Misia Chanel Perfume

Misia Chanel Perfume

Misia: Olivier Polge’s whimsical muse for his first Chanel fragrance

to leave it to his talented son Olivier Polge! Misia will be the very first perfume created in this new Olivier Polge era and the least we can say is that this pretty powdery fragrance will not go unnoticed!

Misia or the discovery of the Venetian worlds by Coco Chanel < / h2>

On the death of Boy Capel, the great love of his life, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is inconsolable. Only Misia Sert, wife of a great patron of the entertainment world, will restore the joy of living to Coco by making her discover a world of magic, a world of theater and make-up that will carry her to the delicious Venetian evenings. The bond between the two women is obvious and the inspiration of Gabrielle Chanel will be multiplied. Besides the fact that it is Misia who will instill in Coco the idea of ​​composing a perfume in her name (the precious n ° 5 will be released two years after their meeting), she will be an absolute muse for Coco and many other great artists.

By composing a perfume in the effigy of Misia, Olivier Polge, just arrived at the coveted post of official perfumer Chanel, offers his new house a delicate bridge between the rich past of its founder and fruity , gourmet and sparkling modernities. Like Misia, the Misia perfume celebrates the cosmetics of yesteryear and the splendors of a theatrical past still unexplored at Chanel. Better still, Olivier Polge delves into the roots of Coco Noir, a magnificent scented work of his talented father, to bring out all the rediscovered joy of the so emblematic Coco.

Iris and rose accords for an absolutely modern Misia by Chanel

“More than the figure of Misia, it is the turning point that she represents in Gabrielle Chanel’s life that has nourished this fragrance. Mademoiselle then penetrates the world of the spectacle and soaks up the arts, the smell of make-up and sticks of rouge in the boxes of the Opéra Garnier where the Ballets Russes are performed. Olivier Polge about Misia, Madame Le Figaro.

Indeed Misia is a composition which has managed to combine with beauty the great values ​​of the house of Chanel by paying homage in particular to its founder but also exploring new olfactory fields. Thus the aldehydes of the top notes of Misia remind us unequivocally of the famous N ° 5. However, the notes of lychee and rose oxide are delicate to better carry us towards an unprecedented fruity touch of raspberry. May Rose Absolute and Damascus Rose Essence offer the heart its splendor while sprinkling with a pretty violet that sweeps us away in the scents of yesteryear. The iris of the depths will echo it, but the trail of tonka bean, vanilla and musk will punctuate this marriage of yesteryear with a modern and invigorating accord that will reflect the exceptional personality of the so dear Misia.

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