My Burberry Burberry Eau de Parfum

My Burberry Burberry Eau de Parfum

A perfume in the image of the Burberry woman: My Burberry

Very proud of its British origins, Burberry will not have an opportunity to highlight its country and its history. Despite having broadened its sector of activity to include perfumery, Burberry preserves this philosophy, and this is how the My Burberry perfume was born. Designed in 2014, it seems to have within itself all the heritage of this exceptional brand, while being inspired by one of the centerpieces of the wardrobe brand: the trench coat.

When the Burberry trench coat gives birth to a perfume

The trench coat is one of Burberry’s most famous coatings, thanks to which the brand has acquired its worldwide notoriety. Invented in 1912, by Thomas Burberry, it is a timeless classic that men and women are raving about! Renowned above all for its innovative fabric, it is waterproof while letting the skin breathe. It is also suitable for a casual or more dressy look. It is therefore this universality and this timeless signature that we find in the My Burberry perfume. “My Burberry is the epitome of our brand,” explains Christopher Bailey, his ultimate embodiment in terms of fragrance, design and attitude. A fragrance inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat must be exceptional in every way ”. As this coat was born to face the humid climate of London, the My Burberry fragrance is inspired by a flowering garden in the rain. Sensual and refreshing, it is presented to us in a bottle that also includes several nods to the iconic trench coat.

My Burberry, a floral bouquet in a typical Burberry bottle

My Burberry is presented in a glass bottle dominated by the golden color. Timeless and refined, this color gives this juice the appearance of molten gold. On its collar, a gabardine ribbon is hand-tied. However, this is the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879. The hood of My Burberry, meanwhile, has finishes that evoke the signature buttons of the Burberry trench coat. Everything is there: before our eyes this bottle is metamorphosed into a whole new form of the cult Burberry jacket!

On the scent side, My Burberry owes its existence to one of the greatest perfumers of our time: Francis Kurkdjian. Here, he chose to work with a floral bouquet with a very contemporary signature. Initially, My Burberry relied on freshness. It combines Calabrian bergamot with a more floral and humid scent of sweet peas. His heart, on the other hand, spices up and warms. It contains geranium and freesia, for a floral and powdery mix. The quince brings a hint of fruity delicacies and sweetness. The roses further amplify the femininity of the whole. My Burberry ends with a darker and woody touch of patchouli for a dark, charismatic and tenacious look.

A Burberry fragrance that leaves no one indifferent

My Burberry is a fragrance that saw the light of day in 2014 and whose ambition is to embody the entire history and heritage of Burberry. Inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat, this juice is in a way the quintessence of the Burberry brand. Its scent pays homage to the emblematic jacket of the brand, while recalling the scent of a floral garden in the rain. After all, what could be more emblematic than England than a large park with lush vegetation, sublimated by a light and refreshing rain? In a single breath, My Burberry plunges us into the splendor of large typically British parks; change of scenery guaranteed! So what ingredients allow Burberry to take us on this olfactory journey? Focus on the composition of My Burberry.

Soft and refreshing top notes

My Burberry begins with one of the most widely used scents in the top notes of perfumes: that of bergamot. Mainly cultivated in Calabria, this fruit comes from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Its zest reveals here a tangy and sparkling breath, at the same time aerial, sweet and floral. Very popular, bergamot evokes the scent of the Eau de Cologne of yesteryear. Here, it is also softened by the musky and floral presence of sweet peas, a climbing plant with light and spring scents. Thanks to these two ingredients, My Burberry deploys a vaporous and non-heady cloud, very appreciable on hot summer days. < / p>

The floral and peppery heart of My Burberry

To evoke all the splendor of a British garden, My Burberry relies on a very floral accord at its heart. However, the English woman does not lack character either. Burberry has therefore tried to preserve this indomitable pep’s, choosing somewhat spicy and peppery flowers. For this, My Burberry is based on a duo of geranium and freesia. The freesia is a plant native to South Africa, possessing the powdery breath of the iris, while bringing a slightly peppery freshness, closer to that of jasmine. Geranium, on the other hand, is even richer. With many reliefs, it evolves in turn from a green flavor to a more lemony, even slightly minty side. Again, a pepper aftertaste stands out.

The more mysterious and dewy base of My Burberry

Because flowers are everywhere in the composition of My Burberry, his recipe ends with the most emblematic of all: the rose. The star raw material of women’s perfumery, the rose is used here in different forms. My Burberry combines Damascus rose with Centifolia rose. It is therefore all the feminine wealth that is expressed at its base. To give it more depth and tenacity, this plant is associated with patchouli, an Indonesian shrub whose essence is very often present in the base notes of perfumes. Here, it gives My Burberry a more complex scent, at once woody, earthy and camphorated.

Overall, My Burberry is a refreshing fragrance that does not lack personality, charisma and tenacity. Behind its floral sweetness hides a woman with a fiery temperament!


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