Mustache Original 1949 Rochas Eau de Toilette

Mustache Original 1949 Rochas Eau de Toilette

The return of the Mustache Original perfume from 1949

So, as if to echo its prestigious heritage, the Rochas house has decided to bring one of its most famous perfumes of yesteryear up to date. Mustache de Rochas is now becoming a more sensual Eau de Parfum. Before presenting this new juice to you, let us tell you about its original story …

Mustache, a small revolution in the world of men’s perfumes

“Men have their fashion accessories: ties, hats, shoes, etc.…, their jewelry: cufflinks, bookmark rings… why shouldn’t they also have a perfume that personalizes them? This is how Marcel Rochas had the idea of ​​making a perfume for men as we understand it today. However, if it may seem trivial, the trend was very different then. The men were content to finish their toilet by applying an Eau de Cologne, which was fresh but often cruelly lacking in personality and tenacity. Mustache has therefore retained the freshness of these juices while adding more virility. These are the premises of our modern perfumery, which some consider one of the first perfumes for men to have really existed. As for his name, Marcel Rochas was inspired by one of his visits to the Louvre museum. Fascinated by the portrait of Charles I of England on the hunt, a bearded and mustached man, he decided to name his perfume Mustache. Like this historical figure, this fragrance is the very embodiment of virility and a conquering spirit. He is the male representation par excellence.

Mustache de Rochas, a fresh and woody fern presented in a crystal amphora

Mustache de Rochas is inspired by traditional Eaux de Cologne and preserved all its freshness. Nevertheless, it also contains more woody flavors, infinitely masculine and manly. Citrus fruits are the starting point of this composition, assembling lime, bergamot, orange, and petitgrain. The heart of this perfume, on the other hand, turns out to be more aromatic. With the characteristic structure known as the “fern” of men’s perfumery, this juice is enriched with a more woody base of patchouli, vetiver, pine, birch, and sandalwood. The more pronounced power of oakmoss still dominates the whole. Mustache has always been presented to us in the same bottle. This one s’ directly inspires curves of the characteristic amphorae of Rochas women’s perfumes. This gadrooned glass cylinder rests on a stable base, a perfect echo of his aplomb and virility. Its red label, for its part, reveals a T in the shape of a mustache, a little nod to its name. Initially, Mustache de Rochas was presented in Baccarat crystal bottles. Today, only a few models reserved for collectors still have this prestige.

Mustache Eau de Toilette was created in 1949 and bore no resemblance to Eaux de Cologne. Powerful and virile, Mustache is nevertheless inspired by these famous Eaux de Cologne. Marcel Rochas defined his perfume as “The true perfume of man, I see it as one that would appeal to women because it would be especially suitable for men.”.. Mustache will indeed be very different from the perfumes of its time. As for the perfume’s name, Marcel Rochas was inspired by one of his visits to the Louvre Museum. Fascinated by the portrait of Charles I of England on the hunt, a bearded and mustached man, he decided to name his perfume Mustache.

A Mustache signed Edmond Roudnitska.

Born in Nice, Edmond Roudnitska (1905-1996) created with his wife Thérèse a creation laboratory called “Art et Parfum” near Grasse in 1949. It was his meeting, in 1943, with Marcel Rochas, came to ask him for a perfume that changed his life. Edmond Roudnitska agrees to make his perfume but has only one composition to offer him … This last one is accepted without retouching! This is how the Woman fragrance was born, in full occupation. This first great creation will open for him to Edmond Roudnitska, the royal ways of the world of Haute Couture, who then appears as one of the greatest perfumers of his time. We owe Edmond Roudnitska great perfumes such as “Eau Sauvage” by Dior, or “Eau d’Hermès” by Hermès.

The aromatic fern tones of Mustache Rochas

The Composition of the Eau de Toilette takes off on multi-freshness tones and combines petitgrain, lavender, bergamot, basil, verbena, and lemon. Also called royal herb, basil has its origin in India. Basil is also a romantic herb dedicated to love, which the Romans used to give to their brides. Basil arrived in Italy in the 15th century and in France a century later. In perfumery, we use the essential oil of basil. The latter is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering ends. The basil gives off the green, spicy, herbaceous, and aromatic tones. The heart notes of Mustache Eau de Toilette are rich, floral, and sweet, as they combine honey, carnation, rose, jasmine, and geranium. Native to the Mediterranean rim, the carnation has been widespread there since antiquity. The Romans already used it to make wreaths and Eaux de parfum. Moreover, the carnation is represented in religious paintings as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and the suffering of Christ. In the language of flowers, the carnation symbolizes passion, aspiration, and romance. In perfumery, carnation offers both spicy and floral scents. Finally, the Mustache base is intended to be as sensual as it is virile. For the occasion, it combines vanilla, oakmoss, tonka bean, amber, and musk, thus offering an Eau de Toilette of great power.


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