Magnetism Escada Eau de Parfum

Magnetism Escada Eau de Parfum

Magnetism, like a very special magnet

The Escada collections are unusual, because the brand likes to associate color with patterns or even embroidery. The color pink, dear to the stylist, is available in all its trends. The first brand fragrance dates back to 1990 “Escada Margaretha”. In 2003, Escada presents “Magnetism”, a chypre-floral fragrance ready to bewitch all those who approach them …

The power of women

With “Magnetism”, Escada wanted to pay tribute to all the women who inspire haute couture creations in it. The Escada woman is therefore above all, alive, she is overflowing with vitality. With “Magnetism”, the woman is captivating, sophisticated but natural, simple but complex, “Magnetism” reveals a subtle woman with all her opposite facets, and deploys a more than generous sensuality. No one can resist the Escada woman, as long as she offers her radiant smile. You should know that the Escada perfume is also a tribute to its creators, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The couple were captivating in love, they never left each other and they attracted each other like magnets. This is why “Magnetism” is a fragrance of seduction and union.

Magnetism, greedy and sensual

The sensuality of “Magnetism” goes through its gourmet sides. “Magnetism” begins with the sweet and fruity notes of pineapple, melon, lychee and blackcurrant. The heart is magnetically floral with the presence of freesia, magnolia, jasmine and rose. The iris and the heliotrope also present contribute to the romanticism of the composition. The base becomes more sensual, smoother thanks to benzoin, sandalwood and amber. Caramel and coconut combine their gourmet aspect to offer a final sweet touch. As for the bottle, it is in total adequacy with the composition. It looks like a curved and faceted crystal. Its color, which oscillates between red and purple, reveals passion, energy and magnetism.

“Magnetism” was born in 2003. Very sensual, the composition is also elegant, attractive and above all magnetic. She unveils a woman at the height of her seduction and invites us to discover the power of all women. “Magnetism” was also designed to pay tribute to the couple who created the brand, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. They were attracted to each other as if there was a particular magnet between them. The couple were very much in love and “Magnetism” is the olfactory interpretation of this wonderful love.

The Escada house was founded in 1976 and from its beginnings offered cuts that were as feminine as they were sporty but always very colorful, very lively. In 1990, Escada offered its very first fragrance named after its founder Margaretha Ley, but it was with Chiffon Sorbet in 1993 that the brand exploded in perfumery. Magnetism will arrive in 2003 to offer new scents that are always as sensual as they are invigorating in order to pay tribute to the beautiful love story of the founders of the label.

Magnetism or the beautiful story told in perfume of the founders of Escada

The haute couture label Escada was founded by an iconic couple: Wolfgang Ley and Magaretha Ley. He is a talented businessman, she is a stylist who loves airy fabrics and above all bright and cheerful colors which give cheerfulness and charm to any outfit. Between them it is a passionate and sincere love story, a story that gives birth to the Escada brand to bring it to the sky. Unfortunately, like all good stories, this one came to an abrupt end in 1993 with the death of the iconic stylist while the brand is in full glory between its perfumes and its collections.

A few years later, Escada chose to turn to Pierre Bourdon, the specialist in narrative fragrances, so that he could write this wonderful love story with his scented palette in an Escada fragrance. In 2003 Magnetism was born and finally paid homage to the couple of passionate lovers who made Escada what it is. & nbsp; & nbsp;
Better, Magnetism wants to be a “magnetic” perfume of course, but also the perfume of love , the perfume of this bond which is tied from the first glances.

“ Its sophisticated, sweet and intense fragrance based on rose and sensual vanilla makes it the perfect fragrance to reveal your power of seduction. “Escada for Magnetism.

Femininity of the rose and fruit delicacies for a bewitching Escada Magnetism

In order to compose this pretty Magnetism, Pierre Bourdon was inspired by the unconditional love of the two founders of Escada to make a perfume as airy as it is sensual which would marvelously draw the contours of these beautiful stories which are part of the absolute. In addition, the perfumer likes to offer rare and original perfumes, so he will not hesitate for Magnetism to marry modern sweet and gourmet accords with a pretty much more classic rose.

Magnetism opens first with aromatic pulses of thyme and basil to better curl up in sweet treats of blackcurrant but also in watery notes of lychee, pineapple and melon. At the heart, rose, jasmine and magnolia offer all the flowery sweetness of their beauties but merge into an opulent heliotrope to gain in carnal power. The iris comes to powder these beautiful flowers of its splendor. Finally, the woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver offer their sensual depths to Magnetism where caramel and coconut do not hesitate to shake them up with their exotic and delicious scents.

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