Lancôme Trésor in Love Eau de Parfum

Lancôme Trésor in Love Eau de Parfum

Trésor in Love, a disarming Lancôme love story

Many celebrities have agreed to become the muses of the Lancôme brand, Julia Roberts, Kate Wintslet or even Juliette Binoche. “ Trésor ” is a perfume which dates from 1990, but which nevertheless took the name of an existing perfume from 1952. Twenty years later, Lancôme unveils “Trésor in Love”, a fresher and more fruity variation.

Treasure of yesterday and today

In 1952, Pierre Lepieux imagined “Trésor”, a refined oriental fragrance. For this time, the juice is sensual and daring. Its creator had mixed spicy oriental notes with floral tints from French essences. In 1990, “Trésor” was revisited, even though it kept the same name. “Trésor” is refined and luxurious and immediately plunges us back into the brand heyday. Loaded with olfactory emotions, “Trésor” seems to reinvent time interweaving past, present and future and becomes almost immortal. However, in 2010, the brand chose to offer a variation of its star fragrance, removing oriental notes and giving it more freshness and fruity notes. “Trésor in Love” transcribes the birth of new feelings. “Trésor in Love” is the fragrance of a cheerful, radiant woman, spontaneous and malicious. The tenderness of “Trésor in Love” is disarming and is combined with a captivating sensuality.

Trésor in Love’s love potion

“Trésor in Love” is really defined as a love potion. Imagined by Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg, “Trésor in Love” is inspired by “Trésor” to decline it in a much more unique and above all very particular version. Like its elder, the composition of “Trésor in Love” revolves around the rose. Brighter than ever, the rose explodes with beauty. “Trésor in Love” begins with a carefree flight with a fruity pear-nectarine accord that combines with the freshness of bergamot. The rose petals explode in a floral heart to perfection. Jasmine joins the rose for even more thrills. Finally, the violet brings its supreme elegance. The trail is woody and sensual thanks to the presence of white musks and cedar wood. Object of desire with a slender silhouette, the bottle of “Trésor in Love” is a concentrate of happiness. A black satin rose offers a final touch of elegance.

20 years after the famous Lancôme fragrance “Trésor”, the brand presents us with a “Trésor in Love” version. This tells the beginning of a love story in the most romantic city in the world “Paris”. Cheerful and radiant, the “Trésor in Love” woman sublimates with her natural beauty. She is radiant and attractive at the same time. She’s getting ready for the craziest encounter… Could it be with you?

Le Beau Trésor was born in 1990 from the talents of the mistress of the rose Sophia Grosjman for the venerable Lancôme house. Its fruity-flowery accords allowed it to quickly reach the rank of the bestseller of the house, a bestseller which seemed unbeatable despite the years. Yet two perfumers with the most famous noses in the world, dared to challenge the beautiful powdery in 2010 to bring it into a new era, a new love story that will be called Trésor in Love.

Trésor in Love or the first reinterpretation of the Lancôme myth by Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg

The blend of fruity-gourmet modernity and flowery-powdery classicism made Trésor, released in 1990 , one of the best-selling perfumes in France but also around the world. However Trésor is not riding the trend for opulent perfumes very in vogue of the 80s, if it is only with its wake. On the contrary, Trésor is a mixture of woody strengths and rosy fragilities, like the woman of the 90s. A rose that is both classic and modern, translated to perfection by Sophia Grosjman who signs with Trésor one of her greatest successes .

How to challenge this juggernaut of perfumery without distorting it? How to modernize the formula of this much loved rose without losing the magic of its grace? Numerous questions asked themselves Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg, both in charge of the creation of the one that would become Trésor in Love, the perfumed son of this Trésor from the 90s.

But the two perfumers had to talent to spare and a high regard for the work done by their colleague previously for Trésor. Thus with Tresor in Love they will not seek to change the chords but more to rebalance them thanks to very current fruity notes, with the greatest respect for the beauty of the initial Treasure.

An eternal rose and chords fruity for a Tresor in Love fragrance that is more contemporary than ever

Perfumer Véronique Nyberg does not hesitate to declare her love for this Tresor in Love that she loves almost as much as her elder brother: “Mythical fragrances ? There are several, those that our grandmothers made us discover like Shalimar de Guerlain and those on which I had the chance to work as Trésor de Lancôme in order to realize Trésor in Love in 2010. He there is an extraordinary depth in these scents. “& Nbsp; Véronique Nyberg for Stiletto.

And it must be said that the precious Trésor in love has done everything to seduce us from its very fresh top notes which play with citrus notes but also spicy pink berries and pepper. At the heart, the delicate and luxurious flowers of jasmine, roses and violets play with the love of their creator Dominique Ropion to bewitch us with the wind of flowers created by his perfumed father. Of course, the touch of fishing remains at the center of all attention. Finally, musk and cedar form a powerful trail that envelops us in a halo of dazzling and touching lights.

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