Love Me As I Am Caron

Love Me As I Am Caron

Love Me As I Am, Caron’s new eau de toilette

On many occasions, Caron has developed perfumes that speak of love. However, very often these were intended for women. Today, the time has come to meet love and virility. In 2020, Caron presents a fragrance called Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis.

Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis, a fragrance evoking authentic feelings

Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis is a fragrance that is reminiscent of the name of the previous N’Aimez que Moi from 1916 or Aimez-moi from 1996. Like them, it is therefore a return to authenticity. With him, the man who wears this fragrance simply asks to be loved without the slightest artifice. Through his essence, Caron refuses the overrated image often imposed on the men and women of our society. From then on, this juice becomes synonymous with self-confidence, simplicity and seduction without pretense. The result is a timeless fragrance, both inspired by past perfumes but so topical. At Caron, time goes by but the message therefore remains perfectly intact, whether in men’s perfumery or in women’s essences: more than ever, Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis is a perfume of

Love Me As I Am, a hazelnut-based eau de toilette

Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis is an enveloping fragrance, leaving behind a woody trail accompanied by a greedy and crunchy hazelnut. Signed by perfumer Jean Jacques, it is both daring and generous. Here, Haitian vetiver is overdosed. Thus, it only amplifies the persistence of the masculinity of this fragrance. Combined with a generous nutty, it gives birth to an irresistible addiction. Added to this is the freshness of grapefruit and ginger. Everything is based on an assembly of luxurious raw materials, for an opulent rendering of extreme elegance. Moreover, you should also know that the Haitian vetiver contained in the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis perfume comes from responsible sectors.

Caron’s amber bottle

Because respect for people and the planet is dear to the Caron brand, the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis bottle can be recharged endlessly. It is thus associated with a 125 ml refill. Therefore, as soon as this container is empty, it suffices to fill it again and again. The bottle of Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis presents itself in masculine lines. Here, it is a block of cut glass, the angles of which are slightly rounded, in order to facilitate its grip. The transparent glass reveals all the beauty and sweetness of an amber juice, similar to honey and evoking the sweetness of hazelnut. Finally, a brown metal fret is also invited on its front face, while being perfectly matched to its cap.

In 2020, the Maison Caron is signing a niche fragrance. As very often in Caron’s perfumery, this one speaks of love, but this time it is intended for men. More than ever, they are invited to let their feelings speak. Caron’s perfume is called Love Me As I Am, a request for authenticity and sincerity. Presented in an amber-colored bottle, what is it hiding? Here is a detailed look at the makeup of Love Me As I Am …

Love Me As I Am a very refreshing and incisive start

The Caron house was founded at the start of the 20th century. However, at that time, Eaux de Cologne were particularly popular. From its origins, Caron has preserved an absolute love for the freshness of the top notes. It must be said that an incisive and airy momentum is always very appreciable. Here, to breathe life into men on a daily basis, Caron relies on grapefruit and ginger. Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis thus releases a slightly zesty and citrus scent. The bitterness of grapefruit rubs against the more soapy and peppery appearance of ginger. What’s more, what better choice than adding an aphrodisiac ingredient in the top notes of this fragrance, even as it evokes feelings of love? …

The Crunchy Hazelnut of Aimez- me As I Am

In its heart, Love Me As I Am becomes more greedy. Here, the perfumer in charge of its creation, Jean Jacques has bet on hazelnut. Warm and woody, it invites you to come together and indulge your taste buds. It is a little sweetness that plunges us back with nostalgia into the tenderness of our childhood. Thus, it wants to be the symbol of a deep sincerity.

Vetiver, another centerpiece of Caron’s perfume

Finally, Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis ends with a much more woody and dark base. Vetiver gives more daring and generosity to this fragrance. Overdosed at 10% in this formula, it releases a certain complexity, in particular by assembling three exceptional essences. It should also be noted that the vetiver used by Caron comes from a responsible sector certified For Life. Thus, by choosing such ingredients, Caron contributes to local development in Haiti, the place of origin of its vetiver. The brand ensures fair working conditions and remuneration for its local growers, while ensuring the protection of the island’s ecosystem.
In turn, the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis perfume is fresh and energizing, then more tender and greedy, before fully expressing its virility. Through this recipe, Caron imagines the signature of a man with multiple personalities. The man who wears this fragrance assumes himself as he is, with freedom and frankness. More than ever, this perfume is an invitation to assert its singularity and to reveal all the richness of its character, no matter what one says.


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