Luna Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

Luna Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette

Luna, the scented little sister of Nina Ricci

On screen, Luna is then represented by Jac Jagaciak, a model facing the pretty blonde Frida Gustavsson, already the face of the Nina Ricci brand.

The contrasting femininity of the perfume of the brand Nina Ricci

Because it is impossible to evoke the new Luna without speaking about its elder, know that these two fragrances were imagined to form an inseparable duo. Nina was born in 2006 and appears to be a luminous, sparkling and sensual essence . Ten years later, it was Luna’s turn to make her appearance. Although more mysterious, brash and determined, this one quickly emerged as the perfect complement that Nina lacked. Now, these two essences are quite simply inseparable. A strong and authentic bond seems to unite these two women, like an instinctive and unwavering friendship. Together, Nina and Luna seem to cover all facets of femininity. They then redefine the classic codes of beauty seen by the creative and daring eye of Nina Ricci. Luna is a fragrance intended for young women full of energy and daring. This one is at the same time tender and disarming, elegant and impetuous. Its multiple contrasts only increase its liveliness and make it more captivating. Luna is the scent of women who don’t care what to say. He invites you to indulge in temptation and bite into the apple.

Luna, the new floral treat from Nina Ricci.

Luna is a very bold and creative essence. This marvelously combines elegance and impertinence. Thus, it plays on contrasts and leaves behind a wildly addictive wake. Its heart dares an accord based on caramel and immortelle, a very fragrant flower with bluish reflections and being loaded here with gluttony. Then, the orange blossom illuminates the porcelain complexion of the pretty Luna. Wild berries, for their part, come to salute all his daring. The whole is then subtly embellished with honey for a smoother finish. Likewise, vanilla only increases this effect and makes the whole particularly carnal. Finally, the flavor of Luna ends with a real caress. Sandalwood envelops everything in an absolutely vibrant and exquisite sensuality. Of course, Nina Ricci’s apple is still there. This time it forms a bottle of bluish intensity. Nina Ricci’s setting is worked here in a very contemporary way. A leather tie wraps around its collar while the whole is topped with two gold leaves. Luna is like a mysterious dream and her enigmatic appearance only makes her more captivating.

Released in 2016, “ Luna ”is considered Nina’s little sister. Complementary, “Luna” and “Nina” then symbolize the fairy tale of the house Nina Ricci. Sparkling, “Luna” also wants to be impetuous, even sassy. The bottle features the mythical shape of the apple, that of the forbidden fruit that is impossible to resist. Nevertheless, the apple of “Nina” has exchanged its raspberry color for a bright blue, almost hypnotic. The branch is here in a golden color for a much more rock look.

Luna, a perfume duo surf the apple of happiness

C ‘ It is to Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne that the brand Nina Ricci has entrusted the realization of the composition of “Luna”. A graduate of ISIPCA, Christophe Raynaud was hired at Créations Aromatics (now Symrise), before joining Givaudan. In 2012 he joined the Firmenich company. Very talented, Christophe Raynaud has extraordinary know-how. It is at the origin of beautiful fragrances such as “La Nuit Trésor” by Lancôme, “Jeu d’Amour” by Kenzo and “1 Million” by Paco Rabanne. A graduate of ISIPCA, Marie Salamagne joins Firmenich. Very intuitive, Marie Salamagne is a sensitive and talented perfumer. When asked about her olfactory style, she explains, “I hope it reflects my quest for the unexpected, because I am not forbidding myself. I like to dare new associations, explore the material in a new light, give an astonishing face to a known figure, discover new paths, work with materials that I know little about … “. We owe Marie Salamagne great perfumes such as “Black Opium Nuit Blanche” by Yves Saint Laurent, “Alaïa Paris” by Azzédine Alaïa or even “Eau de Nuit” by Armani.

Luna, la delicacy Nina Ricci in the hollow of the apple

Radiant, “Luna” displays its feminine and solar side from the start thanks to the top notes which combine orange blossom and rose berries. Native to Asia Minor, the orange blossom comes from the sour orange tree. It was in the 9th century that the orange blossom arrived in Europe through the Mediterranean. Louis XIV used orange blossom for perfume and even built an orange grove in Versailles! The orange blossom is the symbol of purity and virginity. Since ancient times, the crown of brides has been made of orange blossom. The latter gives off powerful, indolent, and very flowery tones. The gourmet heart of “Luna” combines a gourmet caramel with immortelle flowers. Immortelle is a Mediterranean plant. Its Latin name “helichrysum” means “golden sun”. Also called “Dune Immortelle”, the immortelle is indeed known for the golden yellow color of its flowers. In perfumery, immortelle presents honeyed and syrupy tones, but also similar to those of a walnut. Finally, the base of “Luna” is delicately sensual and associates sandalwood and vanilla, thus leaving a most dazzling trail.


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