New Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic

New Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic
New Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic

Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic, new resinous and solar fragrance from Hugo Boss

The Boss Bottled fragrance was created in 1998 and has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Therefore, he had to mark the end of the year with a milestone. The brand has just announced the creation of two new juices derived from its scent . The latter highlight the sensuality of the man who wears them, through the presence of oud wood, while enriching this noble ingredient with other warm and incandescent raw materials. One of these newcomers is called Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic and highlights the fiery sensuality of the male personality.

Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic, a recipe made up of three major ingredients

Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic gives us a new portrait of the Hugo Boss man, through a trio of ingredients more incandescent and luxurious than ever. Very close to the previous Boss Bottled Oud of 2015, the new Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic is more aromatic, sublimating the mysteries of the Orient with a more spicy virility.

Orange blossom to illuminate its top notes

Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic launches on a Mediterranean and luminous flavor of orange blossom. Obtained by extracting the flowers of the bitter orange tree, its floral scent is very popular with perfumers. Orange blossom exhibits all its complexity here, showing itself by turns waxy, powdery, green or sweet.

Myrrh resin to warm your heart

This radiant flower is then relayed by the presence of myrrh. This resin occupies the heart of Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic and gives it its spicier part. From a tree cultivated in South Africa, and once used by the Egyptians for their embalming, myrrh gives this scent an almost sacred part. Sweet and spicy, it leaves an anise and caramelized breath close to that of liquorice.

Oud wood for a virile and refined base

Finally, the major ingredient of this perfume reappears at its base. Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic ends with the virile presence of oud wood. Powerful, dark and mysterious, its particular scent results from a fungus present on certain trees. More and more popular with perfumers, oud wood has a very refined connotation due to its rarity. Here, he highlights all the masculinity of the man who wears Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic.

When a magnetic green takes hold of the bottle of Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic

This precious three-step recipe is presented to us in a bottle similar to that of its elders. Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic comes in a cylindrical flange with a reinforced seat. Its shape facilitates the male grip and fascinates as much by its simplicity as by its modernity. Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic is this time covered with a natural and authentic khaki green lacquer. Its cork and name stand out against the rest of its harmony, with their golden color, a guarantee of all the refinement of Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic.