Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Floral Perfume Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Floral Perfume Yves Saint Laurent

The floral fragrance Mon Paris YSL

If he had several different sources of inspiration, he has always made Paris the kingdom of his creativity. As if to pay tribute to its history, the brand bearing its name therefore decided to design a perfume in its honor, called Mon Paris, released in 2016 . Today, the chypre breath of this fragrance is reinvented and becomes Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a more romantic and refreshing edition of its predecessor.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a new love story

Like all fragrances from the Mon Paris collection, Mon Paris Parfum Floral is inspired by a love story to reveal all its romanticism. This time, the story is that of two lovers evolving in Paris, and under the influence of the euphoria of a budding love. Mon Paris Parfum Floral has in it all the freshness and ardor of the first emotions. He is the embodiment of a flourishing passion. With Mon Paris Parfum Floral, everything is fantasy and freedom. Mon Paris Parfum Floral encourages the wearer to stand on her own feet and experience her emotions to the full. Infinitely sensual, this essence plays the card of independence. It transcends the present and invites you to fall without restraint into the arms of passionate love. To embody this image on the screen, the Yves Saint-Laurent house once again calls on the French actor Jérémie Laheurte, accompanied by the attractive Canadian model Crista Cober. For her, Mon Paris Parfum Floral is conceived as an “almost wild feeling that one feels when one falls in love, when one has to trust one’s heart, follow one’s instinct, while feeling completely lost”.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a bouquet of flowers brighter than in the past

In this niche fragrance, the Yves Saint-Laurent house preserves the central element of the previous Mon Paris: the datura flower. The latter reinforces the mystery of this luminous and chypre juice. Mon Paris Parfum Floral is also enriched with a romantic and imposing floral bouquet. Its heart revolves around rose, peony, jasmine, orange blossom and magnolia. For more sweetness, the velvety peach joins its top notes and is associated with more refreshing citrus fruits. Little by little, Mon Paris Parfum Floral darkens and gains in sensuality. This fragrance ends with a seductive and tender combination of patchouli, cashmere and musk.

My Paris Parfum Floral is presented to us in a bottle with a style very similar to that of its elder. It has a rounded and faceted bottle like a gemstone. Its different walls reflect light through a soft pink juice. For a more chic and rock ‘n’ roll side, a silk and leather bow tie is attached to the collar. A cassandre surmounts the whole while being engraved with the initials of Yves Saint-Laurent. Finally, as if to echo all of her floral power, two small silver flowers were attached to her black fabric ribbon.

My Paris YSL sees life in bloom …

Yves Saint-Laurent has spent most of his life walking the streets of Paris for inspiration. Whether through its inhabitants, its monuments or its shows, Paris has always been incredibly rich for him. It is therefore to pay tribute to him that the brand bearing his name decided to make a perfume called Mon Paris in 2016. Today, this juice is reinvented in a more airy and floral version. It is like a fantasy imbued with freedom and embodies the independence that the great Yves Saint-Laurent has always shown. Mon Paris Parfum Floral is a light and fruity juice, the composition of which is always full of mystery.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, fresh and velvety top notes

Mon Paris Parfum Floral is a very airy fragrance, at the heart of which the sensation of lightness is present from its top notes. Thus, it is a whole assembly of citrus fruits which initiates this composition. Their sparkling and zesty breath immediately releases a wind of dynamism and instinctively gives a smile. What’s more, to bring even more sweetness to this fragrance, a peach note has been incorporated into this start. My Paris Parfum Floral is infinitely velvety and gives us the portrait of a cheerful and radiant, tender and delicate woman. From then on, Mon Paris Parfum Floral makes you want to surrender body and soul to others and invites people to come together.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a mysterious and intoxicating bouquet

Then, to fully express the femininity of the Yves Saint-Laurent woman, Mon Paris Parfum Floral is enriched with a disproportionately imposing floral bouquet. Of course, this revolves around the star of perfumery: the rose. Appreciated by women since Antiquity for its fresh, sunny and suave scent, the rose is here accompanied by other ingredients. Peony is very close to its smell but also has a more airy appearance that is also found in lily of the valley. Jasmine, on the other hand, is much more opulent. Suave and carnal, it relies more on seduction. The magnolia also completes this set and gives it an even more romantic aura. Orange blossom illuminates everything with its solar and Mediterranean heat. However, playing on contrasts, the datura flower completes the whole. Present in the previous Mon Paris, it is in a way the signature of this composition. Mysterious at will, it plunges us into a more nocturnal and sensual register, without lacking in refinement.

The more woody base of Mon Paris Parfum Floral

Finally, because the Yves Saint-Laurent woman does not lack character, this fragrance ends with a deeper base and better structured with woody notes. Patchouli dominates the whole and highlights the temperament of the woman who wears Mon Paris Parfum Floral. It is wrapped in a smoother and softer cashmere wood. Both are finally linked by a touch of musk, the most sensual ingredient there is, endowed with an animal breath that is almost impossible to resist.


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