Musk Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Musk Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Musk the scent of Reminiscence

Especially since Musk is not content only to reproduce wild scents but to make them beautiful and better still, sophisticated in contact with precious white flowers. Delicate ylang-ylang and animal sensualities come together in this precious fragrance straight from the hippie years to better amaze…

Musc de Réminiscence, a daring scented blend of purities and animalities

By creating the Réminiscence house in 1970, the two founders Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste dreamed only of creating jewelry and scents in perfect harmony with their distant travels and their overflowing imagination. Installed in a small boutique in Juan-Les-Pins, the couple will create whimsical jewelry and will launch from the first year in the creation of perfumes. Perfumes designed from the finest raw materials like their sweetest dreams: Patchouli, Musk and Amber were born in this beautiful cradle.

Patchouli very quickly became the brand best-seller, so much its powerful oriental scents made all the” baba cool “lovers of this very hippy period falter. An aura that will go far beyond the borders of this era …

As for Musc, released the same year, it surprises as much as it appeals. Indeed with such a name, we could have expected a wild concentrate of animalities but, on the contrary, the musk of Musk will be the sensual force of a cocktail of delicate and sophisticated flowers.

Musk is therefore the result of absolute contrasts between a material that is similar to “dirty”, to “raw” musk and a precious and rare ylang-ylang flower. Such a blend was very daring at that time, which gave Musc a great modernity that we would only find decades later in perfumery with Clair de Musc de Lutens for example.

“Original and rare, since the dawn of time … Musk is embodied in a fragrance of unsettling sensuality, an exquisite fusion of purity and animality. »Reminiscence for Musk.

The very first appearance of white musks in the Musc de Réminiscence fragrance

On the beautiful bottle of Musk, only the small golden stars make a fancy to the curved glass. The steel cabochon is also engraved with these precious stars as the sign of a path of dreams and fantasies. This pretty star-spangled elixir was also created by Francis Camail under the artistic direction of the fabulous designer of Réminiscence Zoé Coste.

Musc de Réminiscence opens with a very flowery opening thanks to a pretty essential oil of ylang- ylang from Comoros accompanied by sweet notes of white flowers. At the heart, it is the powdery and almond notes that play with their tenderness to better make us guess a very brilliant tonka bean. The depths are obviously animal and the coumarin is mixed with amber notes. A wild power that will be enveloped in sweetness by one of the very first uses in perfumery of white musks.

“Warm and round olfactory cotton, Musk evokes with refinement the softness of clean skin in its precious, floral and musky notes. »Reminiscence for Musk.

Released in 1970, “ Musc Réminiscence ”is an essence strong in emotions, like all the brand fragrances. Also created in 1970 by Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste, the Reminiscence brand is the symbol of travels and smells brought back from distant lands. The Reminiscence brand likes to make solinotes and highlight an ingredient, such as musk here, or patchouli in “Patchouli Reminiscence”. A sensual ingredient par excellence, musk is highly prized in niche perfumery.

Musc Reminiscence, musk in the spotlight in its fragrance

This is the perfumer Francis Camail who was chosen to imagine this solinote around musk. Francis Camail began his career with IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances). During his career, he will work for the companies Symrise and Robertet. Here, Francis Camail highlighted the white musk. Note that the name “white musk” is a generic name that evokes the smell of tonkin musk. The latter came from the buckshot, from its secretion glands. Unfortunately, the harvest of tonkin musk resulted in the death of the animal. This odor has therefore been reproduced in a synthetic way. White musks offer 30 different scents, but be aware that the overall smell is very sensual, even addictive, a powerful scent that sticks to the skin. White musk also binds the ingredients together, providing warm tones. Today, musk is highly prized in perfumery, both in feminine and masculine compositions.

Musk Reminiscence, fire under the ice

“Musk Reminiscence” soars on sweet and floral notes, namely those of ylang-ylang from the Comoros and white flowers. Native to Southeast Asia, ylang-ylang is an evergreen tree. In the Philippines, the story of the Ylang-Ylang flower is said to be a legend about true love. That of a couple to whom the gods gave a daughter, Ylang, demanding that no one ever touch her. Nevertheless, the latter fell head over heels in love with a young man, who, to touch her, offered her a bouquet of flowers. Their fingers touched and the spell changed Ylang into a beautiful shrub with generously fragrant flowers. Since that day, the lover has not stopped shouting the name of his beloved Ylang, Ylang … In perfumery, the essence of ylang-ylang is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowers. It gives off floral, spicy and sweet tones. Then, the heart of “Musc Réminiscence” takes on almond and powdery notes offering cottony notes. Finally, the base is as enveloping as it is sensual and combines patchouli, amber, white musks and coumarin. The bottle has a sleek, elegant rectangular shape. Slightly curved, the bottle offers a sensual touch and dazzling light, like its composition.

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