Madame Rochas Rochas Eau de Toilette

Madame Rochas Rochas Eau de Toilette

Madame Rochas: When the muse becomes the queen …

In order to remind the whole world of the splendor of her house as her dominant role in society, Madame Rochas had a perfume created in her name, as a declaration of independence. Madame Rochas, symbol of the independent woman of the 1960s, will propel the Rochas house among the essentials of perfumery.

Madame Rochas is a woman-muse but also an independent woman like Hélène Rochas

< p> Besides the fact that she was the muse who inspired the magnificent Woman released in 1944, Hélène Rochas (her real first name Nelly) was a woman who never remained in the shadow of her famous Marcel Rochas. Moreover, in 1950, her husband entrusted her with the direction of the haute-couture creation of the big house. Although in 1953 Rochas decided to create only perfumes, Hélène gradually took on her role as a woman of power until obtaining the post of CEO of Rochas upon the death of her beloved husband.

If this role might seem relatively natural today, in 1960 Hélène Rochas “Madame Rochas” is the only female company manager in France. A challenge worthy of this great lady who wanted to sign with Madame Rochas, a perfume of her indelible imprint. Madame Rochas composed by Guy Robert will therefore be in the image of this independent woman, both graceful while being an essential presence and above all unavoidable.

“I wanted to offer a bit of myself. My perfume had to perpetuate the elegance according to Rochas while reflecting the image of the independent woman that I had become. »Hélène Rochas for Madame Rochas.

Just like Woman in her time, Madame Rochas embodies a new femininity, a strong spirit of independence and a temperament of character. A great fragrance of charm and strength which was a resounding success for the Rochas house.

The flowery and amber femininity of Madame Rochas

Madame Rochas’ pretty eight-sided bottle is inspired by 18th century salt flasks, a tribute by Madame Rochas to one of the precious gifts her husband gave her. The golden cabochon, of great modernity, highlights this beautiful bottle by bringing it a refined elegance. As for the label, he would whisper to himself that it was Madame Rochas herself who wrote the name.

Madame Rochas opens with a fresh breeze of bergamot and lemon propelled by the powerful luminosity of the neroli flower. A touch of aldehydes reinforces these luminous freshness. At the heart, the white flowers play their sweet symphony, coloring with notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley and tuberose. The strength of this fragrant grande dame will show itself under deep and sensual wakes of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar, all powdered with a few precious notes of iris.

“Created in 1960 Madame Rochas is the olfactory mirror of Hélène Rochas, symbol of a generation of freed women and masters of their destiny. A very modern aldehyde floral that celebrates a certain idea of ​​women: elegant, radiant and independent at the same time. »Rochas for Madame Rochas.

Released in 1960 “Madam Rochas “is the first perfume after the death of Marcel Rochas, the founder of the brand. It is therefore his wife, Hélène Rochas, who takes the reins of the Rochas house. The one who was once the muse of Marcel Rochas, then becomes the symbol of a company dominated by a woman. If the takeover of the brand by Hélène Rochas marks a real turning point, it is nonetheless an opportunity, because Hélène Rochas will modernize the brand and open it up internationally . “Madame Rochas” is therefore the perfume that resembles her. At the same time soft, but full of character, “Madame Rochas” is the perfume of women who assert themselves. < / p>

Madame Rochas, a character signed by perfumer Guy Robert

Guy Robert was born into a family of perfumers and was introduced to scents very early on. Passionate and in love with his profession, Guy Robert often took part in conferences, and liked to go and discuss his profession in universities. Guy Robert worked with the biggest noses of the post-war years and also for many brands. We owe to Guy Robert beautiful perfumes like the famous “Calèche” by Hermès, but also like “Dioressence” by Dior or “Monsieur Rochas” by Rochas.

Madame Rochas, notes between tenderness and force

“Madame Rochas” is defined as an aldehyde flower of great modernity. “Madame Rochas” begins with a very lively and fresh association of aldehyde notes as well as honeysuckle and bergamot. Aldehydes are synthetic molecules, molecules that occur naturally in the zest of citrus fruits. More precisely, it is known that the aldehyde is a double bond between an oxygen atom and a carbon atom. Aldehydes were discovered in 1835 by a German chemist. They became famous thanks to the legendary “N ° 5” by Chanel. In perfumery, aldehydes give off tones that are at the same time metallic, fresh, zesty, slightly orange. Then, the heart of “Madame Rochas” is flowered and we then see all the femininity of “Madame Rochas”. The middle notes consist of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and lily of the valley. Also called Rose Damanesca, the rose of Bulgaria, in the Valley of Flowers, where it was introduced in the 17th century.

Here the rose of Damanesca is celebrated every year for 3 weeks during the harvest period. The floral water of Bulgarian roses has been used since the dawn of time in baths or for laundry. The roses are picked by hand and in perfumery, we use the essence of rose obtained by distillation of the freshly cut flowers. Finally, the base of “Madame Rochas” denotes an exacerbated sensuality and is composed of iris, patchouli, white musks, sandalwood and cedar, to leave a most unforgettable trail. The bottle is inspired by a 17th century crystal case with 8 cut sides. On the front of the bottle, a white label writes the name of the perfume in English letters, for maximum elegance.


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