Nahéma Guerlain Perfume

Nahéma Guerlain Perfume

Nahéma: Jean-Paul Guerlain and the ideal woman

If the heart of opulent flowers could possibly recall some “Chamades” released 10 years earlier, the sensual and captivating notes of Nahéma offer a new part of the scented adventures of the rose which, for the first time, offers the sensual woman its facet. honeyed.

“Nahema” or the myth of the double-faced woman …

With the so fabulous Guerlinade developed at the beginning of the century by Jacques Guerlain, the venerable perfume house has established itself as the mistress of oriental and sensual perfumes, we sometimes forget a little too much that this famous Guerlinade is not only a concentrate of a few handpicked woody and animal matters. Because it is also more simply THE favorite scented composition of Jacques Guerlain where multiple raw materials take part in this magical alchemy, including the rose.

This rose which, according to the famous nose Sylvaine Delacourte, comes from a cocktail of essential oils specific to Guerlain in order “to create a Guerlain standard: a very identifiable signature, and also to ensure, year after year, a consistency of quality.”. This emblematic signature makes it possible to develop the most beautiful compositions, however Nahéma and its fragmented rose of a thousand and one flowers would be, according to the specialist, impractical to reproduce “If we had to create Nahéma today, it would be impossible! ! So many “roses” in this perfume “. Nahéma, Mahane’s sweet twin sister with a fiery temperament, as described in the oriental tale, is therefore totally unique.

Moreover, the advertising communications around the sensual and captivating Nahéma, are adorned with these elements to create a totally dreamlike and colorful oriental universe. So much so that for one of the visuals the bottle of Nahéma is circumscribed by the flames …

This woman who is both angelic and tender but also enigmatic and passionate will be symbolized by Nahéma, the perfume where opposites attract …

Femininity in the beauty of its different facets and its “dual” fragrance

The bottle of the so elegant oriental flowered Nahéma, comes in a rather masculine glass form (the beginnings of the liberated woman boy, no doubt) but nevertheless exhibits a crystal stopper reminiscent of the champagne cork for some, the Oriental Woman’s Crystal Ball for others.

Nahéma opens with top notes of bergamot and tangerine accompanied by a fresh, green rose, creating the very first note of damascus. Then the heart will finally let shine through the honeyed and dizzying rose (built from Damascus rose and May rose) that we expected to better bloom from the velvety of the peach note and spread among the tempting fruits of passion. The lily and the very green hyacinth will bring their touch of freshness. Then the sandalwood and patchouli accompanied as it should by vanilla and tonka bean will complete the seduction of men curious to have smelled this sweet fragrance on a strong and determined woman.

“Nahéma represents the two faces of the eternal feminine: the provocative and generous woman at the same time. Nahéma reconciles passion and tenderness, provocation and giving of oneself. »Guerlain for Nahéma.

Released in 1979, “ Nahéma ”is now part of the Guerlain Heritage Collection. For more than a century, this collection has been made up solely of mythical fragrances, developed by 5 generations of perfumers. “Nahéma” is an enigmatic oriental elixir. It should be noted that “Nahéma” is inspired by an oriental tale and means “Daughter of fire”. Both soft and warm, the fragrance here translates the duality of women. The latter is also full of passion and delivers its strengths little by little …

Nahéma, a tale by Jean-Paul Guerlain

Jean -Paul Guerlain is the 4th generation of perfumers from the Guerlain house, succeeding Jacques Guerlain, his grandfather. Jean-Paul Guerlain is considered to be an olfactory genius, because he is able to recognize 3000 different scents, and becomes, moreover, an expert of the “Guerlinade”. His first perfume “Vetiver” came out in 1959 and dazzled the world of perfumery. In 45 years of career, Jean-Paul Guerlain has created 43 perfumes! He is also a strong supporter of natural materials and often opposed the substitution of synthetic materials. Jean-Paul Guerlain modernized the brand and left a fabulous legacy, among which, the fragrances “Samsara, Nuit d’Amour, Habit Rouge” or “Champs Elysées”.

Nahéma, passionate notes Guerlain

“Nahéma” is a particularly refined composition and Jean-Paul Guerlain wanted to place rose absolute at the heart of its composition. The beginning of “Nahéma” is intended to be very fresh and citrus, it combines bergamot and mandarin, associated with rose. The heart of “Nahéma” is loaded with rose absolute and fruit such as peach and its velvety appearance, as well as passion fruit. The rose has always been considered the queen of flowers. The rose is one of the most cultivated flowers in the world, along with jasmine. In perfumery, two types of rose are mainly used, namely the entiflai rose and the damanesca rose. & Nbsp; According to scientists, the appearance of the rose dates back more than 35 million years. In 1700, the arrival of roses from China and Japan, revolutionized the culture of the rose in France. Today’s roses are the result of several millennia of transformation and association. In perfumery, the rose gives off very floral, soft and warm tones. Finally, the base of “Nahéma” is suave and deep, and combines sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and vanilla. Siam benzoin, also called Laos benzoin or styrax, has officially existed since 1939. Its resin is yellow-orange in color and can make you think of caramel. Formerly benzoin was burned in incense to purify the atmosphere and was also used in religious rituals. In perfumery, benzoin gives off vanilla, resinous and milky tones. As for the bottle, it features the prestigious “Abeilles” bottle from the Guerlain brand, offering an ultimate touch of luxury.

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