Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum

Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum

Wonderlust: The travel bug

Exotic universe, fantastic muse and scent of adventure, Wonderlust combines the glamorous Californian universe with the dream of a life in complete freedom …

Wonderlust like a taste of rediscovered freedom! < / h2>

Michael Kors loves tanned and glamorous women, hair blowing in the wind and armed with smiles at least as big as their golden jewelry. A star glamor that he absolutely wants to offer to all women, like a dream that finally becomes accessible thanks to haute couture clothes or perfumes.

Since Sexy Sunset in 2015 and now this sparkling Wonderlust, Kors is now taking his golden universe to other more exotic countries by creating fragrances with a taste of freedom and travel to countries where the sun never goes out, where the skin turns golden and the spirit calms down. So what better for a Wonderlust (literally translated as “travel bug”) than a fresh and exotic campaign around a sensual and sexy muse in the devil?

Once again Mario Testino will be Kors’ photographer to sublimate a brilliant Wonderlust. Created like a mini film, the advertising campaign for Wonderlust will take place in a heavenly place, where the two glamorous heroes will flee the mundane to be, finally, only in the world. Dreams, dreams and more dreams signed Michael Kors and Wonderlust!

“Discover the new Wonderlust fragrance by Michael Kors, a real invitation to travel with beauty, spontaneity and sensuality as its sole destination, against a backdrop of joy de vivre ”, says Michael Kors for Wonderlust.

A gourmet fragrance like almond milk: Wonderlust

The cylindrical case of Wonderlust has the good idea to dress in the couture clothes of its creator while adorning itself with magnificent pink reflections. Colors chosen by Michael Kors himself in order to recall in his scent pretty bubbles of pink champagne, glamor and terribly sparkling.

Wonderlust is made up of two great talented noses: Honorine Blanc and Aurélien Guichard. The creamy and original delicacy of the top notes of Wonderlust is conferred by a note of almond milk made from coumarin, heliotrope and benzyl alcohol. A tender and sweet start that will reveal an intense floral heart thanks to dianthus, a variety of carnation that sometimes gives us spicy facets and sometimes flowery facets. Heliotrope adds its balsamic and sweet power to the flower. Finally, the sensual depths of benzoin will blend with delight with a delicate cinnamon to create a trail as warm as it is spicy. With Wonderlust, the journey has only just begun!

“A luxurious blend of flowers combined with delicious spicy notes, this fragrance embodies the carefree and chic luxury of impromptu getaways. Michael Kors for Wonderlust.

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