Montblanc Signature Montblanc Eau de Parfum

Montblanc Signature Montblanc Eau de Parfum

Signature: The new feminine fragrance from Montblanc

One of them, on the other hand, stands out from all the others: Montblanc. Initially, the brand grew and gained its success through writing. For more than 100 years, Montblanc has been developing exceptional pens, a guarantee of luxury and high quality. In 2020, Montblanc is however giving us a new feminine fragrance. So, what about Montblanc Signature, an essence designed for an unforgettable woman?

Montblanc Signature, a contrasting and opulent fragrance

Montblanc Signature is an infinitely luxurious fragrance that embodies the image of a strong, ambitious and unforgettable woman. But then, how to translate all this on the olfactory level? To answer this question, the Montblanc brand called on two talented perfumers: Natalie Gracia Cetto and Guillaume Flavigny. Together, they have chosen to imagine a musky, opulent and floral juice. With Montblanc Signature, it all starts with a tangy and refreshing breath of clementine. Then, the heart of this perfume becomes more poetic. It is enriched with an enormous bouquet of magnolia, peony and ylang-ylang. The floral exoticism of this fragrance is also illuminated by white muscle, before vanishing into a sulfurous and comforting base of benzoin and vanilla. “With allure and elegance, I

Montblanc chooses to present its perfume in an inkwell

To recall its prestigious past stemming from the world of writing, the house of Montblanc has chosen to present its fragrance to us in a cubic bottle, the appearance of which resembles that of an inkwell. Of course, this choice was not made at random and its realization is the work of designer Mark Eisen. Here, the different faces of the Montblanc cube are sculpted like that of a jewel. Opalescent, this bottle has a white interior lacquering, as well as some golden details. For the record, the golden elements on its visual echo the appearance of the Meisterstück, one of Montblanc’s most famous pens. six-pointed star, meanwhile, is proudly displayed atop its cap.

Diane Ducret, new Montblanc muse

From then on, all that was missing was a face to embody the image of this perfume. Yet again, everything is a question of writing, Montblanc Signature is represented on the screen by the best-selling author Diane Ducret, whose recent release of the novel “La Dictatrice” is already making a lot of talk. The Franco-Belgian writer thus becomes the symbol of femininity according to Montblanc, that of an unforgettable woman, author of her own story.

For more than 100 years , the Montblanc house has taken us into its luxurious universe, developing all kinds of noble and high quality products. Of course, it all started with the creation of pens. However, its field of action has now grown considerably. Montblanc now offers many leather goods, jewelry and perfumes. In 2020, Montblanc even decides to design a feminine essence, as the epitome of its style and fame. Montblanc Signature is intended for all unforgettable women and is presented in a small bottle in the shape of an inkwell, as a nod to all its heritage. So what about its musky, floral and opulent trail? Here are all the details of its composition!

Montblanc surrounds itself with two perfumers

Montblanc Signature owes its existence to two perfumers: Natalie Gracia Cetto and Guillaume Flavigny. However, both are among the best noses on the planet. Here, they have chosen to play with the contrasts of opulent and sensual vanilla, and the “cleaner” and luminous facet of white musk. Montblanc Signature thus explores several territories at the same time. “With appeal and elegance, I wanted to infuse more light, more breath and transparency” in Montblanc perfumery, explains Natalie Gracia Cetto. Here, this luminous freshness begins with a scent of clementine. This citrus gives off a zesty and very refreshing breath here, the tangy side of which immediately makes our mouth water.

Montblanc Signature, the richness of a very floral heart

Then, what better than flowers to symbolize femininity? Here, to embody the poetry and sensuality of women, Montblanc has bet on a floral trio. Montblanc Signature revolves around magnolia, peony and ylang-ylang. Exclusively reserved for fine perfumery, magnolia here deploys its floral, winnowed and lemony scent. Then, its suave side is further amplified by the peony, true praise of the delicacy. More pink and airy, peony is somewhat reminiscent of the scent of lily of the valley. Here it is associated with ylang-ylang, for a particularly exotic and radiant effect.

Montblanc Signature puts on a very contrasting base

However, all the reliefs and contrasts of Montblanc Signature actually appear in the base of this perfume. Here, white musk gives this essence a very “clean” and crystalline side. However, two other ingredients play on a more carnal and seductive aspect. Vanilla continues in the exotic register breathed by ylang-ylang, while revealing the most suave aspect of the Montblanc woman. Finally, benzoin resin is a sign that this essence belongs to the family of oriental juices. Fruity, woody and warm, its scent leaves behind a trail that no one can forget.


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