L'Anarchiste Caron Eau de Toilette

L’Anarchiste Caron Eau de Toilette

Caron, innovation, creator and avant-garde

The brand is today known for its ancestral know-how, its refinement and its quality products. We owe Caron great olfactory successes such as the legendary “Pour un homme” or “Yatagan” or “the 3rd man”. In 2000, the Maison Caron unveiled “The Anarchist”. Authenticity and identification for this perfume that is unlike any other.

Caron, innovation, creator and avant-garde

Right from the start with “Pour un homme”, the Caron house wanted to be avant-garde and a bit original. True to his reputation, Caron signs here an astonishing fragrance, which divides as much as it unites. We find in “the anarchist”, a duality, contrasts, experimental agreements, as we have already seen in other perfumes of the brand. From the start, Caron detected needs and desires, and he was able to anticipate in his olfactory vision. Here, Caron rediscovers his innate provocative spirit, his whimsical side. “The anarchist” is therefore a perfume of contrast. Fresh and warm at the start, it becomes comfortable and very classic in the end. This provocation once again creates an intense and unusual fragrance.

The anarchist, noble and authentic materials

We can consider “The Anarchist” as an offbeat classic. Its wake is strong and it holds extremely well on the skin. “The anarchist” begins with notes of orange blossom. Beautiful and luminous, the latter combines with the freshness of spearmint. The heart is warm and sensual thanks to the presence of Indian sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood. The base is a precious accord of 7 musks… The anarchist’s cocktail evolves between duality and contrasts… A surprising coherence achieved with noble materials for an ultra masculine composition. As for the bottle, it is signed Serge Mansau. All in glass, it is covered with real leather and offers a unique design. Another special feature, the bottle contains pigments which evolve over time, giving a patina like antique bronzes.

Founded in 1902, Caron has always had an avant-garde and innovative side. With “Pour un homme”, Caron sets off a small olfactory revolution. “The Anarchist” is a composition made of noble materials and whose agreements can surprise. Ultra masculine, “The Anarchist” stands out for its strong, powerful, but also contrasting fragrances, like the brand know-how. “The anarchist” displays an ultra masculine and unapologetic composition.

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