My Burberry Black Burberry Eau de Parfum

My Burberry Black Burberry Eau de Parfum

A concentrate of Burberry style

This bewitching and mysterious juice in turn seems to have captured the essence of a London garden just before the storm. He thus reveals to us a new vision of the English capital charged for the occasion of an irresistible seduction.

A concentrate of Burberry style

When Christopher Bailey, artistic director of the Burberry house , made the My Burberry perfume , he wanted with him to symbolize the history of his brand and its British soul. “My Burberry represents the quintessence of our brand,” he said, “its ultimate embodiment in terms of fragrance, design and attitude. Moreover, this one was a sort of nod to the famous trench coat invented by Thomas Burberry in 1912. This timeless classic is still the centerpiece of the Burberry wardrobe today. “A fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional in every way. ”Also, this is how My Burberry appeared to be a concentrate of elegance and refinement. What’s more, it looks like My Burberry Black follows the exact same lineage. In addition, note that the trench coat is a garment ideally designed to be worn in the rain. After all, what could be more normal for a brand that is based in London? However, it is more exactly on this aspect that the new My Burberry Black is focused. This evokes the atmosphere that reigns in a London garden as the rain takes place, contrasting with the ambient heat. My Burberry Black plunges us into the twilight and mixes floral tones with a candied and almost sensual aspect.

The darker femininity of My Burberry Black

My Burberry Black takes us to the dawn of night but nevertheless manages to retain the feminine luminosity of its predecessor. In addition, this juice immediately displays its radiance by the presence of jasmine flower in its top notes. This white flower releases here all its refinement associated with a very opulent richness. Then, everything evolves into a romantic heart made from roses. Nevertheless, it appears greedy and candied. It is also softened by the velvety presence of peach. Finally, My Burberry Black gradually darkens until it reaches a more amber and syrupy trail containing patchouli. Its bottle, meanwhile, is very inspired by that of its predecessor. It simply has a general color more sustained and amber than before. Everything about him is reminiscent of the brand trench coat. In addition, its cabochon is crafted with a horn finish reminiscent of the signature hand-sewn buttons on Burberry jackets. Likewise, a gabardine ribbon is hand-tied at its collar. However, it is the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, waterproof and revolutionary material for the time. Much more than a perfume, My Burberry Black therefore appears to be a compendium of the heritage of the Burberry house.

Released in 2014, “ My Burberry ”embodies the British spirit to perfection. In 2016, “My Burberry Black” intensifies the fragrance, offering a new diversity. In fact, “My Burberry Black” is an essence that would have captured the scents of a London garden, just before a thunderstorm. Suffice to say that “My Burberry” is a fragrance charged with emotions. According to Christopher Bailey, the artistic director of the Burberry house, “My Burberry Black” is a perfect olfactory representation of the understated elegance of the British brand.

A London fragrance composition by Francis Kurkdjian

Francis Kurkdjian has already produced “My Burberry” in 2014, and it is him that the Burberry house has once again chosen to create “My Burberry Black”. Coming from the very select school of perfumery in Versailles, ISIPCA, Francis Kurkdjian made himself known, at just 25 years old, thanks to his first composition, and not the least, that of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s “Male”. Slender and elegant in appearance, Francis Kurkdjian is one of the most sought-after perfumers. He simply says “My job is to make people happy” … He says he is demanding, proud and combative. When he imagines a perfume, he likes to tell a story and play with the raw materials. In 2001, he was honored for his lifetime with the François Coty Prize. In 2008, he will also be rewarded for being the best perfumer. In 2009, Francis Kurkdjian set up his own brand, “Maison Kurkdjian”, and does not intend to stop there. We owe great successes to Francis Kurkdjian such as “Le Parfum Rose Couture” by Élie Saab, “L’Extase” by Nina Ricci and “Kenzo World” by Kenzo.

The jasmine flower in the heart My Burberry Black perfume

If “My Burberry Black” embodies London elegance wonderfully, it is no less an ultra sensual fragrance, much more than its predecessor. Francis Kurkdjian’s composition is bold and contemporary. It begins with the jasmine flower, and the fragrance radiates from the top notes. Jasmine is one of the most popular flowers in perfumery, after the rose. Almost all the big houses have, at one time, decided to honor jasmine. Grown mainly in Egypt and India, sambac jasmine can also be found in Grasse, a paradise for perfumers. Jasmine gives off opulent, floral tones, but also green and powdery. The jasmine is joined here in the heart by the rose, and softened by the velvety peach which also offers an unexpected sweetness. The base of “My Burberry Black” evolves towards a captivating and sensual trail thanks to the amber patchouli. Minimalist and elegant, the bottle echoes the iconic British trench coat. The black scarf is hand-tied around its collar, reminiscent of the gabardine knot from the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry, the brand’s founder.

After“ My Burberry ”,“ My Burberry Black ”reaffirms the Anglo-Saxon values ​​of the brand, offering it a new feminine and ultra sensual composition.


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