Lanvin Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle Eau de Toilette

Lanvin Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle Eau de Toilette

Lanvin Modern Princess Sensual Eau de Toilette

This juice is already advertised as a “skin scent”. It is a “more intimate invitation.” This time, play and mystery invites themselves into the privacy of our Modern Princess’ bedroom. Sexier than ever, draped in a nude silk chiffon, she remains in control of her destiny. “.

Who are the fragrances of the Lanvin princesses?

Whether it is the very first Modern Princess or the new Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, these are two fragrances that give us the portrait of a glamorous and romantic woman but above all in love with freedom. Lanvin’s heroine is not a princess as we commonly imagine. Rather, she is an explorer, a sort of rebellious adventurer of today. The Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle by Lanvin does not hesitate to abandon her evening dress to put on more masculine clothes in favor of a more natural ease. Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle is the fragrance of a free, seductive, rebellious but romantic personality. Lanvin’s wife is not a prisoner of anything or anyone, and that is precisely where her charm comes from.

Steffy Argelich as Lanvin Modern Princess

To embody the Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle fragrance, Lanvin once again called on Steffy Argelich. Indeed, the pretty brunette was already the face of the previous olfactor y component of this essence. For her, Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle is “the ideal perfume to sublimate the skin and make people want to get closer”. He gives us the image of a “strong woman.” A woman who is not content to stay in the shadow of men. A woman who feels free to do what she wants for those she loves and for herself ”.

Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, a romantic fragrance with a vaporous dress

Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle is unveiled in a bottle identical to that of its predecessor. Designed in glass, it gives us its femininity in a vaporous form, reminiscent of an evening dress. All in transparency, it lets us discover a particularly tender peach color. This undoubtedly echoes the softness of female skin. The generosity of the Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle bottle is obvious and remains extremely glamorous. Lanvin’s name is inscribed in passion red on its front face. Finally, the whole is further enhanced with a metal chain at the neck of this bottle.

Inside, two ingredients dominate this recipe. Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle first lets out a fresh and striking breath of pink grapefruit. This citrus releases an invigorating bitterness here, a sign of all the ardor of the Lanvin woman. Then, the “princess” side takes over. The composition of Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle softens on contact with a more velvety peach.


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