Le Secret Elixir Givenchy Angel or Demon Eau de Parfum

Le Secret Elixir Givenchy Angel or Demon Eau de Parfum

Angel or Demon the Secret Elixir… Where is the limit of seduction?

Today, the Givenchy house is part of the LVMH group created in 1987, but the brand was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy. Her first perfume “L’Indit” was created for Audrey Hepburn. In 2006, Givenchy unveiled “Ange ou Démon”, an oriental-floral duality. In 2009, Givenchy offers us a variation with “Ange ou Démon Le Secret”, a floral-fruity fragrance. In 2012, Givenchy presented a new variation with “Ange ou demon, le Secret l’Élixir”.

The enigmatic sensuality of the Ange ou Démon collection

In 2006, “Ange ou Démon ”is a subtle, paradoxical fragrance that takes us to a dizzying sensuality. “Angel or Demon” then becomes the very essence of all fantasies. The tone is set, the woman will be sensual in the extreme, but mysterious… Who is she really, an angel or a demon? In 2009, Givenchy presented a new section “Ange ou Démon Le Secret”. Here, the floral fragrance is very different from that of its elder. If the beauty of the “Angel or Demon” woman is always enigmatic, she also has a secret. The latter increases its charm and its powerful sensuality, but what is this secret? In 2012, Givenchy offers us a third part with “Ange ou Démon le Secret l’Elixir”. This one is more intense than its predecessors, but the secret has still not been discovered …

Angel or Demon, the Secret the Elixir, notes between shadow and light

This version of Angel or Demon, is a richer, more sensual, much more intense version. Like its elders “Angel or Demon, the Secret the Elixir” is a fragrance of duality. Here, we oscillate between shadow and light, between innocence and temptation, between strength and gentleness. “Angel or Demon, the Secret the Elixir” opens with the fresh and tangy notes of lemon. They are then combined with green tea. The neroli flower brings here not only its freshness, but its luminosity and beauty. The heart is composed of white flowers with jasmine, orange blossom and frangipani flower, exotic and voluptuous. The base is more sensual and enveloping with patchouli, cedar, white musks and vanilla. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its two elders. If the shape is the same, the color differs here and the bottle is dressed in an absolutely magnetic purple. This bottle is worthy of a real jewel, a jewel that we keep preciously.

Third part of the saga “Angel or Demon”, “Angel or Demon, the Secret the Elixir” is the most intense, the most powerful. Between shadow and light, his notes express the paradox of the composition. Enigmatic as possible, the Givenchy woman does not want to reveal her secret. Her sensuality is then at its peak, but how far will it go?


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