Luna Rossa Carbon Prada Eau de Toilette

Luna Rossa Carbon Prada Eau de Toilette

The sporty scent of Luna Rossa Carbon

This is a “tribute to the natural world and to the passion for innovation”. Also, in the line of this iconic essence of Prada, Luna Rossa Carbon is its new version of 2017. This new juice remains in the same dynamic as its predecessor , revisiting a fern accord and placing it under a more aromatic breath than ‘in the old days.

Prada offers us a bottle with a very competitive spirit

Since its launch, Luna Rossa has been a fragrance that pays tribute to the Prada catamaran engaged in the America’s Cup since 2000. It thus embodies the values ​​of competitiveness and sportiness. He encourages men to surpass themselves and to go to the depths of themselves. Also, it is precisely this sportsmanship combined with unparalleled engineering know-how that is found in the Luna Rossa Carbon fragrance. Moreover, it can be felt even in its bottle. This respects the silhouette of the very first Luna Rossa, made in 2012 by Yves Béhar. This futuristic designer loves above all to create avant-garde compositions. He explains: “For me, design is not only about showing us the future, but it’s also about getting us there.” So, the bottle of Luna Rossa Carbon is made of carbon. It rests on an opaque black base that is both elegant and futuristic. This is surmounted by a transparent glass container also thought in gray tones. The whole is crossed by a red band on which is inscribed in white the name of Prada. This is undoubtedly reminiscent of a finish line. Finally, a chrome-plated metal spray cap emphasizes all the modernity of the whole. This is undoubtedly reminiscent of a finish line. Finally, a chrome-plated metal spray cap emphasizes all the modernity of the whole. This is undoubtedly reminiscent of a finish line. Finally, a chrome-plated metal spray cap emphasizes all the modernity of the whole.

The dark and energizing fragrance of Luna Rossa Carbon

Likewise, on the scent side, Luna Rossa Carbon is in perfect harmony with the rest of her look. This fragrance is both very vitalizing while having a very dark facet. It begins with a contrasting blend contrasting the somewhat bitter sweetness of bergamot with the fiery and spicy heat of pepper. A heart of lavender then takes over. This one is surrounded by earth tincture as well as metallic and charcoal notes. This is where his darker side comes from. Then, Luna Rossa Carbon winks at its maritime aspect by revealing an aquatic breath to us. This quickly gives way to a warmer base composed of patchouli and ambroxan. Once again, this fragrance is the work of perfumer Daniela Andrier. Indeed, it

Released in 2017, “ Luna Rossa Carbon ”is the variation of“ Luna Rossa ”, a truly sporty essence. Indeed, “Luna Rossa” is the olfactory symbol of the catamaran of the Prada brand engaged in the America’s Cup. From the name of a ship, Prada has decided to make it an essence that represents surpassing oneself, competitiveness and sporting values. If “Luna Rossa Carbon” is as masculine as its elder, it nevertheless wants to be more competitive and more dynamic. Like the race, “Luna Rossa Carbon” is full of emotions.

Danièla Andrier, again at the helm of Luna Rossa Carbon perfume < / h2>

In order to revisit “Luna Rossa”, the Prada brand called upon Danièla Andrier, once is not customary. If Danièla Andrier is not officially the perfumer of the Prada brand, it is nevertheless she who produced the majority of Prada perfumes. While following literary studies, Danièla Andrier had a revelation and turned to perfumery. After graduating from ISIPCA, Danièla Andrier was hired by the Givaudan company. Danièla Andrier is considered not only as a talented perfumer, but above all as a creative and ultra sensitive person. Danièla Andrier speaks of Miuccia Prada with admiration and affirms “She is a very free, courageous woman, who seeks, finds, takes risks, does not count, makes dreams come true and embodies luxury… If there is a brand for me which represents luxury,

The beauty of sport through Luna Rossa Carbon, the fragrance for men

“& nbsp; Luna Rossa Carbon & nbsp; ; ” is defined as an aromatic fern fragrance. The composition takes off on a combination of bergamot and black pepper, giving the whole its duality. Bergamot is a citrus fruit of ancient origin. It is mainly cultivated in Italy, in the province of Reggio Di Calabria. If bergamot is shaped like an orange, it is the color of lemon. You should know that bergamot cannot be eaten and that it is only used for its essential oil. Bergamot therefore owes its letters of nobility to its precious olfactory qualities. At a time when only natural materials were perfumes, bergamot was used as a fixer. Today, bergamot is highly prized by the nose and fits into all olfactory families. It gives off fresh, zesty, orange and floral tones. Then, the heart of “& nbsp; Luna Rossa Carbon & nbsp;” combines lavender with marine, aquatic and metallic notes, as if reminiscent of the smell of the boat. Originally from Persia, lavender was used by the Romans and Egyptians to scent bath water. Only from 16 th century that lavender will be distilled in Provence. It is initially used to treat wounds, then to fight against the plague. Lavender essence is obtained by steam distillation of freshly cut flowers. In perfumery, lavender offers floral, herbaceous, balsamic tones. Then, the base of “Luna Rossa Carbon” is masculine and sensual thanks to the presence of patchouli and ambroxan.


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