Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Bloom of Rose, the last Mon Guerlain

To celebrate this pharaonic heritage, Guerlain decided to create a prestigious perfume , in its image, Mon Guerlain . Success is immediate! A year later, Mon Guerlain thus saw the appearance of two other variations of its scent, an Eau de Parfum Floral composed of a more solar bouquet, and an Eau de Toilette illuminated with mandarin, neroli, bergamot and pear. 2019: the news has just fallen and another variant of Mon Guerlain will appear very soon. Focus on Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose.

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, like a desire to see life in pink

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is a perfume loaded with optimism, as evidenced by the few clichés associated with it. The latter reveal to us images of the attractive Angelina Jolie, muse of the brand since 2017. For the occasion, the beautiful brunette poses in a voluminous dress, playing with her hair, and wearing a mischievous look towards the ‘horizon. On the advertising poster for the new Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, Angélina Jolie does not hesitate to proudly display her tattoos and color her mouth with a more exuberant flashy pink. The message could not be clearer. My Guerlain Bloom of Rose is not just a perfume. It is the embodiment of a philosophy of life, and encourages each woman to live as she sees fit and to have pleasure above all. My Guerlain Bloom of Rose seems to have a slight taste of rebellion in it. This composition celebrates the pleasure of being true to oneself.

Bulgarian rose as a major ingredient in Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

On the scent side, Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose owes its existence to Guerlain’s exclusive perfumer, Thierry Wasser, and his lifelong sidekick, the talented Delphine Jelk. Both have chosen to preserve the presence of Carla lavender in the top notes of this composition. Indeed, this Mediterranean plant has been the hallmark of the Mon Guerlain collection since its launch. Here, it lights up with citrus fruits and exudes a fiery dynamism. Nevertheless, the central ingredient of this perfume is none other than the Bulgarian rose. In the heart of Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose, it is enriched with sambac jasmine and neroli. My Guerlain Bloom of Rose gains in exoticism in contact with Tahitian vanilla. Its recipe ends with a creamy and smooth trail of sandalwood.

As always, Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is presented to us in the famous four-lobed bottle by Guerlain, designed by Gabriel Guerlain and the Baccarat house, in 1908. This time, this bottle, inherited from a century-old history, is brought up to date. by the presence of an exuberant fuchsia pink collar.

The rose in the Mon Guerlain perfume

Mon Guerlain is a perfume that saw the light of day in 2017, as if to pay tribute to the fabulous history of Guerlain and to the five generations of perfumers who have succeeded each other at the head of this perfume empire. Bringing together prestigious raw materials, Mon Guerlain immediately became one of the most popular juices on the planet. Evoking emotions experienced and shared through a typically Provençal scent, it has since spread all its refinement to the four corners of the globe. In this context, Guerlain decided to reinterpret it and include one of the stars of women’s perfumery: the rose. This is how the new Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose was born.

The rose as a central element of Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

Initially, Guerlain had made Carla lavender the centerpiece of Mon Guerlain. However, this time it seems that this Mediterranean plant has given way to one of the stars of perfumery: the rose. Bulgarian type, she brings here an absolute femininity to this composition. Its refinement floods this fragrance and makes it one of the noblest juices of current feminine perfumery. The Bulgarian rose gives off a fruity scent here, like delicately refreshed with lemon. Its freshness is intoxicating, preserving all the dynamism and liveliness of the woman who wears this essence.

The other flowers making up Guerlain’s bouquet

At the same time, Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose deploys all its romanticism in an enormous bouquet of flowers, made up of other ingredients which serve here to sublimate all the relief of the rose. Of course, Carla lavender is still present. One of the best varieties in the world, it gives off here a Mediterranean breath, fresh and aromatic. It is then relayed by two other more solar and opulent flowers. Jasmine releases a warm, sensual and sweet breath, while neroli puts more on a suave and citrus scent.

The hot / cold contrast contained in Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose < / h2>

Finally, let us also note that Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose draws all its complexity from a game of oppositions. It begins with an intense sensation of freshness from citrus fruits. Then, over time, it heats up. It is like the beginning of a budding relationship, first lively and intriguing, then gradually becoming warmer. At its base, Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is based on an exotic blend of vanilla and sandalwood. Vanilla here develops more syrupy and carnal base notes. Sandalwood, on the other hand, is milder and smoother. He rounds up the whole of this recipe and plunges this enormous bouquet of flowers into a cottony cloud as tender with a caress.


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