Les Sorbets de Nina Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

Les Sorbets de Nina Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci reinvents the Nina fragrance in an ice sorbet

The little heroine of Nina Ricci is the embodiment of a romantic young woman, endowed with a sparkling eye and a charming smile. Today, in anticipation of summer, Nina Ricci has chosen to reinvent its scent and make a delicious praline sorbet. The brand intends to refresh your summer in the most delicious way. So what are you waiting for to succumb to the temptation and taste Nina’s new Sorbets?

When Nina Ricci is inspired by Italian ice cream

Les Sorbets de Nina, as its name suggests, is a flavor that you could almost taste like ice cream. Nina Ricci wished, through him, to make a nod to the Amorino ice cream brand, renowned around the world for the exceptional flavor of its products and its use of exclusively natural ingredients. Amorino is a guarantee of quality for all ice cream lovers. The brand is associated with respectful know-how of Italian tradition and exceptional taste flavors. Today, it is all this irresistible temptation that we find in Les Sorbets de Nina.

Les Sorbets de Nina and its delicious taste of praline

Les Sorbets de Nina reappropriates the taste of the previous Nina fragrance, while bringing it an additional gourmet freshness. Thus, delicious notes of caramel invite themselves in his recipe. Like the first Nina, Les Sorbets de Nina is the work of the talented perfumer Olivier Cresp. This juice first takes off with a lively and fruity sensation. Thus, it goes wonderfully with hot summer days. It combines lemon, raspberry, tangerine and satsuma, a citrus fruit of Japanese origin whose scent is similar to that of clementine. Then, Les Sorbets de Nina lets all its femininity speak in a heart of jasmine and gardenia. Finally, he lets float behind him a base of praline which already promises to delight all gourmets!

Les Sorbets de Nina offers itself an irresistibly gourmet bottle

Like many perfumes from the house of Nina Ricci, Les Sorbets de Nina is presented to us in an apple-shaped bottle. This forbidden fruit first appeared at Nina Ricci in 1952, with the creation of the Fille d’Eve fragrance. Even today, it is undoubtedly associated with the brand and this time reinvents itself in a more pastel and infinitely trendy color. The bottle of Sorbets de Nina is covered with a feminine and gourmet opaque lacquer. As if to give the impression that this small apple-shaped ice cream ball has already been bitten, a hollow has been drawn on its front face. The set is surmounted by a cap in the form of golden leaves. Nina’s Sorbets have a particularly magical and playful allure, enough to capsize the hearts of women with a simple glance!

Nina is a young heroine , fresh and delicate, appeared on the shelves of Nina Ricci in 2006. A sort of modern day fairies, in love with romanticism straight out of a tale, she never stops reinventing herself and opening up new ideas. new chapters in its history. This time, it takes us with it on a more summery whirlwind and makes us salivate with its new freshness more delicious than ever. Les Sorbets de Nina is a tribute to the famous Italian ice creams. Presented in a soft pink bottle, the front of which it seems someone has already eaten, the Sorbets de Nina is a treat to be enjoyed without restraint. So, what is the composition of this new fragrant ice cream?

Fruity top notes for freshness

First, Nina Ricci tries to ” evoke the fresh scent of ice cream, combining a frosty breath with a certain dose of gluttony. On the freshness side, Nina Ricci has therefore chosen to include lemon in the top notes of the Sorbets de Nina perfume. Tangy and zesty, it acts like a frosty bite here and gives a very incisive edge to this fragrance. It is associated with a more sparkling and juicy mandarin. Equally citrusy, this raw material adds a very appreciable part of freshness to the composition on hot summer days. For more indulgence, Nina’s Sorbets also contain raspberries. This little red fruit is a star of the beautiful days and its pink color also evokes that of its seductive bottle.

Les Sorbets de Nina, a floral heart for femininity

Then, like to recall the very first version of Nina, femininity takes up more space in the recipe for Nina’s Sorbets. Its heart revolves around a bouquet of flowers, made up of two main varieties. Jasmine here exudes a certain opulence. It gives this fragrance a more warm, rich and sweet feeling. Slightly animal, it also preserves an extreme sensuality. It is associated with magnolia. More complex, this flower is at the same time floral, lemony and vanilla. Infinitely rich, it gives the Sorbets de Nina a relief in three dimensions and increases the appeal of this perfume tenfold.

Nina Ricci and its gourmet base notes to capsize your heart

Finally, evoking more than ever the gluttony of an Italian ice cream, the base notes of Sorbets de Nina are dominated by a praline accord. In cooking, praline is obtained from almonds that are browned in sugar. However, it is precisely this touch of toasted sugar, close to hazelnut, that we find in Nina’s Sorbets. Don’t even try to resist the temptation: Nina’s Sorbets are designed to make you fall for it. Take advantage, it is a guaranteed zero calorie treat!

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