Mouchoir Eau de Toilette by Monsieur Guerlain

Mouchoir Eau de Toilette by Monsieur Guerlain

Mouchoir de Monsieur, the masculine fragrance of Guerlain

This tradition came to us then from the East where, in the harems, the Sultan let fall a square of veil in front of the woman on whom he had set his sights! What is more, the women also tried to take the opportunity to soak their handkerchief with perfume as if at the same time to reveal their most sensual side. However, Guerlain took the opposite course of this trend and created a perfume called Le Mouchoir de Monsieur. This is one of the oldest fragrances in our contemporary history and was created in 1904.

Le Mouchoir de Monsieur, a journey through time

Through this ancestral perfume, Guerlain gives us a kind of historical testimony. Indeed, until the beginning of the 20th century, perfume was inseparable from beauty rituals and no man worthy of the name considered going out without being accompanied by his favorite scents. On the other hand, the perfume was not yet worn on the skin. It was customary to sprinkle it on the linings of his clothes or gloves. In homage to the traditions of that time, Jacques Guerlain therefore decided, in 1904, to create a duet of fragrances for one of his couples of friends who were getting married that same year. These two perfumes were then called Mister’s Handkerchief and Madam Veil. What is more, Jacques Guerlain then showed great daring. Indeed, the men of this time used to perfume themselves primarily using Eau de Cologne. However, Monsieur’s Handkerchief is indeed a perfume extract. It is much more elaborate than the usual fragrances of its time and above all displays a much greater tenacity. In this sense, many perfume specialists consider the Mouchoir de Monsieur to be the first male perfume in the history of modern perfumery.

Guerlain’s innovative fragrance

Of course, Le Mouchoir de Monsieur is not diametrically opposed to the other perfumes of its time either. Thus, it begins with a false air of Cologne. It initially displays an invigorating freshness based on bergamot and neroli. On the other hand, an unexpected ingredient immediately spices up this perfume. Absinthe enters the scene and displays a striking contrast, immediately associating itself with the aromatic facet of lavender, one of the most emblematic ingredients of men’s perfumery. At this moment, jasmine and rose affirm the sophisticated and elegant character of the men of the beginning of the 20th century. Cinnamon, on the other hand, spices things up. The tenderness of this ingredient is then counterbalanced by the powdery and noble flavor of the iris. This refined plant is associated with a resolutely masculine patchouli as well as oak moss and amber. Finally, the whole is coated with a more sensual warmth of vanilla and tonka bean.

Released in 1904, the “Mouchoir de Monsieur” eau de toilette is one of the oldest eau de toilette. Like coming from another era, “Mouchoir de Monsieur” is the symbol of timeless luxury, luxury that crosses the ages without taking a wrinkle. “Monsieur’s handkerchief” thus seems timeless! The Guerlain man is elegant, sophisticated and his eau de toilette brings a touch of masculine sensuality. In the early 1900s, it was customary to spray cologne on gloves, scarves and handkerchief.

Handkerchief by Monsieur Guerlain, a luxury signed Jacques Guerlain

Jacques Édouard Guerlain was born in 1874 and represents the 3rd generation of Guerlain perfumers. & Nbsp; Jacques Guerlain marked the fate of the Guerlain house, through his talent and his daring. It was from his uncle Aimé, to whom he succeeded, that Jacques Guerlain learned everything about perfumery. It was also he who innovated by creating the first make-up such as the “kohl Lynx” pencil or the “red hell” lipstick. Curious and very intuitive, Jacques Guerlain has remained a reference in the history of the Guerlain house, but also in perfumery. We owe Jacques Guerlain great olfactory successes such as “L’Heure Bleue, Jicky, Vol de Nuit” or the legendary “Shalimar”.

Mouchoir de Monsieur Guerlain, all the elegance of a citrus water

“Mouchoir de Monsieur” takes off on a multifaceted freshness, because it combines bergamot, wormwood, lavender, lemon and verbena. Absinthe has its origins in antiquity. At that time, Greek doctors used it for its many medicinal properties. Also called “the green fairy”, wormwood is a very hardy perennial plant. Suspected of driving people crazy, absinthe was banned in France in 1915 and would not be authorized again until 2001. In Perfumery, absinthe gives off green and bitter tones, slightly aniseed. Then, the heart of “Mouchoir de Monsieur” is luminous and flowery thanks to the presence of rose, jasmine and neroli. Native to southwestern China, jasmine is valued for its long, captivating flowering. The jasmine flower, white with a small yellow heart, has inspired many Arabic names, such as Yasmina.

An emblematic flower of the Orient, jasmine is then infused in teas and herbal teas. Since the 17th century, the city of Grasse has been one of the main producers of jasmine, a flower highly prized in perfumery. If the jasmine wedding symbolizes 66 years of marriage, it represents, in the language of flowers, ecstasy! In perfumery, it takes 7 million flowers to make 1 kg of jasmine absolute essence. At the heart of the compositions, jasmine gives off an incredible luminosity as well as ultra floral, fruity and powdery scents. Finally, the base of “Mouchoir de Monsieur” offers a powdery sensuality and combines iris, vanilla, tonka bean, oak moss and patchouli. “Mouchoir de Monsieur” is contained in the iconic “Abeilles” bottle designed in 1853.

Aromatic Fougere

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