Lanvin L'Homme Sport Eau de Toilette Lanvin

Lanvin L’Homme Sport Eau de Toilette Lanvin

Lanvin Homme Sport, the energy of an intense match

Her love of fashion and her talent led her to open a first boutique in 1889, rue du Faubourg St Honoré. It is the beginning of the Lanvin saga, because success will never leave it. In 1997, the brand presented “The Lanvin Man”, a fragrance that was both chic and relaxed. Faced with this success, Lanvin is offering a “Lanvin Homme Sport” version.

Lanvin Modern Man

As early as 1997, the brand decided to take care of the men’s line, which was rarely put in the spotlight. “The Lanvin man” marks a turning point in the style of the Lanvin house. Indeed, it wants to be more relaxed and a little less strict than the already known perfumes. Always so refined, but more daring, the Lanvin man sports a new personality. The latter continues on its way, and the Lanvin man indeed wants to be more and more dynamic, but always so chic. Young, he also likes to be in action. It was in the face of this new image that Lanvin decided to create “Lanvin Homme Sport”. This one successfully wields the sense of style and that of masculinity. Chic and relaxed, powerful and seductive, the fragrance of the sportsman is expressed here in a true concentrate of elegance and energy.

The energetic notes of Lanvin Homme Sport

“Lanvin Homme Sport ”Is defined as an elegant and woody essence, aromatic citrus. It is undoubtedly a fresh, textured, elegant and refined eau which enhances its notes thanks to an explosion of citrus fruits and spices. “Lanvin Homme Sport” begins with ultra fresh notes such as bergamot, lemon and petitgrain. The heart is very aromatic with the presence of lavender and sage. Indonesian patchouli brings a signature to the composition, softened by white musks and woody notes. As for the bottle, it remains contemporary and uses the codes of its predecessor. Always very elegant, this time the bottle is dressed in an electric blue, with a lacquer touch. Chic and sporty, L’Homme Lanvin is decidedly irresistible.

After the success of “The Lanvin Man”, the brand decides to create “Lanvin The Sport Man”. Always so chic, “Lanvin Homme Sport” is very relaxed and dynamic. He loves sports, he loves to move and never stays inactive. Its composition is energetic and exhilarating. The Lanvin man has a more and more youthful touch, less and less rigid. “Lanvin Homme Sport” is the fragrance of contemporary and dynamic man.

The haute couture and perfume house created by Jeanne Lanvin in 1922 exudes a feminine style to perfection but also an elegant and refined very modern masculinity. If the Lanvin house has offered a good number of feminine perfumes, masculine perfumes have not been forgotten, on the contrary they diffuse with charm and sobriety a classic but effective virility. In order to continue to disseminate these divine masculine accords in the new millennium, Lanvin will offer these gentlemen Lanvin L’Homme in 1997 then Lanvin L’Homme Sport in 2009.

Lanvin L’Homme Sport or sport in a white shirt by Pierre Wargnye

The Lanvin perfume house was marked by great feminine perfumes such as Arpège in 1927 or My Sin. Yet men’s fragrances have indeed been of capital importance in the aura of the house of Jeanne Lanvin, who for example offered in the 1960s an elegant and refined Monsieur Lanvin. A juice which, although relatively classic, also proved to be quite modern thanks to its notes of fruit married to traditional animalities and aromatic accords. However, if the feminine perfumes are enormous success, the masculine perfumes are more moderate.

The 80s will be difficult years for the house which will have to renew itself in terms of fragrances to reach again the heart men. It is with L’Homme Lanvin composed by Jacques Cavallier in 1997 that the house will once again put itself forward in a marriage between elegant classicism and spicy and spicy modernity.

In 2009 it is Pierre Wargnye, successful author of men’s perfumery, who will examine the birthplace of this Lanvin Homme to make it even more tonic thanks to Lanvin L’Homme Sport. Of course, the juice reveals a new tone but this does not mean that it loses some of its elegance and refinement, a Lanvin man remains a Lanvin man!

Aromatic and citrus freshness for a Lanvin The always elegant Sport Man

Pierre Wargnye is the author of great masculine scent references that marked the 80s and 90s such as the famous Drakkar noir but also of pretty modern masculine perfumes like La Nuit de L ‘Male or Only The Brave. Be that as it may, Pierre Wargnye is destined for the moment only to perfumes for men and knows how to offer them pairings which both reassure them and at the same time surprise them, Lanvin L’Homme Sport and its fresh scents and boisés fits perfectly into this style.

Lanvin L’Homme Sport opens with tangy notes of bergamot, lemon and petitgrain, forgetting, however, the spicy warmth of its predecessor. At the heart, clary sage, signature of the perfumes of the Lanvin L’Homme range remains, but this time the flowers are replaced by a more powerful and more aromatic lavender for an energizing effect. Finally, the depths of this Lanvin L’Homme Sport are more powerful than ever to offer themselves in contrast to the freshness of entry. Patchouli, Moss and White Musks actually form a sensual trail for this athletic man who knows how to remain elegant and charming …

Woody Spicy

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