Kimitsu for Her Annayaké Eau de Parfum

The design chosen by Annayake

The design chosen by Annayake

Annayake is a brand that never tires of paying homage to its country of origin, Japan. Thus, its new bottle is nothing but a nod to the art of traditional calligraphy and to Japanese identity. It is designed to resemble an inkwell and is both sophisticated and minimalist. It displays a perfect balance between lines and curves. Its apparent purity is simply marked by black horizontal lines forming a perfect circle on its front face. This then gives us a glimpse of his name. Its very neat design is signed by the talented designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. He has been designing perfume bottles for more than 20 years. Born in Grasse, he confides with a laughing air: “I must be one of the few from Grasse to take care of what’s going on around the scent and not inside! However, he seemed destined for this path since he is surrounded by a family of perfumers. His brother-in-law exercised this profession, as did his uncle. What’s more, master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena is his cousin by marriage. This has enabled him to work for the biggest brands on the planet and Thierry de Baschmakoff has today to his credit a catalog of more than 6,000 references!

The floral and sassy freshness of the new Kimitsu For Her

Kimitsu for women then seems to be just as impressive in terms of scents as in terms of aesthetics. It begins with a marked and sweet freshness at the same time. It is that of bergamot. This fruit with a zesty and tangy flavor is accompanied by the impertinence of pepper. This rising and dry spice is nevertheless counterbalanced by the elegance and the romanticism of the rose. or of this flower, universally used in perfumery, is associated with tuberose absolute. This plant has a somewhat heady start before evolving towards a more honeyed, waxy and creamy note. Then, a heart based on red fruits takes over. The latter are once again associated with the impertinence of pink pepper. Orange blossom, for its part, makes everything sunnier than ever. Finally, Kimitsu For Her ends with a more amber and balsamic base. Patchouli deposits its powerful, woody and complex scent. It is associated with the suave and sensual animality of musk as well as the exotic warmth of vanilla.

Kimitsu For Her, the niche fragrance from the Japanese house Annayake

The Annayake brand is above all famous for its Japanese cosmetics. Nevertheless, it has also been accustomed to us, since 2000, to multiple creations of perfumes. Thus, each year, the brand presents us with perfume duets combining a perfume for men and an essence for women. Also, the year 2016 was no exception. If Annayake gave us the Niji couple a short time ago, these are two niche fragrances that will appear very soon. For women, it is called Kimitsu For Her, and Kimitsu For Him for men.

The contrasting smell of the new Kimitsu For Her

Like always, Kimitsu For Her is a juice very inspired by the Japanese tradition. Nevertheless, here it is particularly contrasted while maintaining an absolutely exquisite harmony and fullness. Its flavor begins with a fresh and sassy blend. Thus, bergamot brings a real burst of freshness. This is both sweet and marked, sparkling and floral. On the other hand, it is associated with the spicy and rising flavor of pepper. Then, it is a true emblem of the feminine perfumery which makes its appearance. The rose enters the scene and here deploys all its elegance and romanticism. It is then accompanied by tuberose absolute, a plant known for its heady start but also for gradually developing a more honeyed and warm note. Then, it is a more tangy and juicy heart that follows this surge. This one is full of red fruits but retains the impertinence of pink pepper. Orange blossom absolute has also been added to the Kimitsu For Her recipe. Thus, this juice becomes sunnier than ever, at the same time floral, powdery and slightly sweet. However, it ends with more depth. Amber gives it balsamic tones while patchouli gives it more power and complexity. Finally, the musk finishes sublimating the whole with a very sensual animality while being accompanied by the exotic warmth of vanilla.

The new look of Annayake’s perfume

On the aesthetic side, the Annayake house has appealed to a sure value in terms of bottles. Indeed, the Kimitsu For Her container respects the traditional aesthetic of the brand and was designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff. The latter has been designing perfume bottles for more than 20 years. As such, he founded his design agency named Aesthete in the early 80s. With resounding success from its launch, he has now worked with the biggest luxury houses such as Cartier, Guerlain, Dior, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Givenchy, Kenzo or even Balmain. In total, he is at the origin of more than 6000 creations! Thus, he is one of the rare personalities born in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, and not to worry about what happens inside the perfume but around it! For the occasion, he created a case directly inspired by a Japanese inkwell used for the traditional art of calligraphy, very present in this country. The latter is designed in black and white colors. Only dark horizontal lines disturb the clarity of the whole. These draw a perfect circle on its front face in which is inscribed the name of this new perfume.


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