Miss Dior Original Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior Original Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior Original: A green chypre that brings a breath of freshness to the post-war period …

“& nbsp; Make me a fragrance that smells of love!” “Launched Christian Dior to his nose to create” & nbsp; Miss Dior & nbsp; “, obviously the beautiful fragrance that has survived eras and trends still gives as much love as it has received, despite the decades .

The birth of Miss Dior and the “& nbsp; newlook & nbsp;”

“Miss Dior is an attitude, a creature, a tribute, which was born in the first days of 1947 and which has never aged. »Declares Madame Le Figaro. Like a successful perfume that declared itself from the birth of the concept without ever becoming dull, “Miss Dior”, Christian Dior’s first perfume sprinkled on his very first haute-couture clients, never goes out of fashion.

When Dior wanted to create a perfume in his name, he wanted it chypre like its illustrious predecessor “Cyprus” from Coty while being fresh and green like the admirable “Vent-Vert”, he wanted the perfume of love. But that was not all, because Christian Dior also wanted to “create Miss Dior to see all my dresses appear one by one from the bottle”, just that!

To create this noble fragrance, Paul Vacher made a choice of beautiful raw materials where Fernand Guéry-Colas designed a very luxurious bottle in the form of an amphora in Baccarat which was distributed very sparingly to the most loyal customers.

In 1950 at the instigation of the designer René Gruau who advertised “Miss Dior” by representing it with a black swan adorned with diamonds around the neck, the bottle took its final rectangular shape while engraving in its glass the imprint of the very symbolic houndstooth fabric embodying the Dior spirit. “Cut like a tailor”, the new dressing of “Miss Dior” is now much more modern, without forgetting of course that a delicate knot was added to it, to recall the swan of Gruau, which encircled the neck of its bottle. < / p>

The very first perfume from the famous haute-couture house Christian Dior

After years and decades of success, the famous “Miss Dior” chypre green was baptized in 2011 “Miss Dior Original” in order to leave her place and her name to her beautiful heir “Miss Dior Chérie” who simultaneously became “Miss Dior”.

Be that as it may, “Miss Dior Original” or “Miss Dior”, the perfume proposed by the Christian Dior team at the end of the Second World War offers daring chypre freshness and totally avant-garde. The top note displays the powerful and fresh galbanum which carries zesty notes of bergamot, aromatic clary sage notes propelled by pretty aldehyde notes in its whirlwind.

The heart offers us a magnificent floral bouquet of Sambac jasmine absolute embellished with Grasse rose absolute as well as pretty armfuls of gardenia, narcissus, neroli and carnation spiced with a hint of cloves. The sensual and deep chypre trail of “Miss Dior Original” is built around traditional notes of oakmoss, labdanum and sandalwood highlighted by intoxicating patchoulis from Indonesia while powdered with a few touches of iris.

Any perfume that disrupts the habits and customs of its time is much more resistant to changes in trends and currents than others. “Miss Dior”, the venerable perfume from 1947, is about to celebrate its 70th anniversary while still existing in the hearts of women. According to François Demachy who reinterpreted “Miss Dior” to create in particular “Miss Dior Chérie” in 2005, the success of its longevity can be explained simply: “Miss Dior creates a surprise by placing a modern touch on a classic base, a green note. we have cyprus. It wasn’t easy. It is all the talent of the perfumers of the time, all their know-how, to have achieved harmony. “

Christian Dior’s very first perfume , released in 1947, was designed to be the touch of sparkle and refinement necessary for his haute-couture collections which had just been launched. In love with perfume, Christina Dior participated in the Miss Dior Original project in close collaboration with her nose Paul Vacher in order to create a perfume that would pay tribute to her childhood memories as it would dress all the greatest ladies in the world with its flowery scents. .

Miss Dior Original, a revolutionary green chypre

It is not a perfumer who wants and it is clear that Christian Dior, although a talented couturier, achieves the tremendous feat of having worked on his perfume concept with so much brilliant than on her new-look dresses. Make no mistake about it, from her beginnings on the stalls of post-war perfumeries, Miss Dior Original was already a great lady of perfumery.

Yet the bet that Christina Dior and Paul Vacher took up with Miss Dior was daring. While post-war women searched for fresh and cheerful waters, the two men offered them with Miss Dior a chypre and rather classic scent. However, they had the genius to mix this elegant chypre a bit retro with completely new natural vegetal accords. Miss Dior Original will not be like the others and will know how to stand out by offering a classy and terribly spicy chic. The myth was born.

“Miss Dior surprises by putting a modern touch on a classic base, a green note on a chypre. It wasn’t easy. It is all the talent of the perfumers of the time, all their know-how, to have achieved harmony. »François Demachy for Miss Dior Original.

Although having found in 2005 her new descendant signed by Christine Nagel, the beautiful lady Miss Dior renamed Miss Dior Original has never lost her aura of modernity and absolute chic …

Miss Dior Original, “a perfume that smells of love” according to Christian Dior

Miss Dior Original was composed, as we have seen, around chypre accords particularly highlighted a few years earlier thanks to René Coty’s famous Cyprus. Quite simply because Christian Dior saw in his accords sensual and animal inspirations perfectly suited to his dream of “dressing every woman with a wake of desire”.

“The chypre base is life, a sensitive approach to life. And life, whatever you say, is love. “& Nbsp; François Demachy about Miss Dior Original.

Despite this desire to exude love in a bottle, the floral bouquet of the heart of Miss Dior Original is, on the contrary, totally dedicated to memories childhood of the creator who remembers by this jasmine, this narcissus or this rose, the delicate perfumes which bewitched his childhood. As for the freshness of the head composed around sage, gardenia and spicy galbanum, they are designed to represent the sparkling and the charm of these new post-war women.

Thus Miss Dior Original was composed to be one of those perfumes that never go out of style, which always correspond to the spirit of the times while affixing an unalterable chic in its wake.

“Its avant-garde green chypre floral accord has revolutionized the perfumery and perfectly embodies the couturier’s signature. »Dior for Miss Dior Original.


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