Lancôme Trésor Eau de Parfum

Lancôme Trésor Eau de Parfum

The long-standing history of Trésor perfume

This is the case with the emblematic Trésor de Lancôme perfume, born in 1990 and still lending its scent to the most beautiful women on the planet with as much avant-garde, refinement and elegance as ever.

The long-standing history of Trésor perfume

If Trésor is a perfume that saw the light of day at the dawn of the 21st century, its history is much older. In fact, from the end of the 1980s, the Lancôme brand affirmed its wish to reconnect with its prestigious past as a Grand Parfumeur. This is how she went back to her archives to find forgotten perfumes. Thus, the name of Trésor was borrowed from a juice that was launched much earlier, in 1952. Like its predecessor, Trésor is an embodiment of the eternal feminine. It is a harmonious juice, infinitely chic and as precious as a woman’s smile. It depends on us all the most beautiful facets of the latter, revealing her to us in love, fulfilled, serene and quite simply happy. Trésor was conceived as a great perfume sewn to forever mark the history of perfumery. So, it is tirelessly rediscovered and reveals itself differently depending on the woman who wears it. It seems to be able to associate with all fashions, creating an unparalleled harmony wherever it goes. Trésor is a timeless “which writes its history at the same time as history is written”. He has a kind of immaterial and forever immortal presence.

The elegance of Lancôme in a perfume

This masterpiece of perfumery is the fruit of the work of Sofia Grojsman. She placed the noblest flower at the center of her composition: the Otto rose. The latter comes from the distillation of the precious Damascus rose cultivated in Bulgaria. She embodies absolute femininity and naturally has several facets. It is at the same time floral, rosy, honeyed, spicy and powdery. Sweet, powerful and sweet, the latter has often inspired perfumery. So, using this one, it’s a bit like Trésor paying homage to women’s perfumery in general. Around it, other ingredients revolve. Lilac and lily of the valley bring more tenderness to this fragrance. The peach delivers a delicious and juicy creaminess. The iris and the heliotrope give it an unparalleled refinement. Finally, the base is as soft as a caress, plunging us into a cloud of amber, musk and sandalwood. Treasure is a gem. Moreover, it is contained in a diamond bottle, a nod to the first crystal jewel that once dressed the Trésor perfume of 1952.

Since Ô de Lancôme in 1969, the beautiful fashion house which has also become a major perfume house has never ceased to want to surprise us with original fragrances, outside the trends and often revealing those to come. This was the case for Ô, it was also the case for the beautiful Trésor which initiated with its original accords the pretty family of fruity-flowery fragrances when the trend did not seem to lend itself to it. Whatever, Sophia Grojsman will compose a treasure that will not cease to move us in the magic of a precious but also timeless moment.

Sophia Grojsman’s treasure or the romantic and elegant jewel for Lancôme

Sophia Grojsman made herself known particularly for her very original powdery composition for Yves Saint-Laurent and his Paris of 1983. From then on, the perfumer is recognized for her talent, elegance and creativity which leads her to make agreements with rather flowery classic scents with modern and original materials.

For Trésor, released in 1990, Sophia Grojsman will not deviate from its values ​​of elegance and flowery romanticism. a bit old-fashioned. She will even offer even better with fruity chemical reconstitutions that until then had little place in perfumery. Moreover, the Lancôme house was far from this fruity flowery with its latest oriental fragrance, Magie Noire. But the venerable perfumery trusted the talents of the great lady, and Trésor was to become in a few months the best-selling perfume of the time.

“Sophia dressed the rose of Trésor with a note of violet cotton wool that has long perfumed powders and lipsticks. It was very consistent with Lancôme’s skincare and make-up universe, including in the United States “& nbsp; Madame Le Figaro for Trésor de Lancôme.

Better still, Trésor and its contrasts between scents with retro femininity and new fruity accords will be the forerunner of a perfume that will become the master of the 2000s: gourmet perfumes .

Trésor and the daring Lancôme scent novelties

Sophia Grojsman readily agrees, she basically designed Trésor to be a fragrance that she would wear and not a perfume intended for to be sold! Fortunately, the talented perfumer changed her mind and offered Lancôme her precious find which nevertheless remains daring in more ways than one.

As we have already noticed, the perfumer dared to marry a somewhat forgotten rose with fruity notes that had never existed. But Trésor did not stop there, because the beautiful floral notes of otto roses, iris, lilac and lily of the valley will venture into depths very rarely used, especially in feminine perfumery: the spicy and woody notes. .

Thus the one which is renowned for the quality of its wakes, did not hesitate to bathe that of Trésor in a mysterious universe which is confronted with the radiant luminosity of flowers and fruits. Amber, sandalwood, musk and heliotrope bring their sensual strength to this woman so in love that Trésor draws wonderfully…

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