Le Monde est Beau Kenzo Eau de Toilette

Le Monde est Beau Kenzo Eau de Toilette

Le Monde est beau: Joy and joy for a luminous fragrance

However, when it was released in 1997, it was more time for strong, dark, cloudy perfumes, which in no way prevented Le Monde est beau from throwing its petals towards those in love with happiness, conquered. Camaïeux of colors, children and naive daisies, the communication of Kenzo will be done in a scented rainbow!

The world is beautiful, Kenzo’s world is a sunny garden of beautiful flowers …

< p> From the first clothing creations of Kenzo Takada to the creation of the first perfumes such as Kenzo, Summer perfume or Le monde est beau, Kenzo haute-couture wants to diffuse a joyful, colorful, sparkling and light spirit. Normal therefore that for this perfume, The world is beautiful, the communication is as flowery and joyful as the fragrance explodes with fruity and colorful scents.

Yet at the time, more than anything, perfumes had to be embodied by a “typical” woman. Whatever, Kenzo will not choose a muse until much later, preferring to broadcast his poetic or even childish images, in the case of Le Monde est beau, to those of a glossy woman.

The visual of the Le monde est beau perfume is propelled by a huge bright yellow daisy spreading messages of peace and love on its petals. Afterwards, little child’s handcuffs hold out the delicate bottle of Le monde est beau, as they would offer a bouquet of flowers. The colors are bright, the messages poetic and lyrical for a perfume that wants to be: “The scent of happiness and joy of living, echo of nature, the source of life” according to Kenzo.

Flowers, fruits, joy and fantasy for Le Monde est beau

“Why not change the water, the flowers, the colors while keeping the same vase? »Kenzo Takada launched as a starting point for the creation of his perfume Le monde est beau. It was therefore logical that the “vase” of this joyful fragrance (the same used previously for It smells beautiful) should be designed around a pebble “vase” topped by a magnificent glass flower opening like the fresh bouquet to our eyes. admiring eyes.

Daniela Andrier, the creator of the scented composition for Le monde est beau, imagined this new Kenzo like a walk in a garden. First of all, the top notes lead us to encounter blackcurrant and cherry fruits enhanced by the petulance of mandarin. The green note carries us in its wake to make us discover the paths of precious and intoxicating jasmine and magnolia flowers. The iris powder with its majestic audacity the base notes of cedar and vetiver carrying us with delight towards the end of our bucolic walk to better direct us towards the undergrowth.

“A flower has landed on a pebble. She blossomed there and in return offered him a rare, luminous, essential perfume. »Kenzo for The world is beautiful.

The haute couture house with a mixed style between Asia and Europe Kenzo has never ceased to dazzle us with its perfumes since Ca feels beau, released in 1988. It is moreover by reusing the pretty flower pebble of this very first perfume that in 1997 we will find the pretty descendant of Ca sens beau responding to the very evocative name of Le Monde est beau. Le Monde est beau draws us the extraordinary garden of Kenzo but above all promises us a flight into the whimsical spirit of its creator, a certain Daniela Andrier …

Walks in the fantastic gardens of Kenzo and the promising young perfumer of the time Daniela Andrier

The creation of perfumes for the now very famous fashion house Kenzo had to be done using exactly the same codes and styles as used for clothing lines by Kenzo Takada. Whether with Ca sent beau, Kenzo Homme or Parfum d’été, the now established perfume house of Kenzo offers us the pleasures of whimsical and flowery scents from Europe and Asia, blending them with unparalleled success.

By proposing in 1997 to extend the pretty Ca sent beau by an olfactory little brother named Le Monde est beau, the challenge for the house of Kenzo was to offer the same wonders as this very first perfume while exuding others original scents and as playful as the first opus. To do this, the house called on the talents of a young perfumer still unknown at the time: Daniela Andrier.

The lady had a lot of ideas and a lot of knowledge and she did not hesitate to give to his composition for Le monde est beau a wide range of the extent of his talents. Moreover, Le Monde est beau is recognized nowadays as one of the very first great successes of Daniela Andrier who since, has never ceased to compose grandiose perfumes for big names in fashion or perfumery such as Prada. of which she has become the official perfumer.

It would therefore seem that the imaginary flowers of this joyful and definitely optimist Le Monde est beau brought luck to her label as well as to her creator!

Between flowers and fruits, Le Monde est beau takes us into a whirlwind of imaginary scents

Composing a perfume like Le Monde est beau at a time when perfumes remain either relatively opulent and greedy like Angel, or almost transparent like Ck One, is challenging, better with a certain daring! A daring that made this Le Monde est beau a great success in perfumery, both for its almost retro floral notes and for the fancy of its accords. Let us not forget that the perfumer Daniela Andrier does not seek to create in the trend but to compose timeless perfumes, guarantees of long-term success.

Le Monde est beau offers us the beginnings of its olfactory walk in a garden where blackcurrant and cherry come to meet an invigorating and natural green note punctuated by mandarin and grapefruit. & nbsp; Then the beauty of the meeting between jasmine and magnolia takes us to the heart in a whirlwind of flowers that will fall in love with the very Asian cherry blossoms, as if we were experiencing a spring in Japan. Finally, the depths of vetyrisia, a pure invention of the perfumer to name a vetiver-iris accord, will mingle with some vetiver woods to create a more mysterious and woody trail to this World is Beautiful.

“A simple and joyful scent, radiant like a blazing sun. »Kenzo for Le Monde is beautiful.

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