Manifesto L'Elixir Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Manifesto L’Elixir Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

Manifesto the Elixir, burning with mystery

This independence gives it a spirit of innovation and extraordinary talent. Her first perfume “Rive Gauche” came out in 1971, and encouraged women to get rid of conventions. “Opium”, released in 1977, shocked public opinion because of its sulphurous name, and the risks of debauchery it could entail. In 2013, YSL presented “Manifesto l’Élixir”, a variation of the famous “Manifesto”, released a year earlier.

The Manifesto collection or feminine elegance at its peak

In 2012, YSL unveils “Manifesto”, an ultra feminine fragrance , but not only. “Manifesto” is synonymous with the freedom of women today, a theme dear to the heart of the Parisian designer. “Manifesto” perfectly embodies the feminine independence of our time. Building on this success, the brand decided to create, a year later, a “Manifesto l’Elixir” version. Always so feminine, the latter turns out to be an even more mysterious and excessive fragrance than its elder. Between intensity and transparency, the “Manifesto l’Elixir” woman fuels all the wildest desires and sports a multi-faceted personality. The woman here is fascinating, mysterious and decidedly excessive. She combines luminosity and sensuality as if it were natural for her, to release so many emotions. The feminine elegance of the “Manifesto l’Elixir” woman is then at its peak,

The luminous notes of Manifesto l’Elixir

“Manifesto l’Elixir” is defined as an oriental vanilla. “Manifesto l’Elixir” begins with very fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin. The heart then develops a significant feminine opulence with the presence of sambac jasmine, tuberose and heliotrope. The trail is oriental and warm, its trail is composed of vanilla, ambroxan and ambergris, leaving an unforgettable scent on the skin. The bottle uses the codes of its elder. It thus resumes the belted silhouette, but dresses for the occasion in a bright purple color. Absolutely sublime, the bottle looks like a jewel cut like a multifaceted diamond. The whole is surmounted by a shiny gold cabochon, chiseled, like a piece of jewelry … A real luxury item that we cannot get rid of.

The second part of the “Manifesto” collection, “Manifesto the Elixir ”is a fragrance that highlights women, their beauty, their shapes, like all the fragrances in the“ Manifesto ”collection. Nevertheless, this second opus is intended to be extremely bright, as if it was reflecting sunlight. Its composition oscillates between freshness and sensuality and its bottle is a jewel that we keep preciously like a rare pearl.

Released in 2012, Manifesto L’Elixir is an ultra feminine, sensual and fascinating fragrance. As we can understand with the name of this perfume, Manifesto L’Elixir is a perfume thought of as the manifesto of femininity, seen by Yves Saint Laurent. The Manifesto L’Elixir fragrance is intended for all passionate women, all those who think that nothing is done without passion, without convictions. As the Yves Saint Laurent house affirms, “The Manifesto woman has an attitude, a burst of laughter, a tone of voice, a presence, but above all, femininity “…

A duo of brilliant perfumers behind the composition of Manifesto L’Elixir

Manifesto L’Elixir is a fragrance that is both vegetal, tangy and carried away by an immense bouquet of white flowers. To create this ode to femininity, Yves Saint Laurent called on two of the most talented perfumers of their generation, namely Anne Flipo and Loc Dong. Anne Flipo is currently in high demand and recognized for her incredible talent. Whether they are modern, classic, timeless or classic, Anne Flipo likes these fragrances to be memorable… And they are! Since 2004, Anne Flipo has worked for IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) and she has already signed great bestsellers, such as “La Vie est Belle” by Lancôme or “Lady Million Privé” by Paco Rabanne. Loc Dong also works at IFF. A great perfumer, Loc Dong has an extraordinary temperament, perhaps because he knows he fled from Vietnam during the war, at the age of 11. Loc Dong creates essences in his image, simple and serious at the same time. We also owe him some very beautiful perfumes, notably like “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein or “Acqua Di Gioia” by Armani.

Manifesto L’Elixir and its heart perfumed with white flowers

Manifesto L’Elixir is therefore a very feminine fragrance that underlines the daring and beauty of all women. Manifesto L’Elixir takes off on an accord of green notes associated with blackcurrant buds. The heart is a large armful of white flowers composed of jasmine and lily of the valley. Jasmine is one of the star flowers of perfumery, along with the rose. The most used variety in sambac jasmine. India and Egypt are the largest jasmine producing countries. To obtain a kilo of jasmine absolute, you need 700 kg of flowers and more than 2000 hours of picking! Jasmine gives off luminous, floral tones, but also opulent, green and powdery tones. Finally, the base of Manifesto L’Elixir will leave a trail that is both oriental and sensual, because it combines vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and tonka bean. However, the composition of Manifesto L’Elixir would not be itself without the elegance of its bottle. Indeed, the nectar of Manifesto L’Elixir is anchored in a prism capturing the light with success. The bottle looks like a talisman with a belt that has been thought of as a jewel … A masterpiece in its purest form …

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