Mademoiselle Azzaro Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Mademoiselle Azzaro Azzaro Eau de Toilette

The feminine fragrance Mademoiselle Azzaro

Then, 10 years after its creation, Loris Azzaro decided to take up a new challenge by integrating the world of perfumery. Until now, the brand relied above all on the notoriety of its men’s fragrances. However, this time, Azzaro has chosen to highlight a particularly feminine and romantic fragrance. Mademoiselle Azzaro is like a huge floral and fruity bouquet highlighting the natural charm of Parisians.

Mademoiselle Azzaro, a floral breath contained in a jewel perfume bottle

First of all, let’s start by highlighting the beauty of Mademoiselle Azzaro’s bottle. Through him, Azzaro highlighted all his know-how in terms of couture and elegance. No detail has been left to chance and it is as if Mademoiselle Azzaro served as a link between the worlds of perfumery, couture and jewelry. Its bottle forms a multifaceted crystal ball. The rays of the sun are reflected there and the light only sublimates the tender pink color of the juice which is locked there. Mademoiselle Azzaro is topped with an elegant chromed metal cabochon to which is fixed a gray satin bow. The set is particularly refined and specifically designed to adapt to the shape of the female hand.

This pretty bottle then reveals the subtle fresh and tangy scent of Mademoiselle Azzaro. More than ever the emphasis has been placed on refinement. Mademoiselle Azzaro takes off on an invigorating breath of citrus fruit associated with the sweetness of peach. Syringa flower, also called “jasmine of the poets” enriches his heart. Its transparent breath is highlighted by the romanticism of the peony. Iris wood comes to structure this composition. Know that this is one of the noblest materials in perfumery. Its scent is further amplified by the presence of cedar. Finally, Mademoiselle Azzaro’s composition ends with a subtly sweet smell of caramel.

Mademoiselle Azzaro, a Parisian at heart

Mademoiselle Azzaro takes us with her to the heart of Paris. Forget the gray and sullen image of this capital. This time, Paris is revealed in its best light. It is once again becoming the city of light, the one we love to walk around on a beautiful spring day. Miss Azzaro enjoys clicking her heels on the streets of Paris. She walks through the shops and also enjoys the sun cradling the terraces of the cafes. Mademoiselle Azzaro is an elegant and urban woman who can easily be imagined wearing an Azzaro branded chiffon dress. Its deceptively laid back charm and subtle elegance only add to its charm. Miss Azzaro seems to possess within her a natural and disarming beauty envied by women all over the planet. So what are you waiting for to grab the

The house of Azzaro is mainly known for its two cult men’s fragrances Azzaro pour Homme and Chrome. This does not prevent it from offering sparkling and flowery feminine fragrances, certainly rarer than masculine fragrances, but just as qualitative. Thus in 2016 Mademoiselle Azzaro, composed by Karine Dubreuil, will carry us away in a wind of flowers and so chic cheerfulness to never leave us …

Mademoiselle Azzaro or the pretty Parisienne of perfumer Karine Dubreuil for the Azzaro house

The feminine perfumes of the house of Azzaro need not be ashamed of their rarity, they are so wonderful. Obviously Chrome, Azzaro pour Homme and their multiple variations would tend to make us forget the beauty of the feminine fragrances of the Italian house. Which is a shame, so much Eau Belle, Azzura or even Mademoiselle Azzaro remind us with delight of Azzaro’s know-how in terms of feminine and above all floral scents .

Thus Karine Dubreuil, perfumer in love with the flowers that saw her born in Grasse, will go to create for Azzaro a fruity, floral and fresh Mademoiselle Azzaro which will suit young city dwellers in search of a carefree and spring scent. . Moreover, the perfumer readily confides that flowers are her sweet tooth, her favorite raw material in scented composition.

“I had a French grandmother with a pretty wild garden, and a much more manic Italian grandmother, who had very special flowers and fruits. Both have greatly influenced my childhood and my creative heritage today. “Karine Dubreuil, perfumer and creator, notably of Mademoiselle Azzaro.

Flowers, fruits and delicacies for a cheeky and delicate Miss Azzaro

“Behind a pretty floral and fruity bouquet, Miss Azzaro shows her difference. Free, elegant, luminous, Eau de Toilette shines thanks to its raw materials, which are in turn delicate and lively. “Azzaro for Miss Azzaro.

As you can see, Miss Azzaro will not shy away from any ingredient in nature to brighten up your day through the streets with her positive and sunny aura! Let’s not forget that Azzaro’s feminine perfumes are definitely optimistic and radiant…

So the mandarin confuses its tangy dynamism with a peach that is both sweet, soft and velvety to bring softness and serenity to the start of this nicely spicy Mademoiselle Azzaro. Then the syringe flower, called poets jasmine for its solar and airy facets, will bring to the heart of this pretty perfume its touch of poetic lyricism with notes of jasmine, peonies and orange blossom. Finally the sandalwood mixed with the woody touch of iso-e super will form a woody and mysterious cocoon where the iris will only have to slip in to deposit its powdery and delicate scents which will color this Mademoiselle Azzaro with a a touch of elegance with assertive femininity.

“Azzaro Mademoiselle is a“ crush ”fragrance with addictive femininity. »Azzaro for Miss Azzaro.


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