Louis Vuitton Le Jour se Lève Eau de Parfum

Louis Vuitton Le Jour se Lève Eau de Parfum

Louis Vuitton’s Le Jour se Lève fragrance

This is how the assortment of seven Louis Vuitton fragrances from 2016 was made. Today, this prestigious collection is enriched with a whole new composition. Louis Vuitton is about unveil its brand new feminine perfume. The Rising Day will appear by March 2018.

Louis Vuitton’s return to perfumery

If Louis Vuitton has acquired a certain notoriety in the field of perfumery since 2016, the brand is actually not at its first attempt in this area. In 1927, she had already launched the Hours of Absence perfume, then Je, Tu, Il in 1928, Reminiscences and Travel Water in 1946. Unfortunately, no trace of all these creations remains today. The Louis Vuitton brand nevertheless wanted to try again its luck in the olfactory field, evoking its legitimacy in the matter by “the legendary attachment of the trunk maker for beauty essentials, travel bottles (…) during the twentieth century. Century”. Louis Vuitton’s luxury luggage from yesteryear contained padded compartments to protect fragile items, especially perfume bottles. Thus, the circle is closed. To do this, Louis Vuitton decided to hire the talented perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud in 2012. For four years, he traveled the world to discover the most beautiful scents. From there, he made 7 fragrances gathered in a single collection that we had the leisure to discover in 2016. Today, Le Jour se Lève enriches this assortment with a new, more aerial and floral breath.

Le Jour se Lève, a floral and fruity composition

Le Jour se Lève is a fragrance for women that reveals the very personal tastes of Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. Indeed, the creator has things en to integrate one of his favorite ingredients: mandarin. This citrus fruit is present from the start of this composition. Its freshness is associated with the tangy smell of blackcurrant. Then, this fruity flight is relayed by a more floral and romantic heart. Sambac jasmine mixes with magnolia and osmanthus. Finally, Le Jour rises fully on the sensuality of the Louis Vuitton woman. His animality is displayed in a formidable game of seduction based on musk.

Dawn as a source of inspiration

As the name of this perfume suggests, this is a fragrance inspired by the beauty and mystery of dawn. It is like a beautiful spring day, when the flowers are still fresh and the sunrise gives off a very positive and optimistic energy. Le Jour se Lève is an ideal scent for the summer season. Not heady, it retains a certain freshness. It is a compendium of dynamism and liveliness to be offered on a daily basis.


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