Lanvin L'Homme Lanvin Eau de Toilette

Lanvin L’Homme Lanvin Eau de Toilette

The Lanvin Man

She imagined a “children’s costumes” department in 1908, chose her logo, expanded in 1920 and died in 1946 … It was in 1925 that the olfactory adventure of the Lanvin house began, with the creation of ” Lanvin Parfums “. After many successes, the brand unveiled in 1997, “The Lanvin Man”, a very rare fragrance between chic and relaxed.

The Lanvin Man

The Lanvin fashion house is the symbol of elegance and refinement. However, the fragrance “The Lanvin Man” seems to mark the beginning of another style, that of relaxation. Its character is less structured, freer than the previous perfumes and “The Lanvin Man” displays an undisguised audacity. “The Lanvin man” expresses a new man, a little more fanciful, but still very refined. The creation of “The Lanvin Man” was carried out at the same time as the ready-to-wear creations by Dominique Morlotti. Like this collection, “The Lanvin Man” is both casual and sophisticated. More than anything, “The Lanvin Man” is free and authentic. This is why its fragrance is suitable for an athlete as well as a business man.

The floral and woody freshness of the Lanvin Man

It is the famous nose Alberto Morillas who is at the origin of “The Lanvin Man”. The latter wanted to transcribe the smell of a clean and freshly ironed men’s shirt. The man who wears this shirt will therefore be sensual and elegant. “The Lanvin man” begins with fresh and citrus scents with mandarin, bergamot, lemon. These are then joined by spices, such as coriander, nutmeg. The heart mixes flowers with aromatics and we find lily of the valley, jasmine, lavender and clary sage. The base is sophisticated and sensual with the presence of cedar wood, sandalwood, tonka bean, ambergris… An elegant and very masculine result. As for the bottle, it has simple and sober lines at the same time. We notice that it is a somewhat avant-garde bottle,

Between relaxation and sophistication, it’s “The Lanvin Man”. As if it marked the start of a new era, “The Lanvin Man” is less strict than the brand previous fragrances. Its floral and woody composition is daring, but also virile. Because “The Lanvin Man” is the man of today, his fragrance crosses time with great skill.

In 1997, Lanvin presented “Lanvin Homme”, a woody-floral musk fragrance for men. Between elegance and classicism, “Lanvin l’Homme” is halfway between relaxation and refinement. The Lanvin house has always presented ultra refined perfumes and collections. With “Lanvin l’Homme”, the brand takes a more relaxed, simpler turn and offers a version of the modern man. “Lanvin l’Homme” displays a natural seduction, a new elegance, just like that of the Lanvin house.

Jacques Cavallier at the helm of Lanvin L’Homme < / h2>

It is Jacques Cavallier that the Lanvin house has chosen to interpret “Lanvin L’Homme”. Jacques Cavallier was born in Grasse in 1962. Son and grandson of a perfumer, Jacques Cavallier was brought up with the smells of this city, entirely dedicated to perfumery. After starting at Charabot, Jacques Cavallier was hired at Quest (now Givaudan) and joined Firmenich, the Swiss company, in 1990. Since 2012, Jacques Cavallier has been Louis Vuitton’s official perfumer. Jacques Cavallier affirms “Not having the ambition to create rare and exceptional perfumes, but simply fragrances which will appeal to the greatest number …” His compositions nevertheless prove the contrary. Jacques Cavallier is at the origin of magnificent perfumes such as “Cinema” by Yves Saint Laurent “,” Ange ou Démon “by Givenchy or” Classique “by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Lanvin L’Homme , notes of haute couture

“Lanvin L’Homme” was born from the haute couture collections of Dominique Morlotti, and is inspired by this spirit. Here, Lanvin wanted to create a link between haute couture and perfumery. This is why cotton will be transcribed by lavender, raw linen by spices and cashmere by sandalwood… The composition of “Lanvin L’Homme” is complex since it begins with the citrus notes of lemon, neroli and bergamot. These are then joined by the aromatic tones of lavender, the star of men’s fragrances, but also more spicy tones such as cardamom, mint and pepper. The contrast is already there and takes us to a predominantly floral heart thanks to the presence of jasmine and lily of the valley, associated with the aromatic side of clary sage. The base is sensual and musky, and combines sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. Here the relaxation is made up of ultra-refined touches that offer striking contrast and unparalleled elegance.

If“ Lanvin L’Homme ”was born from the spirit of haute couture collections, the essence is nonetheless a change for the Lanvin house. Indeed, it displays here, a relaxation hitherto unknown. Between relaxation and refinement, “Lanvin L’Homme” is a resolutely modern fragrance by Jacques Cavallier.

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