L'Extase Nina Ricci Perfume

L’Extase Nina Ricci Perfume

The feminine scent of Nina Ricci, L’Extase

Also, it is precisely this well-being that Nina Ricci wanted to highlight in her latest fragrance called L’Extase. As its name suggests, it is a concentrate of sensuality charged with femininity. You are warned, he could well make you reach the seventh heaven!

The emancipation of female desires according to Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci plunges us most of the time into a very feminine but poetic universe. Also, this time she changes register to lead us into a whirlwind of eroticism. Nina Ricci now supports women in their development and encourages them to give free rein to their desires. She thus acts as a benevolent female voice that inspires each person to reveal themselves as they really are. Ecstasy is an ode to femininity endowed with a deep sensuality. However, do not think that his provocation is arrogant. However, it remains very poetic and refined. Nina Ricci reveals to us a naked woman, setting her body ablaze and giving free rein to her most secret desires. The femininity of L’Extase is imbued here with a deep eroticism. The woman becomes all the more incandescent, free and determined. Ecstasy is a juice that appears like a real second skin, following the smooth curves of a female body, caressing it and making the imagination travel to an elsewhere that could not be more carnal.

The intense sensuality of L ‘Ecstasy

Ecstasy is an olfactory evocation of feminine desire. In reality, it is a portrait of the woman seen from its most carnal angle. To make this fragrance, Nina Ricci called on perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, a nose who has already collaborated with the brand many times. This one thing to reveal to us two major chords, powerful and mysterious. The first is built around a floral bouquet made from white petals. This one assembles natural roses with pink berries. The whole is then particularly voluptuous and as soft as a satin caress. Nevertheless, L’Extase then evolves towards more depth and mystery. It becomes a more musky scent and becomes cloudy with Siamese benzoin, Virginia cedar, amber and musk. Ecstasy is also enhanced by an elegant bottle. This one is very chic and feminine. It has a very Parisian allure while endowing itself with a mysterious glass dress designed in a shade of dark mauve. The whole is then contrasted by gold finishes as well as a delicate black satin ribbon. Ecstasy becomes just as captivating in terms of design as it does in terms of scent.

Since the 1940s, the Nina Ricci house has been offering us flowery and very feminine perfumes. In recent years, however, the house has been creating younger and more mischievous perfumes for young ladies in search of romantic flowers and fruity and modern scents. With Ecstasy, Nina Ricci will once again turn to more mature women in search of freedom, as in the days of the Air du Temps. This time, L’Extase unleashes their powers of seduction but in no way loses the muffled elegance of Nina Ricci perfumes. < / p>

The scent of a sensation much more than a scent, Ecstasy by Francis Kurkdjian for Nina Ricci

If L’Air du Temps had been able to offer post-war women a fragrance that perfectly matched their desires for freedom, joys and simple pleasures , Nina Ricci perfumes have been addressed over time much more to young women than to assertive women with perfumes such as Nina, Luna or even Ricci Ricci.

Yet the house had still strong to offer to more mature women always in search of flowers and freedom, she will demonstrate it with delight thanks to the talents of Francis Kurkdjian and the wonderful Ecstasy.

Obviously, in 2018, the time where Air Temp s whispered hard-won independence to women seems a long way off! However, not all freedoms are acquired and Ecstasy, released in 2014, will allow new ones to be acquired, almost 70 years later …

Ecstasy would thus be like an ode to femininity. A femininity that takes shape, according to her perfumer, in the guise of this feeling of being free to dream, to flourish and to fantasize, to give free rein to one’s sexuality. So for Ecstasy Francis Kurkdjian will not seek to highlight specific raw materials but rather to create a vaporous and intoxicating sensation thanks to an extreme musk rose. Ecstasy is not just a perfume, it’s an emotion, a dream…

“Ecstasy smells neither of rose nor of vanilla. It is a sensation that the perfume must recreate. “& Nbsp; Francis Kurkdjian told Le Parisien for his creation of L’Extase by Nina Ricci.

L’Extase perfume, where musk grows roses …

If the perfumer, composer of Ecstasy, denies having wanted to bring out an olfactory ingredient rather than another, it is clear that the rose, favorite material of Francis Kurkdjian (very present in the saga of Elie Saab perfumes composed by the same perfumer), is the star of this scent as feminine as it is hot.

Thus L’Extase opens the doors to its olfactory paradise with notes of spicy and energetic pink berries married to peaches and pears that are sweet and much more voluptuous. At the heart, the Turkish rose and the Bulgarian rose play with their multiple facets to carry us away in a femininity that is both very flowery but also more and more sensual. Because, soon, the depths of Ecstasy will open up under its thorny flowers to reveal burning woody and amber notes where benzoin, caramel and vanilla will become greedy velvet of all these powers …

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