Les Sorbets de Bella Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

Les Sorbets de Bella Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

Bella by Nina Ricci becomes a delicious sorbet

In the world of perfumery, Nina Ricci designs her essences like heroines, each telling us a story, and giving us a different personality. Nina was thus thought of as a fresh and light young woman , as if straight out of a dream. Luna, his little sister, is a bit rebellious and gradually seems to have emancipated herself. Finally, Bella is a much more daring and seductive woman. Today, for the summer of 2019, this fragrance is reinventing itself and becomes Les Sorbets de Bella, for an even fresher and more gourmet finish.

Les Sorbets de Bella, a refreshing treat

Les Sorbets de Bella is a niche fragrance that owes its existence to the talented perfumer Sonia Constant. Intended for hot summer days, it relies on an infinitely refreshing scent to capsize your heart. Nina Ricci presents it as a “chilled, sparkling and frozen cocktail”. Les Sorbets de Bella begins with a fresh, citrus scent. It combines grapefruit and green mandarin. Rhubarb and pomegranate then join its top notes and make them more sparkling and tangy. Then, as if to echo her gluttony and her femininity, her heart was enriched with rose jelly. Violet, on the other hand, gives it a slightly powdery flavor. From then on, Les Sorbets de Bella contains an unusual ingredient that came directly from Asia: shiso. This aromatic plant is widely used in Japanese cuisine. Here, it deploys all its spicy and herbaceous flavor. The shiso immediately gives an indomitable character to the Sorbets de Bella. Moreover, the character of this essence only amplifies at its base by the presence of woody notes.

Les Sorbets de Bella, when the apple becomes a scoop of ice cream

The bottle of Sorbets de Bella, meanwhile, takes the iconic shape of the apple very often associated with the house of Nina Ricci. The very first bottle with the appearance of this fruit appeared at Nina Ricci in 1952, with the fragrance Fille d’Eve. Since then, the little apple is available in all sauces … Here, it is embellished with a pretty pastel green color, infinitely trendy. Its gaiety reappears on all sides, and its solar radiance shines from its golden cap. Small detail infinitely seductive: a pretty ladybug invites itself on one of its leaves. Finally, as if to suggest the irresistible temptation of this perfume, its front wall seems to have already been crunched. To make Les Sorbets de Bella, Nina Ricci says it was inspired by Amorino ice cream, a brand renowned around the world is appreciated for the flavor of its artisanal ice creams made from totally natural ingredients. With Amorino and Les Sorbets de Bella, the Italian tradition already promises to travel the world, and go far beyond European borders!

It all began with the creation of Nina, a kind of romantic heroine who took us along with her in an olfactory novel resembling a fairy tale. Then, faced with the success of this first perfume, Nina Ricci decided to conceive her little sisters. She first gave birth to Luna, a more mysterious and mischievous scent. Then it was Bella’s turn to see the light of day. Bella is by far the most extravagant of these three compositions. It is a symbol of rebellion and emancipation. Nevertheless, she manages to preserve all the delicacies of her elders. Today, on the occasion of summer, it reinvents itself and incorporates a scent similar to a sorbet. Focus on the composition of the new Bella Sorbet.

Les Sorbets de Bella, a scent with many citrus fruits

Les Sorbets de Bella is a fragrance whose ambition is to evoke the fragrant and refreshing breath of an Italian ice cream. After all, what better food to conjure up summer vacation than this? Thus, to give the impression that emerges from this composition of a very fresh and lively scent, Nina Ricci has opted for a profusion of citrus fruits. It all starts with mandarin, here releasing a fresh and lively femininity, a touch of acidity and infinitely sparkling. The grapefruit, meanwhile, brings bitterness in this start. It avoids the overbidding of candy and preserves more balance. Finally, Nina Ricci also incorporates shiso into the heart of Sorbets de Bella. Cultivated since Antiquity on the Asian continent, it is an aromatic plant renowned for its medicinal properties. On a purely olfactory level, shiso is renowned for its exotic freshness.

The floral femininity of Sorbets de Bella

In addition to these infinitely energizing ingredients, Sorbets de Bella also focus above all on femininity. To do this, he incorporates several flowers into his recipe, starting with the rose, the most popular ingredient in women’s perfumery. Here, the rose deploys all its flavor and romantic power. It is accompanied by a violet, more powdery and more unique. Violet gives Bella Sorbets a more timeless touch. Note also that these two flowers are associated with other more tangy and fruity ingredients, which add a touch of gluttony to this fragrance. After all, let’s not forget that Les Sorbets de Bella is supposed to evoke the smell of Italian ice cream! It therefore also contains pomegranate and rhubarb.

Nina Ricci finally opts for a woody base

Finally, the Bella Sorbets end with a more woody base. The latter serves as a support for the entire composition. She gives more character to her perfumes and reminds us that Bella is an indomitable woman, endowed with a strong temperament! Generally speaking, Les Sorbets de Bella follows a fairly classic orchestration in perfumery, in three successive stages. The freshness gives way to a floral heart before resting on a woody base.


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