the sources of inspiration

The haute couture house Lanvin was born thanks to Jeanne Lanvin’s passion for fashion but also for her daughter. Indeed, it is at the birth of her daughter that the milliner becomes a stylist by creating outfits all more sophisticated than the others for her favorite young lady. Many years later, it is also for Marguerite that the now very famous seamstress will create Arpège, a powerful and refined floral that will quickly become the best-selling perfume of the Lanvin house.

However, after the death of the founder of the house in 1946, Lanvin gradually ran out of steam. It was not until the new millennium and the arrival of Alber Elbaz that the ancestral values ​​of Lanvin sophistication and refinement were reborn again.

Quite naturally, the artistic director will ask the talented Anne Flipo to compose a fragrance in tribute to the founder of the house. To draw “Jeanne Lanvin”, Anne Flipo will travel to the roots of Jeanne’s creativity, the splendor of youth inspired by her daughter. Just as the sparkling and daring designer had done in her time with Arpège, Anne Flipo will thus create for Lanvin a delicate but also very modern Fleuri fragrance, intended for very young women at the beginning of their femininity. Jeanne and her daughter Marguerite are no more, but through the perfume “Jeanne Lanvin” their complicity remains.

“It is to amaze her that, one thing leading to another, she will amaze the world” Louise de Vilmorin on Jeanne Lanvin and her unique bond with her daughter.

Between modern fruity scents and retro chypre charms “Jeanne Lanvin” exults

“Jeanne Lanvin ”was created to pay tribute not only to the daring designer of the house but also to the tremendous love affair with her daughter who inspired her throughout her creations. So we will hardly be surprised that Anne Flipo has chosen for “Jeanne Lanvin” to gracefully marry modern and daring scents (like the personality of Jeanne Lanvin) with more delicate scents, highlighting the purity of young girls such as Arpège in its time.

The modernity of “Jeanne Lanvin” is of course due to its many fruity and gourmet notes, both at the top with blackberry and plum, and at the heart with raspberry. The sensuality of the depths of ambergris, sandalwood and white musks is also very original, especially combined with a very retro heart.

Indeed, the rose, the freesia and the heart peony evoke much more the perfumes of yesteryear than the gourmet perfumes of today. But this contrast between scents of yesteryear and cutting-edge accords make “Jeanne Lanvin” a daring and unique flowery-gourmand fragrance.

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