Miss Dior Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior: Elegance and insolence of a perfume created in… 1947!

In 2005, “Miss Dior” thus offers a fragrance that delicately blends the great chypre scent classics and the fruity and gourmet modernities of the new millennium. Therefore, the “Miss Dior” woman is an elegant adventurer, chic and sassy, ​​who soars through the air with as much grace as her perfume.

“Miss Dior” or the elegant and resolutely modern girl by Christian Dior

The Dior house creates totally different universes for each of its perfumes and, at the same time, is fully in line with the brand‘s values. If “J’adore” is delighted in golden and luxurious sets, “Miss Dior” offers a great wind of flowers which of course recalls the great passion of Christian Dior. Wall of flowers, close-ups of bouquets, rose petals, Nathalie Portman, the sublime muse of “Miss Dior,” acts as the beautiful heir to the genius of Christian Dior. Besides, he declared, “My perfume?” My dear, I only have one. It’s Miss Dior, my only daughter. ”

However,“ Miss Dior ”is also the perfume of a colorful and free feminine universe because the woman drawn by the delicate fragrances of this beautiful perfume is“ a model of energy that breaks conventions; above all, she is an adventurous heroine, governed by outbursts of heart ”according to the Dior communication. Thus the visuals, like the first advertising spot, will play on this image, both glamorous and romantic, of an attractive woman ready to marry on her father’s arm and then who will discover herself in another rebellious and voluntary light by escaping into the tunes to fly to his true love.

Therefore, the Miss Dior woman is a romantic and modern heroine with which any woman can easily identify. The choice of Nathalie Portman as the face of “Miss Dior,” with the beauty and character as powerful as her character, seemed obvious.

“Miss Dior” is a floral and gourmet chypre in tune with the times.

“Miss Dior” is the delicate blend of ancestral traditions linked to the manufacture of Dior perfumes and an innovative and avant-garde wind of freshness. For this subtle blend of past and future to be balanced, every detail of the “Miss Dior” perfume is worked on. Thus, for example, the square bottle in deep and luminous transparent glass was that of the initial fragrance released in 1947, and the elegant bow of the stopper is a strong historical symbol of the brand. The rosé of the juice seen thanks to the play of facets is, on the contrary, sparkling with modernity and glamor.

As for the composition of “Miss Dior,” it also plays, of course, with these same contrasts. Established on classic chypres accords, it offers the sweetness and gluttony of current flavors. In top notes, lemon, mandarin, and bergamot will offer lively and tangy freshness to better sparkle the tornado of flowers and fruits that the heart notes will offer us. Thus, the pineapple, strawberry, and peach notes will offer their gourmet scents in association with beautiful floral and spring notes of gardenia, jasmine, neroli, and rose. Finally, the power of the deep trail of “Miss Dior” will be traced by notes of labdanum and patchouli delicately spiced up with white musks and delicious caramels.

“Miss Dior” is a perfume that likes to play the balancing act between the rich past inherited from the great house of Dior and the winds of totally modern fruity flowers. The complexity of the scented composition and the richness of a campaign that is both aesthetic and delicately sassy ​​make it possible to offer “Miss Dior” the scent of freedom that she has always wanted …

Released in 1947, “ Miss Dior ”is the first fragrance from the Christian Dior brand. Because his sister Catherine adored flowers, Christian decided to dedicate his first perfume, “Miss Dior,” because that was his sister’s nickname. “Miss Dior” is a tribute to love and tenderness. Radiant and timeless, “Miss Dior” is considered a luminous chypre floral. Despite the years and the different fashions, “Miss Dior” is still the olfactory representation of the elegance and class of the Dior house.

Miss Dior, the chypre symphony by François Demachy

According to François Demachy, “Miss Dior is a chypre symphony, immediately desirable. Its facets mingle in a joyful dance of which we do not understand the beginning of the end ”. François Demachy has always lived in Grasse since his father was a pharmacist there. He, therefore, learned, at a very young age, to admire flowers and scents. Although he was destined for a career as a dentist, the young François Demachy nevertheless managed to enter the perfumery school. Upon leaving, he was hired at Chanel, alongside Henri Robert, the father of “N ° 19” … In 2006, the LVMH group contacted him to become the “appointed nose” of the Dior house. His first challenge will be to make a variation of the famous “Poison.” He will then imagine “Midnight Poison.” We owe François Demachy great perfumes such as “Dior Homme, Eau Sauvage” or “Dahlia Divin” by Givenchy.

Miss Dior, a luminous chypre

“Miss Dior” is defined as a sensual floral chypre. The start of “Miss Dior” is very lively and ultra-fresh, thanks to the presence of blood orange, Sicilian tangerine, and bergamot. You should know that blood orange has red flesh thanks to anthocyanin, a pigment that colors many fruits but is very rarely found in citrus fruits. Its heart is ultra floral with an emphasis on the luminosity of the flowers. Indeed, the heart of “Miss Dior” combines sambac jasmine, a very opulent and fragrant variety of jasmine, with orange blossom, a white Mediterranean flower renowned for its luminosity, as well as with Damascus rose, an of the two varieties of roses most used in niche perfumery. The Damask rose symbolizes femininity par excellence as well as romanticism. Finally, the base will be chypre and very sensual because it combines Indonesian patchouli with Indian sandalwood, vetiver, and amber. You should know that patchouli is an essential ingredient in chypre perfumes because it & nbsp; exudes atypical tones, often associated with the liberation of manners and the hippie years.

The first and undoubtedly one of the greatest perfumes of the house of Dior, “Miss Dior” is a timeless fragrance. Intended for beautiful and sensual women, “Miss Dior” is an ultra-luminous chypre.

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