L'Homme Prada Water Splash Prada Eau de Toilette

L’Homme Prada Water Splash Prada Eau de Toilette

The exoticism of L’Homme Water Splash fragrance

From this vision of the man-woman duo will be born in 2019 L’Homme Prada Water Splash accompanied by his beautiful scented companion.

L’Homme Prada Water Splash, a new and unique scented journey signed Prada

Since the beginnings of the fragrance duo La Femme and L’Homme Prada , the pretty house of Miuccia Prada has never ceased to mix classic masculine and feminine codes to better captivate us with its universal message. Indeed there is not a Prada man and a Prada woman, there are a multitude of Prada men and women who mix and wrap themselves in the delights of a common iris flower. Thus, a rare thing in perfumery, all the campaigns for L’Homme Prada and then for L’Homme Prada Intense, even more sensual, and L’Homme Prada l’Eau are inhabited by Prada’s absolute desire to have perfume worn by many faces and therefore many ambassadors.

“First of all, I wanted to present the perfumes together, with the same concept, the same photographer (Steven Meisel), so that they are really interchangeable – I like this idea. »Miuccia Prada.

Like these latest opuses, the beautiful summer version of 2019, L’Homme Prada Water Splash will therefore most certainly be represented in a multiple masculine universe while sharing it once again with this Prada woman ( Water Splash) with whom he has so much to share …

When the Man Prada Water Splash bottle becomes exotic while remaining so “Prada”

Always dressed in paper imitating the famous Saffiano leather emblematic of the Prada house, this Prada Water Splash Man is decorated for the first time with a very colorful print evoking its exoticism.

Of course, these decorations with opulent flowers are decorations already made in haute couture by Prada, on the other hand the bluish color of the man juice Prada Water Splash wants to evocate the color of the sea, of the idyllic holidays by the sea. an ocean illuminated with lights.

When the iris of the Prada man is sometimes burning, sometimes icy, for L’Homme Prada Water Splash

With this new duo of fragrances for 2019 L ‘Homme Prada Water Splash and La Femme Prada Water Splash, Daniela Andrier, appointed perfumer of the Prada house, wanted to recreate the soothing and romantic atmosphere of a vacation in exotic lands while maintaining the complementarities. and oppositions which have made the strength in particular of the entire Prada Man range.

L’Homme Prada Water Splash will open once again with a splendid and opulent neroli flower warmed if necessary with a hint of spicy cardamom but the mandarin leaf brings its green freshness to the whole to amaze us from the start. entry into this Man Prada Water Splash. In the heart, the iris remains while the ginger comes to freeze it with its nervous force. Finally amber and sandalwood are sensual and burning while cedar, once again, is lively and cold.

In 2016, the Prada house gave birth to the L’Homme Prada perfume, inseparable from La Femme Prada, both forming a couple representing the quintessence of Prada perfumery. Then, in a more unique register, Prada decided to transform its fragrance to create L’Homme Prada Water Splash, an intoxicating but spicy juice intended for men of character . More concretely, it is a more dynamic essence than its predecessors, preserving the nobility of the iris while making it more contrasting and spicy.

The iris, star of L’Homme Prada Water Splash fragrance

Also nicknamed “the blue gold of perfumery”, iris is one of the most prestigious ingredients in the perfumer’s entire palette. However, here it only emphasizes the natural prestige of the Prada brand. A true olfactory treasure, the iris evokes the rice powder that once embellished feminine perfumes. Less exuberant than jasmine, iris is a guarantee of refinement and nobility. Yes, but here it is, it takes perseverance to discover all the richness of its scent … Freshly harvested and dried, the iris does not give off any scent. It takes three to six years for this flower to unfold its full flavor in L’Homme Prada Water Splash. After this long wait, the iris reveals its many reliefs. Thanks to it, L’Homme Prada Water Splash becomes a complex perfume, at the same time powdery, woody and delicate, whose lingering scent is somewhat reminiscent of violet. Here, associated with ginger, the iris takes on a more peppery scent, which only gives more character to this composition.

The very luminous start of L’Homme Prada Water Splash

L’Homme Prada Water Splash is also a very refreshing and invigorating scent. Its spicy side embodies all the ardor of today’s men. To support them in their daily lives and give them more vitality, L’Homme Prada Water Splash is based on bright and lively top notes. Neroli, made from orange blossom, reveals here its most suave, floral and citrus facet. Associated with mandarin leaf, it gives a green and zesty side to this fragrance. Cardamom, for its part, makes the whole more camphoric and anise, while remaining a cold spice very appreciated in the start of fresh perfumes.

The more enveloping and warm base of L’Homme Prada Water Splash

In contrast to its very refreshing top notes, the base of L’Homme Prada Water Splash is much more round and warm. Thus, the iconic iris of the Prada collection takes on more relief, passing from an icy bite to an incandescent thrill. Amber and sandalwood make the whole more sensual and smooth. It’s a bit like L’Homme Prada Water Splash is resting on a cottony cloud. Its masculine and virile side is highlighted by a woody touch of cedar.


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