Lacoste Original Lacoste Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Original Lacoste Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Original: The first globally successful fragrance Lacoste

With the simplicity of relatively classic fern accords as its watchword, Lacoste succeeds this time because Lacoste Original will, finally, make known the prowess of the brand favorite crocodile in perfumery. Sporty and chic, Lacoste Original remains one of the brand great men’s classics.

Lacoste Original: “All the Lacoste spirit in a bottle”

In 1968 Lacoste decided, after launching the fashion for cotton piqué polo shirts and skirts, to create perfumes with the collaboration of Jean Patou. Thus was born the Eau de Toilette Lacoste. However too far from the marketing target of the famous sporty and chic brand, the perfume will never meet its audience, it is a bitter commercial failure.

Slightly held back by this bad experience, the Lacoste house waited until 1984 to once again offer a perfume called Lacoste Original. This time there is no marketing innovation, no extravagance, no daring… Lacoste Original wants to be the perfume that corresponds to the man already adept of polo shirts and other clothing of the brand. Moreover, both the bottle and the visual are very imbued with the codes and values ​​of the brand, which signs its campaign for Lacoste Original with a very clear slogan: “All the Lacoste spirit in a bottle”. Customers will not be taken aback when they smell this new Lacoste perfume, a beautiful creation by Jean Kerléo!

Moreover, this Lacoste Original perfume is now so emblematic of the fashion house that it will be chosen to be reissued in 2008 to celebrate the 75 years of the green crocodile brand.

Lacoste Original or the reassuring fern, the safe bet for men’s fragrances

In order to offer a scented composition that corresponds in every way to the color codes and outlines of the clothing collection, the Lacoste Original bottle is tinted with white and green while offering a very sporty and very masculine square opulence. We are of course also pleased to find the logo placed in the foreground on the bottle.

Lacoste Original opens with aromatic notes of basil and lavender mixed with sparkling lemon to create an ultra tonic and dazzling start. Then the carnation and jasmine bring to the heart of Lacoste Original, a flowery “originality” which will be punctuated by some geranium notes to reinforce the tonic power. Finally, tree moss, vetiver and tonka bean offer magnificent woody powers, although the new version of 2008 had to rewrite the animalities of coumarin or oakmoss which are now prohibited.

“This Lacoste Eau de Toilette, fresh and invigorating, resolutely optimistic, will appeal to all men looking for a fragrance that is both sporty and elegant. »Lacoste for Lacoste Original. So Lacoste Original is a racy and elegant masculine fragrance without any particular flashy scents. Is this the reason for this success, which has not denied for decades?

“Lacoste Original” was created in 1984 and symbolizes a breath of fresh air. With the slogan “All the Lacoste spirit in a bottle”, the brand displays its invigorating and elegant line. Both sporty and chic, the “Lacoste Original” fragrance is intended for sporty men who nevertheless wish to keep a masculine style. Laid-back, the Lacoste man affirms the values ​​of sport while adding a touch of modernity. Aromatic and woody, the composition is signed Jean Kerloé.

Lacoste Original, the nose Jean Kerloé signs a grand cru

Born in 1932 in the Finistère, Jean Kerloé will begin his career as a trainer at Héléna Rubinstein. Ten years older, he won the Prix des Parfumeurs de France and was spotted by Jean Patou who hired him in 1967. Between 1976 and 1979, Jean Kerloé was President of the Société Française des Parfums. He is also the one who created the Versailles osmothèque, the “living perfume museum” in 1990. Jean Kerloé is responsible for magnificent fragrances such as “1000, sublime or“ Les Chemins de la Liberté ”by Jean Patou. / p>

Lacoste Original, a fresh and aromatic scented trail

“Lacoste Original” combines citrus and aromatic notes, namely lavender, clary sage, basil, lemon and bergamot. The origin of the lemon is uncertain, but it is believed to be in either China or India around 3,000 years ago. It was the Arabs who brought lemon to the Mediterranean in the 10th century. At the end of the 15th century, the lemon took root in Florida, where it is still very successful. Lemon is initially used for its many medicinal properties. It mainly treated eczema and improved blood circulation. In perfumery, lemon essence is obtained by cold expression of the zest. Lemon offers very fresh, green and also tangy tones. Then, the heart of “Lacoste Original” is both green and flowery and combines geranium, carnation, jasmine, and galbanum.

The essential oil of galbanum is drawn from the root from a plant native to Iran and Afghanistan, the gummy ferrule. This gum is obtained by incision of the roots. Galbanum was used externally for its many medicinal properties, mainly against osteoarthritis. Gum resin was also used by the Egyptians to burn incense, some would say it was to scare away spirits. In perfumery, galbanum offers very green, earthy and balsamic tones. Then, the base of “Lacoste Original” is both green and sensual thanks to the presence of vetiver, tree moss, patchouli and sandalwood. The bottle has a very dynamic shape with a white square that proudly displays the mythical crocodile.


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