Live Lacoste Eau de Toilette

Live Lacoste Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Live, the eau de toilette for today’s men

From the Polo shirt, to the eau de toilette, Lacoste imagines collections for men, women, children as well as many sports accessories. Launched in 2011, the “Lacoste Live” line is particularly creative and colorful. It wants to be modern and sounds like a renewal. The “Lacoste Live” eau de toilette is fully in line with the “Live” line. It reflects a dynamic, young man, a man of today.

Lacoste Live, the world of the legendary crocodile

It all started in 1927, with the “Four Musketeers”. At the time, it was long-sleeved button-down shirts and dress pants that made up the perfect tennis player’s outfit. It was René Lacoste who asked a couturier to innovate and create a more fluid outfit, inspired by polo players. As for the crocodile, it comes from a simple bet on the victory of a match, after which René Lacoste will be nicknamed “the crocodile”. There followed a real revolution in sportswear and accessories. The color appeared in 1951 and the Lacoste shirt today offers 65 different shades. In this drive for innovation, Lacoste has tried to go even further with its lines of perfumes. “Lacoste Live” Eau de Toilette is a concentrate of energy, creativity and intensity.

The dynamic notes of Lacoste Live

“Lacoste Live” begins with sparkling and very dynamic notes thanks to the presence of lemon. The latter reveals the unique side of the composition. The heart is shaped by green leaves associated with aquatic notes. The base is deep and original thanks to the harmonious blend of the warmth of guaiac wood and black liquorice. The fragrance “Lacoste Live” unquestionably embodies an energetic and modern man. Just like the new “Lacoste Live” bottle, cube-shaped and very colorful. Graphic lines and pop colors are the symbol of today’s Lacoste man. Its colors are those of the spring / summer 2014 clothing line, navy blue, red and white. The Live line appears as a renewal, an affirmation of the brand of its spirit of innovation. The “Lacoste Live” eau de toilette thus deliciously dresses Lacoste outfits. Dynamic, fresh and invigorating, has the crocodile decided to do a youth cure?

Who has never been attracted to the legendary Lacoste crocodile? Starting with a bet on a tennis court, the little crocodile has come a long way … He has braved the passing of time, ages, fashion and seasons, to please again and again. Younger than ever, “Lacoste Live” comes here to prove the brand energetic side. Following on from the clothing line, the “Lacoste Live” eau de toilette surprises and energizes today’s man.

Released in 2014, “ Live Lacoste ”is the symbol of the dynamism of the Lacoste brand. The world of the most famous crocodile is getting a makeover and thus offers a new image. “Live Lacoste” scents this change. Original and energetic, the “Live Lacoste” man has decided to surprise us here. As much in the design of the bottle as in the composition of the perfume, “Live Lacoste” represents a turning point for the Lacoste brand. As sporty as ever, the “Live Lacoste” gasoline is nevertheless more cheerful and more colorful than ever.

Perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez at the helm of Lacoste Live

For Jean-Michel Duriez, born in Amiens in 1961, perfume is the story of his life . In the family garden, he will concoct his first olfactory association, resulting from a mixture of mint and rose petals. He will study in the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA, and it is in 1986 that Jean-Michel Duriez officially becomes a nose. He will work for Jean Patou perfumes until 2011. At the same time, Jean-Michel Duriez produces fragrances for the Rochas house. In 2016 and to celebrate his 30 years of experience, Jean-Michel Duriez founded his own collection of perfumes where he imagines signature fragrances, as he wishes to point out . We owe to Jean-Michel Duriez beautiful fragrances such as “L’Eau de Rochas, Secret de Rochas” by Rochas, “2000 en Patou” by Jean Patou or even “The Star and the Butterfly” from his own house.

Live Lacoste, a multifaceted essence

Aromatic and spicy,“ Live Lacoste ”is a multifaceted nectar, like a man always on the move. “Live Lacoste” takes off on lively and creative notes, namely that of lime, associated with the aromatic tones of lavender, all sprinkled with dihydromyrcenol. Originally from Persia, lavender was used by the Romans and Egyptians to scent the bath. It was not until the 16th century that lavender was distilled in Provence. It heals wounds, serves as a dewormer. In the 18th century, lavender was used as a remedy against the plague. The city of Grasse will play a significant role in the cultivation of lavender, which will reach its peak between 1900 and 1950. In perfumery, the essence of lavender is obtained by steam distillation of freshly cut flowers. Lavender gives off floral, herbaceous, aromatic and camphoric tones. Then, the heart of “Live Lacoste” evolves towards green, aquatic notes slightly enhanced by those of black pepper, thus giving character to the composition. Amber and sensual, the base is made up of guaiac wood, amber woods and cloves for maximum daring and originality. Native to South America, guaiac wood can measure up to 20m high! It has many medicinal properties. Guaiac essence is obtained by steam distillation of wood chips and sawdust. In perfumery, guaiac wood gives off woody, balsamic and smoky tones. Finally, the bottle is ultra modern and very original like its composition. In the shape of a cube, it presents refined aspects and different faces,

Aromatic Spicy

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