Legend Spirit Montblanc Eau de Toilette

Legend Spirit Montblanc Eau de Toilette

Legend Spirit, a vision of the relaxed modern man

In the continuity of the spirit of the house of Montblanc, “Legend Spirit” combines innovation and elegance. With the creation of this perfume, the prestigious luxury house Montblanc signs a new success.

“Legend Spirit”, the legend continues

The story of the legend began in 2011 with the creation of “& nbsp; Legend & nbsp;”, A perfume for men with exceptional fragrances. The independent man has a unique personality, like this perfume . “Legend” is one of the best-selling men’s fragrances in the world. It was therefore inevitable to have a sequel to the legend … “Legend Spirit” is a composition of disarming sincerity. This fragrance is intended to be more relaxed , more spontaneous from the Montblanc man. The start is very sparkling thanks to grapefruit, rose berries and bergamot. The heart is powerful and aromatic with the presence of lavender notes, cardamom and an ozonic accord. The base combines cashmere wood, white musks and oak moss. Fresh, intense and virile, the new legend is breathtaking. “Legend Spirit” or in the contin uity of elegance …

The “Legend Spirit” bottle, a bottle in all virility

Classic but timeless, the bottle of “Legend Spirit” has not forgotten to wear the symbols of the house of Montblanc. Its heavy lines confirm not only its elegance but also its presence. The bottle is dressed in a brilliant immaculate white, associated with hardened steel. Virile, yes, but without forgetting the little echo of the purity of the mountains. As for the stopper, it features the six-pointed star, the emblematic logo of the Montblanc house, in relief. It is Simon Clark, already ambassador of “Legend”, who was chosen to embody the man “Legend Spirit”… A charismatic gentleman, but nonetheless relaxed. Completely stripped of pretension, the “Legend Spirit” man is serene and still has the same charm as his predecessor. The aestheticism of this bottle is reminiscent of the brand pens.

Founded in 1906, the Montblanc house has continued to diversify and innovate. After its worldwide success thanks to the pens, Montblanc decides to launch out in the perfume. On the strength of its notoriety, Montblanc imagines luxurious perfumes in the image of its house. In 2001, Montblanc invented “Legend” a fragrance for virile men. In the continuity of the legend imagined by Montblanc “Legend Spirit” is intended to be just as virile, but with a touch of elegance and modernity.

The man of Montblanc perfumes has always taken shape in elegant and sophisticated fragrances while being very original. Each man writing his destiny with a Montblanc pen must be able to find himself in the beautiful personality of the house perfumes. With Legend Spirit, the Montblanc man displays serene and contrasting freshness that leaves their mark as much in their citrus flights as in their woody trails.

Legend Spirit or the trip to the frozen lands of Montblanc

For the magnificent Legend Olivier Cresp and Nathalie Lorson, two virtuosos of modern perfumery, did not hesitate to play with contrasts to exhale a new man between freshness, floral notes and sensual woods. Exactly in the image of this man who likes to write the lines of his life with the famous black Meisterstück, obvious inspiration of the perfume.

With Legend Intense, the perfumers offered an even deeper and more sensual juice . On the other hand for Legend Spirit the journey will be different. Indeed Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp wanted to move away from Legend’s Meisterstück to get closer to the geographical and historical roots of the Montblanc brand, namely the famous peak which dominates the Alps with its immaculate whiteness and its almost brilliant gray tones. It is by drawing inspiration from its icy colors that the perfumers have developed the composition of Legend Spirit.

< p> “Inspired by all shapes and tones of white, between snow and marble, the two master perfumers, Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp, have found the right score to be obvious, to create a breathtakingly fresh, virile and intense fragrance., like a fabulous landscape. “Montblanc on Legend Spirit.

Explosions of spicy freshness for a racy Montblanc Legend Spirit

Inspiration having changed between Legend , Legend Intense and this latest installment Legend Spirit, it made sense that the raw material s and effects would change in the same way. In fact, for Legend Spirit, the perfumers have chosen to magnify the citrus top notes of the original juice to make it a real cocktail of freshness in Legend Spirit.

A choice which, moreover, hardly surprises Olivier Cresp, as he is so passionate and seasoned in the choice of citrus ingredients from his roots. He thus describes citrus fruits as “authentic and pure ingredients in my eyes, which are an integral part of my childhood. “.

Thus Legend Spirit will conquer the peaks of its notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink berries, but will for the first time plunge into iodized hearts. These aquatic notes will not forget to pair with warm cardamom spices to remind us of the vibrant contrasts of the entire Legend range.

Finally, if the beautiful Legend Spirit was born from the snow-capped mountains of Montblanc, it will not hesitate to affirm in its depths the powerful woody signature of the Legend men. Certainly with Legend Spirit the journey is different, but it is nonetheless elegant and very sensual, at least as much as the other fragrances in the Legend range.


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