Molinard Fruity Vanilla Eau de Parfum

Molinard Fruity Vanilla Eau de Parfum

Fruity Vanilla: Molinard, the passion for oriental fragrances

Already in 1921 with Habanita , she caused a sensation with the very first oriental fragrance of classic perfumery. A past master in the art of creating exotic fragrances, Molinard offered us with the Les Elements collection in 2015 some magnificent oriental styles, including the fabulous and original Vanilla Fruitée.

The magnified and modern Vanilla from Maison Molinard < / h2>

The Molinard house is extremely proud of its past and its roots in Grasse, it is now one of the few companies to be recognized as a “Living Heritage Company” for the wealth of “its ancestral know-how” . However, the perfume house is not only an “old lady” who delights in her past and, with each new perfumed creation, the Lerouge Benard family (owner of Molinard for 5 generations) has proven to what extent they are attached to create innovative and current fragrances. Habanita, the first oriental perfume in history, is an example of this.

Célia Lerouge Benard is also the main instigator of the brilliant modernities that appeared at Molinard since the 2010s: “The change has disturbed some people, which is quite common in France. Einstein said besides, Everyone wants that to change… but nobody wants to change. However, I was followed and trusted. “

This mix between traditional manufacturing and innovations is precisely at the heart of the beautiful exotic Vanilla Fruitée. In fact, by offering premium scented raw materials such as Madagascar vanilla bean, Vanille Fruitée follows the right line of Molinard fragrances. On the other hand, the mixture of this vanilla with a raspberry or a bergamot turns out to be completely new and irresistibly in the great trend of gourmet perfumes.

A lively and spontaneous fruity oriental: the Fruity Vanilla fragrance

The beautiful and original Vanille Fruitée is part of the Molinard collection, which appeared in 2015, Les Elements Exclusifs. Legitimately, it will therefore appear under the same dressings as the other treasures in the collection. Sometimes Fruity Vanilla is dressed in a bright purple glass to better attract our eye, sometimes it comes in its sober cylindrical bottle with a copper stopper reminding us of its historical past.

Vanilla Fruity opens with very fresh and tangy top notes of bergamot which marry with surprise and daring with a carnation as nervous as floral. Of course, vanilla appears at the heart of this Fruity Vanilla, however it hesitates between its opulent facets highlighted by the orchid and the solar note and its darker facets propelled by a woody heliotrope. Raspberries bring a touch of fresh fruit to this intoxicating blend. Then the vanilla pod is tinted with candy sugar to offer us a gourmet caramel that will combine with benzoin for even more sensuality. White musks coat this gourmet and fruity blend with their tenderness.

“Vanille Fruity embodies the woman full of freedom and irreverence. A seductive fragrance of disarming spontaneity. A sparkling daring that gives femininity its magnificence … ”Molinard for Vanille Fruitée.


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