Lancôme Trésor en Or Eau de Parfum

Lancôme Trésor en Or Eau de Parfum

The Trésor fragrance is adorned with gold for its 2019 limited edition

Since then, he has revealed new facets of his personality to us, reappearing year after year in new editions, sometimes lighter or more sustained, embellished according to your desires or the seasons. Once again, for even more pleasure, Trésor returns in a new, more luminous and floral variation. Its original composition is enriched with a generous peony and its name becomes more luxurious: Gold Treasure.

Gold Treasure, a more floral recipe

Gold Treasure is the perfect embodiment of femininity. What could be more symbolic in feminine perfumery than the use of flowers? Since this first edition, Trésor has made the Turkish rose its emblem. This typical flower of women’s perfumery is present in each of the variations of Trésor. Here, completely reinterpreted by the expert hands of Dominique Ropion, it is accompanied by other ingredients such as samba jasmine, more solar and opulent, and peony, fresher and clearer. In this sense, Trésor en Or is a very airy fragrance that is perfect for hot summer days. However, it does not lack temperament and draws all its sensuality from a tasty blend of musk, leather and ambrette oil. Peach, for its part, appears in the top notes of Trésor en Or,

When the Lancôme bottle is adorned with a golden sparkle

As if to echo its name, Trésor en Or is adorned with a new golden shine which gives even more depth and refinement to its juice. “The iconic Trésor crystal bottle is now covered with a golden lacquer that illuminates the fragrance,” says Lancôme. These golden reflections imitate the sunrise while illuminating the Parisian skyline ”. Because, in fact, Paris is the primary source of inspiration for this collection. When you look at the Trésor flask from above, it has the same shape as the Place Vendôme seen from the sky, a place that has always been very important for the brand. Gold Treasure is displayed as a gem that we would like to protect. Making it easier to grip, its inverted pyramid shape has an elegant finesse.

The other major editions of Trésor

As you will have understood, the Trésor collection already has countless olfactory variations. Trésor Elixir de Parfum is undoubtedly one of the most oriental editions, containing honey, vanilla and vetiver. Very different, Trésor Eau Légère is more springy and luminous. L’Absolu de Parfum, meanwhile, reinvents the traditional Lancôme accord by enriching it with a more amber and spicy background. Finally, of course, in more nocturnal editions, Trésor has also given birth to another range called La Nuit Trésor. So you are spoiled for choice!


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